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Chutney's Euston

Euston Indiano ££ +100
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Orari di apertura

  • Lunedì 12:00 - 23:00
  • Martedì 12:00 - 23:00
  • Mercoledì 12:00 - 23:00
  • Giovedì 12:00 - 23:00
  • Venerdì 12:00 - 23:00
  • Sabato 12:00 - 23:00
  • Domenica 12:00 - 22:30
Chutney's Euston, 124 Drummond Street, NW1 2PA London

39 Recensioni

5.0 /6 Eccellente 39 Recensioni
Rumore: tranquillo
Servizio-Personale: amichevole
Tempo d'attesa: nessuna attesa
Cibo: delizioso
Atmosfera: molto viva
Qualità/Prezzo: conveniente
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John T.
2 recensioni finora 6
22.08.2017 22:35

Wonderful Indian vegetarian food. I can not remember he names of the starters ! However we all agreed that they were delicious. My main course was a Dossa and it was amazing ! The drinks including the Lime juice drink was also brilliant. Including a tip the food came to £16 a head, and it was well worth it !

Matthew C.
1 recensione finora 6
15.08.2017 08:45

Quiet, relaxing, service very good to let you get on with your evening. They even allowed us to bring our own alcohol and consume with our meals.

Heather P.
1 recensione finora 6
05.05.2017 13:35

Chutney's Euston Food quality is always excellent- vegetarian and vegan and never any eggs in anything. You can bring your own bottle as they don't sell. Try the Mushroom Bhaji!! Yumm!

Ian S.
1 recensione finora 6
19.03.2017 08:05

Good quality, fresh and delicious Indian vegetarian food. Great value at £6.99 all inclusive. We went on a Saturday lunchtime expecting it to be quiet, but it was buzzing.

Philip M.
1 recensione finora 5
02.11.2016 08:22

Our first visit. We chose Chutney's because it was the near the theatre we had booked tickets for, and came up on Google maps. We read a variety of reviews, positive and some less so. But for us everything was good... the food was tasty, the service was fine and the folk friendly. We will come again if visiting this part of London. Recommended.

Rita D.
1 recensione finora 5
15.05.2017 07:55

Delicious fresh food in the Sunday buffet beautifully presented. Large range of starters, salads, mains and desserts. Yummy poppadoms and chutneys too. Good dessert buffet but gulab jamuns could be better - i prefer them hot. Kheer (rice pudding) was perfect - rich and creamy. Good service. I think they were surprised we left a generous tip.

Michael S.
1 recensione finora 4
16.12.2016 10:41

Food was pretty good. Might have been nicer to enjoy were the courses not served within three minutes of one another - waiter said he thought we had finished, but instead of taking back the mains, decided to squeeze them on to an already packed and small table. Very fast, but very blunt, service. Food great all the same. Go, just smile as you walk in :)

Sally M.
2 recensioni finora 6
15.01.2017 13:03

The buffet was amazing - a huge variety of good quality vegetarian food, plus several dessert options. It's also excellent value for money - there were two of us: we were both stuffed and, including soft drinks, our bill came to less than £20.

Michael S.
1 recensione finora 6
29.09.2016 09:21

Always a great place to go, the food is brilliant and the simple canteen buffet style is extremely versatile - works equally well for large and small groups, quick lunches and longer affairs.

Alan W.
1 recensione finora 6
18.02.2017 09:35

We sat upstairs which is always my preference, even though the restaurant was busy we weren't rushed at all. Great food as usual, friendly service and the freshly squeezed juices were delicious.

Harini K.
1 recensione finora 6
07.11.2016 12:32

Really tasty food; affordable. No alcohol served in the restaurant, but you can always pop across the road to the pub for a beer afterwards or even before. Highly recommended restaurant!

Yoni B.
1 recensione finora 5
02.11.2016 12:04

Excellent casual restaurant to meet friends. Not too frilly. All vegetarian. Good food and pleasant atmosphere. (Non alcoholic too, which could be a plus or minus.). Just around the corner from Euston station so easily accessible.

Sandra W.
1 recensione finora 5
17.07.2017 13:05

Nice atmosphere, good welcome, very reasonable, very good grub😊 Good mix of dishes on the buffet, constantly replenished. Flovours not always outstanding but great value tasty well presented veggie food. Recommended by a fussy foodie😉

Jade C.
1 recensione finora 5
12.10.2016 19:42

Had the delicious meal with 20 ingredients, Wasn't as hot as I expected but was still delicious, the tandori chicken of my cousin was delicious, and every dishes I got to taste were perfect

Vinoo T.
1 recensione finora 5
11.04.2017 08:54

Book before going as it does get crowded. It is very easy to eat too much as there were 28 dishes! So just go easy when loading your plate. Great to sample different dishes.

Lauren C.
1 recensione finora 6
25.03.2016 01:04

This is my absolute fave restaurant in London. V cheap and v fun - BYOB and great for large groups. Have been 3 times in the past month.

