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Orari di apertura

  • Lunedì 12:00 - 22:45
  • Martedì 12:00 - 22:45
  • Mercoledì 12:00 - 22:45
  • Giovedì 12:00 - 22:45
  • Venerdì 12:00 - 22:45
  • Sabato 12:30 - 22:45
  • Domenica 12:30 - 21:45
Cigala, 54 Lamb's Conduit Street, WC1N 3LW London

298 Recensioni

5.2 /6 Eccellente 298 Recensioni
Rumore: tranquillo
Atmosfera: molto viva
Servizio-Personale: amichevole
Qualità/Prezzo: economico
Tempo d'attesa: nessuna attesa
Cibo: paradisiaco
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timothy m.
1 recensione finora 6
22.09.2017 10:53

Excellent food and very efficient and warm service. The staff/management were also patient given that I booked the table for 7.30 and my guests didn't arrive until 8.45

Steve L.
49 recensioni finora 6
22.09.2017 07:26

What a outstanding place can't believe I hadn't been here before. Outstanding food and service which you could not fault thank you for such a lovely evening

Ciara O.
1 recensione finora 6
14.09.2017 15:16

Fabulous food and service. This was my first visit to Cigala and I will definitely return. We ordered 10 dishes between 3 of us and this was just perfect.

Caroline P.
1 recensione finora 6
09.09.2017 13:06

Delicious tapas and friendly and helpful service. The seafood was particularly good but we enjoyed it all. Would definitely go back. Very highly recommended indeed.

Mark C.
1 recensione finora 6
23.07.2015 11:53

Cigala is a lovely space, set in a great location, serving excellent food. Service is relaxed, friendly and efficient and the menu offers a wide range of tapas and a great selection of main courses. There's a fabulous wine bar opposite for an aperitif and a superb pub with a range of ales a little way down the street. That said, Cigala's drinks menu is great as well, with some nice wines and a good selection of sherries to complement their Spanish dishes. The pan con tomate is consistently and mouthwateringly good and the coliflor frita (served with aioli) is a stand-out dish.

Donald H.
1 recensione finora 4
11.07.2016 12:33

The food at Cigala is excellent. Good ingredients, well cooked, elegantly and simply presented. The tapas are great, they also have a set menu lunch and dinner and a la carte. I had the grilled calamare a la plancha with mojo verde - nicely caramelised and beautifully presented, Bacalao fritters with aioli, Ensalata primavera and Chicken livers sauteed in Pedro Ximenez sherry - sweet, rich and unctuous. Pudding - a very rich dark chocolate and almond cake/tart thing was delicious. Good house red. Bread and olive oil was very nice but a £3 extra. Cost and service let the occasion down a bit. Over £50 for tapas seems a bit much to me and then they add on "discretionary service" daring you to take it off. I may have been unlucky with the lad who was looking after me - he seemed new and nervous. Aside from dropping things, he seemed to forget a lot of things - his bill pad twice, to take the order , to get the water, to bring a bill. Either service is a fixed cost in which case it is non discretionary - fine, lets just be clear about that. Or it is genuinely discretionary for good service - in which case don't presume to put it on the bill.

Dana L.
1 recensione finora 5
08.03.2016 15:18

What initially seemed like a quiet little understated venue turned out to be an excellent Spanish restaurant with a cool buzzy feel. Steeped in an overall authenticity to the cuisine and the surroundings, it was my first visit to Cigala but not my companions who were very happy to return when I told them of my booking it. We shared a number of tapas plates with Sherry and Red Wine accompaniments. After devouring everything we moved on to a heavenly mixed platter of deserts. I am sure I'm late to discovering Cigala on one of London's coolest streets - Lamb Conduit, but I'm glad I've found it now.

Luke D.
1 recensione finora 6
28.10.2016 23:19

This was our second visit to Cigala, and even more pleasant than the first! We came with a friend who was born and grew up in Malaga, Spain, and who enjoyed the food. The four of us were very happy with our shared tapas, with the excellent and friendly service, and with the relaxed atmosphere. We wish we could return one more time before flying back to the US, and we will be looking forward to returning to London--and especially to Cigala! Thanks!

Catherine F.
1 recensione finora 6
07.06.2017 07:17

Cigala is always lovely--the food is sophisticated, not your basic Spanish fare, but rather carefully balanced flavours and nice little twists. The service is friendly, they know their wines (and the selection is nice and well priced) and the spot is one if my favourites: a charming, quiet corner on lamb's conduit and a huge wrap-around window that allows the light in and your gaze out on to the street. And if the weather is nice, there are tables outside! It's a perfect little spot, with wonderful food.

