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4.4 /6 Molto Buono 36 Recensioni

Curryleaf East

Finsbury Park Indiano £££ +100
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Orari di apertura

  • Lunedì 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:30
  • Martedì 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:30
  • Mercoledì 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:30
  • Giovedì 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:30
  • Venerdì 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:30
  • Sabato 18:00 - 23:00
  • Domenica 18:00 - 23:00
Curryleaf East, 20 City Road, EC1Y 2AJ London

36 Recensioni

4.4 /6 Molto Buono 36 Recensioni
Qualità/Prezzo: economico
Cibo: delizioso
Tempo d'attesa: breve
Atmosfera: molto viva
Servizio-Personale: piacevole
Rumore: tranquillo
9 6
12 5
6 4
4 3
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3 1
Anmol S.
1 recensione finora 6
11.05.2017 20:34

I went at 1pm past the lunch service and ordered a starter and a main.. Service and food were excellent. Top Service Great place m

Steve D.
2 recensioni finora 6
30.03.2017 08:22

Very nice meal and good food and I would recommend the Laal Mans which is a speciality lamb dish. Good service and I recommend this restaurant.

Martin S.
4 recensioni finora 6
06.02.2017 11:43

New menu which is even better as always very good food, with excellent company to a good location. Overall very good and recommended to all.

Vijay S.
1 recensione finora 6
18.10.2016 08:03

We were a group of 20 people and the service was great. Excellent staff and amazing food as always. This place serves authentic Indian food. The quality and taste are absolutely superb. Will be back soon.

Angela M.
1 recensione finora 3
02.04.2017 08:51

Food was tasty & service was good but I ordered a cocktail at the beginning of the evening, it took a while. I ordered a cocktail at the end of the night & I was told that there were no more cocktails being served as they had no one to make them. Bearing in mind it was a Friday night I thought this was a bit poor. The waiter that told me this then said he would have a go & a very good job he did too. The only other issues were that the tables are very small & they add a discretionary service charge to your bill of 12.5%. No matter how good the service & food are, if someone trys to suggest what I should tip they get nothing; very assumptious & a little insulting.

Mark K.
1 recensione finora 5
28.07.2017 08:46

Always good to try some unusual dishes at Curryleaf East along with the traditional. Quick efficient service although having booked we would have expected a table to be ready for 8 instead of others having to be moved.

Melanie V.
1 recensione finora 5
10.12.2016 21:28

A very good evening with friends. Lovely food, service was a little slow due to there being a number of Christmas dinner parties in. We had the sharing platters to start and they were very well spiced. The staff were very knowledgable about the food and they were able to make dishes hotter or milder according to what we wanted.

Martin S.
4 recensioni finora 6
16.01.2016 15:20

Has to be some of the best food in London. The staff look after you and will even help and recommend dishes. I go here at least twice a month and have done for 7 years and have never had a bad experience. Recommended to all.

Shanti T.
2 recensioni finora 5
02.11.2016 10:12

Lovely service & food! Would recommend for a weeknight dinner out with friends. Booked last minute but they were more than accommodating for us! Could do with slightly larger tables though as 3 of us didn't order very much & there was little room to spare on a 4 person table.

Ray W.
1 recensione finora 2
01.07.2017 08:13

We had a party of 5 and were very disappointed after eating at this place 3 nights ago. The curry dishes were all sauce and almost no meat and very expensive. This taste of sauce was lovely but it was like eating soup. Also one of the Samosa's we had had not been left in the microwave long enough and still had some patches that were cold. There was no way it was cooked in an oven or fryer. As a family who make a lot of curries my wife could have produced a better result and we are not Indian!! I would never advise anyone to eat at Curry Leaf East.

Andrew G.
2 recensioni finora 4
09.06.2016 08:29

Very good food. The waiters were helpful, but were hampered by a too long delay for the starter - during the week after work you are hungry! It was a surprise as the restaurant wasn't busy at the time, and the main course came promptly when the restaurant was much busier. Otherwise, would go again.

Joyce C.
1 recensione finora 6
19.02.2016 11:03

I have been going to the Curry Leaf East for many years and it is always excellent. The food is amazing - beautifully cooked and always incredibly tasty. The waiters are attentive and helpful. Highly recommended.

David H.
2 recensioni finora 5
15.05.2017 06:32

Restaurant was very quiet. It was a Sunday evening but meant there was little atmosphere. The food and service were good but not great. Would not go out of my way to eat here but if I was in the area I might.

