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3.9 /6 Molto Buono 27 Recensioni

Dar Marrakesh

Marylebone Africano, Marocchino ££ +100
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Orari di apertura

  • Lunedì 12:00 - 00:00
  • Martedì 12:00 - 00:00
  • Mercoledì 12:00 - 00:00
  • Giovedì 12:00 - 00:00
  • Venerdì 12:00 - 00:00
  • Sabato 12:00 - 00:00
  • Domenica 12:00 - 00:00
Dar Marrakesh, 422 Edgware Road, W2 1EG London

27 Recensioni

3.9 /6 Molto Buono 27 Recensioni
Cibo: delizioso
Tempo d'attesa: breve
Atmosfera: viva
Rumore: nella media
Servizio-Personale: piacevole
Qualità/Prezzo: nella media
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Arun S.
1 recensione finora 6
09.08.2017 11:08

The people who serve are extra nice. No attitude of any sort unlike the other places I have been to in Edgware Road. Thank you for a good evening! ✌🏽

Aminul I.
1 recensione finora 6
11.07.2017 08:12

The restaurant was great, located on the main road so easy to find. The food and service received was excellent. Staff were friendly and attentive.

Afaaq S.
1 recensione finora 6
20.03.2017 12:12

Food was on point as well as the shisha. Definitely recommended it to friends and family. A nice welcoming environment and overall a great vibe from the workers.

Sonya A.
2 recensioni finora 6
26.11.2016 23:31

Staff are good and helpful, lovely music, food. Great experience and I always enjoy the music and the atmosphere

Christine N.
1 recensione finora 6
31.07.2016 10:10

Authentic location - we sat at the back since we wanted a mixture of food, drinks and shisha! We were very well looked after - the waiters were very attentive and kept checking up on the coal as well. Only drawback was that we were kicked out at 11:30 - would've happily stayed longer!

Sonya A.
2 recensioni finora 5
08.11.2016 20:57

Booked online very easy and simple. The seat I requested was saved for me. It's a good place to go out with friends. The staff are nice and friendly. Love the music and food and live belly dance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fiaz A.
2 recensioni finora 4
14.08.2016 11:10

Great Ambience, friendly staff and lovely food and drinks. Only thing was service was a little slow, although we didn't mind so much as we had plenty of time to kill but could see a few other customers getting upset. Saying all that, once an order was taken it did arrive quickly.

moulay d.
1 recensione finora 6
27.08.2016 12:09

Amazing place, lovely food and live music. The manager was friendly and made us feel special. I came here for my 2 year anniverssary and the offered us complementary cocktails

kash k.
1 recensione finora 5
25.07.2016 11:14

We got there just before closing . But they still served us.. Food was fresh and delicious and the staff were friendly. Didn't get to smoke any sheesha as it was way past closing time.

Moulay D.
1 recensione finora 6
28.09.2016 15:25

Absolutely delicious food, friendly waiter looked after me well. I ended up having dessert and a coffee and came bk to work late! Lol i love dar marrakesh

Fiaz A.
2 recensioni finora 6
16.09.2016 07:36

Great evening of shisha, food and drinks. Ambience and atmosphere was great and the staff were very friendly. This is starting to become our after work regular 😀

Halema B.
1 recensione finora 4
30.04.2017 08:03

Food was fab. Mocktails was was awful. Environment more for students very casual. Service was good. Bit too expensive for what you get. Wouldn't go there again but if your young and want a hang out this is it.

Ana D.
1 recensione finora 5
28.09.2016 16:39

Had such a good time! Food was great & so was entertainment, deffinatley coming again!! The service was also fab & the pricing is amazing!!

Aida M.
3 recensioni finora 1
27.05.2017 12:15

As soon as we arrived the waiters were ignoring us, playing on their phones. We sat down and had to consntantly catch the attention to order drinks. We ordered a mocktail and when we got it the waiter said "Here is your "Marriage in the beach' bitch!". He did not want to write down the food order as it seemed he couldn't remember everything. At the end we did not get what we ordered. Difficult to keep catching the attention to order more drinks as the restaurant got busier. The waiter said that the manager kept asking him to help at the sisha area and he was too busy so that is why the service was terrible... IT'S CLEAR WE WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN.

Adam D.
1 recensione finora 5
16.03.2017 19:30

Very helpful,and welcoming even though we had no idea about Moroccan food. Which is great, the food recommended was good value and tasty.. or something

Carlos L.
1 recensione finora 5
11.12.2016 22:23

It is a great place for shisha, and also to get good food to fill your stomach. They possibly could improve with the music hahaha

Diana P.
2 recensioni finora 5
17.10.2016 08:50

Lovely restaurant, Very good service. The food was good but nothing special. I would recommend the restaurant but I think the food could be better.

Aaisha R.
1 recensione finora 1
02.09.2016 09:55

Service was rather terrible. There were moments where things looked promising. The food was good but the guy took ages to write down the order and forgot my main, I had to wait 15 minutes for mine. When I asked him where my meal was the waiter asked me: "did you order something too?" All I thought to say was do you think I want to sit here and watch my friends eat?! They got all our cocktails wrong and they didn't taste anything like what they should have done. After the experience I had, I don't think I'll be going there again with such incompetent people that insisted we didn't order cocktails or that our menus were all different to each other.

Naheda A.
1 recensione finora 1
04.08.2017 11:29

visited here for dinner with a few friends , as we arrived the staff just stared at us until one of us approached her , she asked if we were ready to order we said no as one of us were late and hasn't arrived she just gave us a horrible look at walked away this happened twice!! , we ordered the food came and the food was just about warm , one of our orders were wrong we asked to change it she moaned that we didn't state what we wanted when we did ! Overall a not so good experience , definitely would not return

Simon H.
1 recensione finora 3
17.01.2017 07:36

Very expensive for what you get. Food was ok. The door was open the whole time meaning it was freezing. Plate was chipped. They only took cash. But didn't mention that till after we'd eaten.

Ash P.
1 recensione finora 3
17.09.2016 07:36

Service needs improving. I made a reservation and a request to be seated in a particular area, I then received confirmation of my reservation. When I arrived, I they sat me elsewhere.

Meena I.
1 recensione finora 3
27.05.2017 20:00

The food is ok. The staff are ok. Nothing special. Ok to drop in if you are passing by but wouldn't go out of my way to visit again.

Katharine M.
1 recensione finora 1
09.12.2016 22:42

It was a shock, and not a positive one. Restaurant was located in sketchy area on Edgeware Road. It was empty and dark, smelling of smoke. We went as American tourists using the London Pass for a discount, which listed the restaurant with photos. The shiksa lounge in the back looked busy. The proptrieter was polite in telling us he did not accept London Pass discount and offered menus.

Asu K.
1 recensione finora 2
13.08.2017 14:55

Didn't like the shisha I tried to communicate this but staff weren't helpful. bellydancer wasn't good was very boring. Minimum spend of £10 each person which was annoying and expensive.

Sabha U.
1 recensione finora 2
22.10.2016 07:37

Food was very late, nothing special. Drunk waiter. Not a good experience. Deffo not somewhere to take the family! On the bright side they have awesome Shisha flavours.