2 African Restaurants in Leeds

Discover the best African restaurants in Leeds with Quandoo

Whether you want a bowl of injera from Ethiopia, some chicken yassa from Senegal, or an aromatic Moroccan tagine, there are plenty of fantastic African restaurants in Leeds to satisfy your desires. With South Yorkshire's Nigerian, Ethiopian and Moroccan communities growing all the time, Leeds has more African restaurants to choose from than ever. African cuisine is diverse, exotic and still undiscovered by many people, so give it a try by booking one of the city's finest restaurants.

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    Try some healthy, delicious dishes at North African restaurants in Leeds

    Some of the best African restaurants Leeds has to offer specialise in dishes from the northern part of the continent. All along the Mediterranean coast, from Egypt to the straits of Gibraltar, chefs know how to create delicious lamb stews (tagines) and filling vegetarian meals like couscous. Relying on dried fruits like dates and apricots, as well as tomatoes, olive oil and plenty of herbs, the cooks hailing from northern Africa have plenty of culinary delights for you to enjoy.
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    Tuck into plantain and spicy chicken at Leeds' best West African restaurants

    There are also plenty of excellent West African restaurants in Leeds, with eateries offering Senegalese, Nigerian and Ghanaian dishes. Expect to find menus full of spicy chicken as well as the chefs own recipe for jollof rice, which features tomatoes, red pepper and onions. Couple your meals with deep fried plantain and hand-cut yam wedges, or a plate of akara (deep fried beans covered in breadcrumbs), with relishes and sauces derived from authentic recipes. If you haven't tried Leeds' West African restaurants, Quandoo makes it easy, and you're certain to find a dish that you adore.
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    From Ethiopia to Nigeria, Leeds offers food from all over Africa

    Diners at the finest African restaurants in Leeds can look beyond the north and western parts of the continent. There are eateries serving up Ethiopian curries and flatbreads, places offering fiery South African chicken, and chefs from Kenya who fuse the tastes of India with the traditions of East Africa. When you visit, you're sure to receive excellent service, and feel free to ask about the origins of the recipes. Africa's food is full of stories just waiting to be told. It's great fun to explore the diversity of the continent's cuisine, so book a table with Quandoo and discover some incredible cooking at the wonderful African restaurants throughout Leeds.