Brian W.
1 recensione finora 6
29.11.2016 07:51

Enjoyed the friendly service and good Indian vegetarian food. Better the more people in the party and then the dishes can be shared and savoured. Thank you,..... Brian

John J.
1 recensione finora 4
22.06.2017 08:34

Very comfortable and pleasant. Perfectly good service. Was hoping for authentic South Indian cuisine and although there are plenty of South Indian-style dishes at a really good price, they were fine rather than really good; very Brit-friendly rather than truly authentic.

David M.
1 recensione finora 6
23.12.2016 18:00

Excellent quality Indian vegetarian food served as a buffet lunch. Plenty of choice and good quality vegetables. No alcohol but interesting non-alcoholic drinks menu. Very friendly service.

Helen H.
1 recensione finora 5
26.02.2017 07:28

Lovely food, excellent attention from staff, sensible portions , altogether most enjoyable AND very reasonable prices. Will most definitely go again and highly recommend if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Geoff S.
2 recensioni finora 6
09.10.2016 15:52

Delicious food and a convivial atmosphere - and very competitively priced. A lovely evening with friends spent here - and we will definitely be back soon.

MJala M.
1 recensione finora 6
25.04.2016 10:40

The food is excellent and the waiters are helpful. I really like the thalis and mint teas, its always a great experience eating at Chutneys

Kim A.
1 recensione finora 5
07.05.2017 16:51

Very good southern Indian veggie food. Loved the masala dosa. Take your own alcohol. Better not to buy it from the off licence opposite. Really enjoyed the evening, service good.

Dr Joe J.
1 recensione finora 6
12.02.2017 19:14

Great ambience, excellent service, and amazingly delicious food at an affordable price. A recipe for curry perfection which will have you coming back for more!

Nathan V.
1 recensione finora 5
31.01.2017 09:46

Chutneys certainly didn't fail to impress once again. Great veggie curries, excellent location and it's BYOB. Staff could be a little friendlier though, but that all adds to the experience.

John T.
2 recensioni finora 5
05.11.2016 11:30

The food was good vegetarian Indian food , and the service was friendly. The price averaged out at £20 per head including a tip, which was very reasonable.

Geoff S.
2 recensioni finora 5
23.02.2017 16:42

Friendly service and delicious food...and great you can BYO without corkage charges. A new favourite Indian restaurant - I will be returning here again and again.

Cliff O.
1 recensione finora 5
06.02.2017 08:24

Nice meal and good service. I would go there again. Filler for review text, filler for review text, filler for review text, filler for review text.

Tegwyn J.
1 recensione finora 5
24.04.2017 12:26

Good variety of tasty food, friendly service and great value. All 8 diners enjoyed their meals. We'll be back when we again visit the area

Chandni D.
4 recensioni finora 5
03.03.2017 11:01

Good food(Hidden Gem) on a nice quiet street in! Lunch buffet was at a very reasonable price for being a Central London Location! Highly recommend!

Gamini R.
1 recensione finora 4
15.07.2017 09:01

The food was good but nothing special. Price is reasonable and overall good Indian curry house. The ambience is very basic and a lower end cafe. The service is OK.

Supriy K.
7 recensioni finora 4
25.04.2016 18:30

perfectly satisfactory lunchtime buffet meal The nans could have been warmer/fresher and the veg curries could have been spicier Ok meal to have before doing stuff in London afterwards

Terry G.
1 recensione finora 2
03.03.2017 09:17

Scruffy wee little place, tables too tightly packed in. No alcohol licence. Service a bit slow but then food delivered too fast with the main course delivered whilst we were only half way through the starter. Made one wonder if things were just microwaved they arrived so quick. Food was just average. At least it was cheap.

Esther W.
1 recensione finora 4
01.01.2017 07:38

Good value for money. Clean and well presented food. Good variety. Was not at all busy when we went. Would go again but not in a hurry.

Sean M.
1 recensione finora 2
21.08.2017 19:06

Met an old friend here for dinner - well located - cosy setting 5 mins walk from Euston station, but noisier later. Poor food - arrived quickly, but completely bland and tasteless - tepid was the word myself and my friend used. No alcohol licence. At least it was cheap. Overall, bad choice.

Pranab B.
1 recensione finora 3
28.06.2017 09:55

Enjoyed the set meals - thalis were good size with a variety of options. Oily prep though. South Indian menu looked delicious albeit didnt try.

Zenia J.
1 recensione finora 1
27.05.2017 12:16

Terrible service and food. Very disrespectful to our table which was Indian and just because we knew real Indian food and questioned about it didn't like it! We asked for tamarind sauce which they didn't have and lied to us went outside and brought it from another restaurant. It was a different type of sauce. Rude staff and didn't give us good service at all didn't care. Would never recommend this place

tej s.
1 recensione finora 6
22.10.2016 19:00

Awesome you won't be disappointed. food amazing and service brilliant.