William H.
1 recensione finora 3
10.05.2015 11:04

We ate at 8 PM on a Saturday, so were not expecting peace and quiet. But it was very raucaus, to the point where the meal was spoilt. The restaurant badly needs to soften the interior walls and ceiling, both of which are hard surfaces. Nothing to be done about the glass walls, of course. So be warned this is not a relaxed venue. The two servers were polite and only got one dish wrong, tho to be fair another server was badly needed, either that or a table clearer, which job the servers were also doing. The food was mixed in quality - with the salads being tasty and creative. Excellent Spanish wine list. Give Cigala a try if you like for lunch during the week, but definitely avoid crowded times. It would also help if certain patrons could be mindful of their own contribution to the noise level; one table of well-dressed 20 somethings were hooting like they were in a pub on a Friday after work.

John H.
1 recensione finora 6
01.08.2017 21:48

One of my all time favourite eateries, this bright airy space so beautifully design and with the lightest of detailing that if you blinked you would miss it or misunderstand its intention. The staff are always friendly and show a very good knowledge of their menu. The real star at Cigala and rightly so is the food, the decore and the waiters are are there to accommodate, enhance and deliver a wonderful meal and possibly a perfect evening.

Peter S.
2 recensioni finora 6
25.04.2016 07:59

Cigala is one of the most delightful restaurants which I know. The staff are so welcoming, which, when combined with the perfect Tapas (which is what we always have), makes for a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. The cooking is wonderful, and a real sense of fresh, home cooking. There's no where in London where you can get better Spanish cuisine; we were there to celebrate an anniversary, and it was lovely.

Jeffrey S.
1 recensione finora 4
26.01.2017 07:53

We had a lovely dinner at Cigala. The atmosphere was lively and the place was packed so we were glad we had reservations. We had the octopus, the grilled squid, the crab, the razor clams, the aubergine and the lamb meatballs. Everything was very tasty and well prepared. My only (small) gripe is that the service was not particularly attentive. No one ever came to our table to take care of us spontaneously. Instead we had to flag a waiter/waitress down for everything - menu, extra tapas order, check. However, once we did flag someone down they took care of what we needed quickly.

Rod L.
1 recensione finora 5
10.10.2016 21:03

Pleasant restaurant with authentic Spanish food and atmosphere. We picked it because it was not yet another Tapas bar. We had Jamon Serrano and Manchega cheese with some an excellent glass of Rioja and some Bacala fish cakes to start with. The Jamon was"OK" but bearing in mind the price, it was good value and we did not go for the Jamon Iberico which is obviously better but you pay £25 for it. It's not cheap in Spain either ! The bacalao fish cakes were very good. The Paella de Mariscos was pretty good; perhaps a bit overcooked. Have had better in Spain and you'd expect that but I thought it was very good at least by English standards. The Spanish bread and Olive oil were both excellent. The service was extremely good. The wines were very good. We were happy !

Stephen F.
1 recensione finora 5
11.10.2016 09:14

Cigala was recommended by a work colleague as a good place to take my parents, now in their 70s. It was great, a super menu with a good choice of wines but still accessible for people with more traditional tastes. It was busy, but not excessively so - still able to comfortably hold a conversation and on a lovely street. Good value too. A definite go again.

Steve G.
1 recensione finora 6
13.09.2016 09:43

Maybe I was just lucky - it was a warm day and I met an old friend at an outside table. The waiter was not the fastest, but I didn't care. His attitude was friendly and cheerful, he recommended exactly the wine that touched the spot with both of us, the simple menu delivered things that were prepared to perfection. I had a marinaded chicken kebab to start, and then sea bass (said it was simple). I stayed a long time, and there was never a hint that I should pay the bill and move on. Works for me.

Georgios V.
1 recensione finora 6
08.09.2017 00:18

The food was delicious, as always. What impressed me this time was the service. The gentleman who served us gave us impeccable advice and more generally could not have been more gracious. I am going to take my forthcoming conference to Cigala after my recent dinner there.

Hugh M.
1 recensione finora 4
08.04.2015 09:37

Always like Cigala...but I should have stayed with the tapas... the paella was too filling and a little too salty and I would have preferred coming away feeling hungry (slightly) rather than worn out and unable to move. But that said I still enjoyed it and, as ever the staff were pleasant and welcoming. Nice glass of sherry too.

Jeanne Y.
1 recensione finora 6
25.11.2016 16:41

This is my third time at Cigala and, for this occassion, I brought a former colleague from Sweden and his wife. They loved the atmosphere and the food and it is situated on such a lovely street. Thanks, Jeanne

Aadeel P.
1 recensione finora 4
08.10.2015 15:22

Service was slow and the atmosphere was non-existent. They also do this awful thing of adding the service charge on the bill as standard. I know a lot of restaurants do this but come on, at least make sure 1) your service is not slow 2) your waiters/ waitresses know what the food on your menu is like (my waitress couldn't advise on a dish) 3) your restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere (no music in the place, bare walls with no decor) 4) you actually welcome us when we enter your restaurant Food was very good but sick and tired of restaurants expecting a service charge when the service is nowhere near deserving this.