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Try sushi, tempura, and teriyaki at Japanese restaurants in Hull

Over the last decade, Japanese restaurants have proliferated in the UK. Initially seduced by sushi, British diners fell in love with the whole Japanese dining experience, enjoying the style, sophistication and fresh flavours of this Asian cuisine. In Hull, Japanese restaurants include formal fine dining places, casual sushi bars and bright modern establishments offering dishes such as teriyaki grills and katsu curry. Heading out to Japanese restaurants in Hull is just as likely to mean a relaxed lunch rendezvous as a special occasion evening meal, so tuck in!

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Teppanyaki Leeds

City Centre
Teppanyaki Leeds
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    Sample authentic Japanese cuisine in Hull restaurants

    The availability of imported specialist ingredients has made it easier for expert chefs to create authentic Japanese cuisine in Hull restaurants. In addition, East Yorkshire is well supplied with fresh fish, seafood and local produce, ensuring that sashimi, teriyaki and vegetable tempura dishes are prepared to perfection. Check out the menus in Hull's Japanese restaurants and discover a wealth of tempting options. If you have a yen for sushi or a craving for tempura, allow Quandoo to secure your table at the best Japanese restaurants in Hull with our simple online booking system!