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Mix beer and bratwurst at German restaurants in Leeds

West Yorkshire is in the middle of a dining boom, so it's not a surprise that the cuisine of Germany is making its mark on the Leeds restaurant scene. German beer halls found around the centre of town recreate the jovial atmosphere of a traditional beer cellar, offering a great alternative to the city's bars and pubs. Discover artisan beers made according to age-old recipes, and couple them with filling sausages like bratwurst, currywurst or good old frankfurters. Lunchtime could hardly be more satisfying.

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The Bierkeller - Leeds

City Centre

The Bierkeller - Nottingham

City Centre

The Bierkeller - Manchester

City Centre
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    Meet friends and sample fine European food at Leeds' German restaurants

    However, the cuisine at Leeds' best German restaurants reaches far beyond gourmet pork products (although they are definitely among the stars). You'll also find a wide range of burgers with a Bavarian twist, featuring prime Yorkshire beef and toppings like sauerkraut and pickles. Then there are sides like spicy potato wedges or onion rings. When you pair them with a knockout weissbier or a glass of Rhine wine, you've got a winning combination. Give it a try at German restaurants in Leeds by booking a table with Quandoo.