Jonathan D.
1 recensione finora 4
13.01.2017 08:56

Food was excellent however despite booking over a week ahead they appeared to have forgotten we were arriving and had to put two tables (a circular and a square one together). Service was ok, however adding a £40 service charge to the bill seemed a little excessive given the whole experience

Lucy M.
2 recensioni finora 5
20.03.2017 09:54

The atmosphere and staff were very welcoming. The food was fantastic and importantly to me, we were given a good amount of time between courses - we didn't feel rushed at all. Will be making a return visit very shortly.

siobhan w.
1 recensione finora 6
23.03.2016 08:47

The food was delicious. Even Indian friends were impressed. This is a good restaurant for vegetarians and at the weekend it tends to be quieter, so is highly recommended.

Martin S.
4 recensioni finora 6
18.03.2016 20:13

Another super meal had by the four of us, good company and excellent service and food - what more could you wish for, oh and really good value!!

Christian F.
3 recensioni finora 3
11.04.2017 09:36

Food was good, but the overall experience was not so high as the staff started cleaning the fridge next to me in the middle of the meal. Also the bath rooms would need some cleaning, a lot of dirt there, and also the way to the toilet doesn't add to a quality meal.

Martin E.
1 recensione finora 5
04.06.2017 09:02

Food excellent. Very high quality - across all of our party - including starters and mains. Service mixed - functional but not attentive or friendly - even though not busy.

Martin S.
4 recensioni finora 6
26.01.2016 08:24

Another excellent meal. Food, wine and service spot on. Tried different items on the menu again and again not let down. Strongly recommended to all.

Steve D.
2 recensioni finora 5
23.10.2016 11:27

Good food in a convenient City location. Busy restaurant with a nice atmosphere and would recommend booking. The menu had a range of traditional dishes plus some chef's specials.

Andrew T.
1 recensione finora 5
06.04.2017 09:03

good food and service. Didn't feel the "curry hangover" that I sometimes get following a really salty cuz. Waiting staff were friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place

Boma B.
1 recensione finora 5
23.09.2016 09:10

The food was tasty and was spicy enough to still be enjoyable. The atmosphere was conducive to a lunch time meeting. This is our second time there.

Paula M.
1 recensione finora 5
31.07.2017 07:31

Excellent food and service but very empty on a Sunday. As a vegan I was able to find multiple options and staff were helpful about ingredients.

Carole N.
1 recensione finora 5
07.07.2017 09:03

Good atmosphere and tasty food combined to make an enjoyable evening catch up with friends. Staff were pleasant and efficient and helpful. Will go again.

Toby N.
1 recensione finora 5
19.10.2016 08:08

There was plenty of good food and it was all very reasonably priced. It has a nice enough interior and there are friendly enough staff.

Trevor C.
1 recensione finora 4
31.07.2016 22:00

The food quality was not as good as it was a very years ago which was a shame as it was my favourite curry house. The service was fast and efficient

Amit Kumar J.
1 recensione finora 4
15.03.2017 18:19

It's a nice little Indian restaurant, but service is not so good. Staff can be more humble to give delightful experience to its customer. Food quality & taste is yummy.

1 recensione finora 4
07.07.2016 09:56

Service charge is bit high, Instead of restaurant put service charge by default, it should be decide by Customer, Food quality, Taste and food portion is best as always....

Marian N.
1 recensione finora 3
02.04.2017 08:39

Thought food was mediocre and the service was rushed and not up to standard and they put 12.5% service on the bill automatically which I don't agree with. Tipping for service should be discretionary. Wouldn't return.

Zoha K.
1 recensione finora 2
08.12.2015 09:22

definitely not the best Indian food i have had.. i asked for chicken tandoori and Naan. the chicken was done like normal chicken and not marinated at all and the naan was very small!!

martin k.
1 recensione finora 4
21.12.2016 19:05

Good food, although the waiter wasn't the happiest person that wouldn't put me off going back

Ken P.
1 recensione finora 1
11.12.2015 18:43

We arrived for our midday booking on Friday 11th December to be rather rudely told by a member of staff to come back at 12;30 as they were cleaning. Given the restaurant smelled strongly of bleach, I don't think we would have wanted to wait and return later. So just left with no intention to ever return.

vikas s.
1 recensione finora 1
24.05.2016 11:55

the serving staff did not seem interested in serving and the food was not that great as compared to other places offering Indian food. Places like Masala zone are much better with food quality and taste.

Ellen C.
1 recensione finora 1
26.10.2015 09:31

Unfortunately your rating system only goes down to 1! Food extremely disappointing and the staff surly and rude from the get go! Would never go here again.