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The World's End Market

Chelsea · Europeo, Britannico · ££££
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The World's End Market

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The World's End Market
459 Kings Road, Chelsea
London SW10 0LR

Le scelte dello Chef



White asparagus, shitake mushrooms, poached egg & parmesan

£ 6.00

Charred Octopus, Eggplant Puree, Chorizo Oil and Creamt Feta Cheese

£ 9.50

Soup of the day

£ 6.50

Primi Piatti

Lamb Chops

£ 16.50

British Rib Eye steak

£ 23.50

El Capricho Burger

£ 16.00

Frutti di mare

Salmon Fillet (Loch Duart)

£ 17.00

Grilled Tiger Prawns (Madagascar

£ 28.00

Whole Lemon Sole (South Coast, UK)

£ 19.00
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89 Recensioni su The World's End Market

Gary S.un giorno fa · 1 recensione

We had the most wonderful evening. Superb location - stylish interior. Epic food and prefect service. The basque aged steak is sublime. Don’t delay go now.

Elizabeth D.23 giorni fa · 2 recensioni

Brilliant place. Restaurant on the ground floor followed by a secret experience in the basement and back to the top floor for drinks in the bar! Will definitely be going again :)

Dawn D.un mese fa · 1 recensione

Amazing lunch - food was excellent. The goat's cheese starter I had was so good, I could have eaten it twice. The Burger was one of the best I have tasted too. My friend had the steak tartare and the lamb chops which he also described as delicious. Service was discreet and the Malbec - well, what can I say - just have some! Definitely want to come back.

EMel E.3 mesi fa · 1 recensione

Amazing food and great atmosphere to have a lovely evening. Wine selection is adequate, oysters are fresh, tuna steak was cooked to perfection. Recommended for meal with conversation

Phil G.2 anni fa · 1 recensione

This was our second visit to The Worlds End Market. Nowhere near as good as the first time. Very disappointing. Service was poor and so was the food. We ordered our starters and mains and waited longer than we should have to get our starters. On my first visit here, last year, I'd ordered scallops for a starter, they were only available as a main this time round but the waitress said she could get me a portion as a starter even though it was off menu, they did it often apparently. We both ordered lemonades which turned out to be the smallest bottles we've ever seen in our life's and we both have many years of bar work experience. My fiancée ordered a special of crab tempura with mac and cheese. They finally arrived after a substantial wait. I was very disappointed to see that my starter consisted of 2 scallops sat on a bed of sorry looking salad leaves on a tiny plate. The other halfs crab tempura didn't look great, the mac and cheese looked awful, the cheese/cream sauce had split and the batter on the crab was a soggy mess. She hardly ate any of it, I ate my two scallops which in my opinion could have done with a bit longer on the grill (I'm sure on my first visit I got more than 2 scallops). Nobody bothered coming over to ask if our food was ok. The waitress collected the plates and didn't seemed fazed that my fiancée hadn't touched her starter. The mains were a slight improvement, I had the fillet steak which was decent enough and cooked as I had asked. The Mrs had a whole lobster but the cracker she was given wasn't up to the job and was too small so she had a hard time getting to the meat. We had some truffle fries which were nice and some truffle mash which was a sloppy mess that was impossible to eat with a fork but actually tasted ok. Again no one bothered asking how our meal was. We used a Taste Card for 50% off, if we would have had to pay full price I wouldn't have been happy, even at half price I felt ripped off. My 2 pathetic scallops were a tenner! Also they still charge 'service' at 100% of the bill something I noticed on our first visit. We won't be returning unfortunately.

Christie S.9 mesi fa · 1 recensione

The World's End Market sells itself on having the 'best meat in the world' but our fillet steaks (cooked rare as recommended), whilst tender, lacked flavour, with one being served cold, the other warm - both sat lonely on their otherwise empty plates. Truffle & Parmesan fries were tasty but at £3.90 you'd expect them to be sharing size. I barely got a taste of the spinach and garlic as the quantity would have fit on one spoon had they not spread it across a large plate in close to single leaf depth. We wouldn't normally order fillet steaks but the smallest Chuleta De Buey was 1.5kg, which comes out at about £225 with only two people ordering steak, which was a bit steep given this was a last minute/pre-event dinner. The lemon sole was beautifully cooked and starters were well received (although grilled scallops were lacklustre and also barely warm and asparagus was overcooked). The charred octopus was by far the winning dish. Service was indifferent with staff bristling when requests were made. Obviously we weren't their target audience (the loud/thumping music through the restaurant later in the evening made that clear), but still I was expecting more (both food and service-wise), especially given there were only a couple of other tables dining.

Rerry O.23 giorni fa · 1 recensione

This is one of best restaurant I have been to in ages. The atmosphere was great and the staffs were really friendly. On arrival, the staffs were very welcoming as they acknowledged us with greetings. Once seated, it didn't take long for the waiter to attend to us. We were told the missing dishes and soup of the day. Every question we had about the menu, the waiter took their time to explain. The meal I had which was the seabass and sweet potato tasted really nice. During our meal, the waiter came often to check on us and also topped up our drink. When leaving, we were offered a friendly farewell. I would definitely be coming back here.

imgElia P.un anno fa · 2 recensioni

Our steaks were terrible. They are billed as 'the best in the world' but compared to Hawksmoor or Goodmans there is simply no comparison. Don't believe the hype people and steer well clear! We wanted a selection to try out. We wanted some rib eye, some sirloin and some fillet. The prices on the menu are per 100g so we thought we'd get 200g of rib eye, the 250g fillet and the 250g sirloin. We were told the rib eye only comes in 500g minimums, most of which would be bone, they had no fillet (at 7pm on a Saturday) and so our choice was only 250g flank steak and the sirloin (which the waiter couldn't push enough!). They also recommended to cook rare. This was a mistake. It was tough, chewy, sinewy and difficult to cut, chew and swallow. An excellent quality fillet rare is fine, but sirloin? No. They then brought our steaks out minus our sides which had been incorrectly delivered to the table next to us. We then had to wait for new sides whilst the 'main event' went cold. We complained and were offered a free dessert and coffees which is why I haven't given them one star, but two. How the documentary on Netflix, 'Steak Revolution' came up with the conclusion that this meat was better than The Ginger Pig / Hawksmoor, is a mystery on par with the Pyramids of Egypt! Avoid, avoid, avoid. And don't say you weren't warned if you go!

Pierre M.un anno fa · 1 recensione

When you promote a venue as the only place in the U.K to sell the best steak in the world you should be able to not run out of ALL of it! We came for that reason and ended up with Razor Clams... Those Clams came up still fool of sand and after complaining to the manager he answered that it is impossible to get rid of all of it. Well it is actually! I'm myself a restaurant manager that sells Clams and weirdly enough we manage to serve it without sand. And then the £17 beef tartare... Witch is not made fresh, witch is badly seasoned and really small. After once again complaining to the manager, the plate got taken away and came back 5minutes later, the exact same one, with a dressing on the side that was apparently the reason of the poor taste. We were really happy to learn they also know why it doesn't taste right! Maybe you should remove it from the recipe? To be fair the manager did discount fully the Clams, weirdly charged for the tartare and was apologetic. Basically we were really excited to try the amazing product they apparently sell and we left really disappointed

Steven L.un anno fa · 1 recensione

We had a wonderful meal. The service was excellent throughout and the flavours and quality of the food were superb. A fantastic lovely evening. The atmosphere was excellent and a really good relaxed and enjoyable vibe. Some of the dishes were stand out. Sashimi stater was amazing. Saw another table share a rib of beef which looked amazing. Can't wait to return and try this!!

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