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After the Greek financial crisis, many Greek restaurateurs set their sites on the United Kingdom, with many wanting to explore opportunities and spread the cuisine across the country. Leeds is certainly a cultural hub, and so it’s no wonder that many Greek restaurants popped up in Leeds, and locals are just loving it. While it’s true that Italian, Indian and Asian cuisines dominate the high streets, it’s the small, independent Greek restaurants in Leeds that are garnering a strong following of supporters looking to try this fresh, creative and unique cuisine. Following, we’ll take a look at what the Greek restaurants Leeds have got to offer and give you a run-through of what you can expect, which areas to check out and tips on how to handle your ouzo when visiting a Greek restaurant in Leeds.

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Amalthea Greek Cafe, Deli & Bistro


Zorbas Bar and Grill


Sokrates Taverna - Horwich

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Sokrates Taverna – Sale


The Aegean


Greek Flame Taverna

St Anne's

Othello's Greek Restaurant - Blackpool

North Shore

Bouzouki By Night

City Centre

Rozafa Taverna

City Centre

Emilios Greek Restaurant


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    So which are the best Greek restaurants in Leeds, then?

    There are so many to choose from, but for some seriously delicious Greek fare, pop in to Zorba’s Bar & Grill in Crossgates, Mykonos in Oakwood or Amalthea Greek Cafe, Deli & Bistro in Adel. These spots have got passionate teams that will make your dining experience one you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry, and their menus are brimming with succulent meats, fresh salads, freshly baked breads and the cheese… we can’t forget the delicious cheese. But take a gander, we think you’ll love them!
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    And what shall we eat then?

    So now we know where to head, we better take a look at some classic dishes you’ve simply got to try when visiting a Greek restaurant in Leeds. The Greek restaurants in Leeds pay homage to traditional cooking styles and centuries old techniques and recipes and offer a range of dishes even the fussier diners among us will love. Start with a classic Greek salad packed with feta, olives, cucumber and tomato for a palate cleanser, before tucking into a classic souvlaki or gyros dish fresh from the grill, or perhaps for something heavier go for a traditional moussaka that is similar to the Italian lasagne, or sample some stuffed courgettes. Seafood plays a large role in Greek cuisine and as such, you’ll find Greek restaurants in Leeds serving up fresh calamari, octopus or whiting, among several other fishy delights. So no matter your preference, you’ll be in for a treat when you visit a Leeds Greek restaurant. Just be sure to always save room for the honey balls loukoumades for dessert: they’re truly melt in your mouth delicious!
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    Drink like the Greeks… but make sure you eat first

    It doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the Greeks certainly love a tipple or two. And so, when visiting a Greek restaurant in Leeds, the vibrant atmosphere makes for the perfect occasion to partake in a traditional spirit to really top the affair off. For those that can tolerate the hard stuff, go for ouzo, the most popular of the Greek spirits made with aniseed, or raki which is made from the pomace of grapes which are both perfect accompaniments to delicious meze like feta, ham, olives or halva that you can find in any Greek restaurant in Leeds. If a cocktail is more to your liking, ouzito hits all the right spots, and is the Greek answer to a mojito made from mint, lemon, soda water, sugar and ouzo and is best before or after your meal. Alongside, you’ll also find fine wines, and refreshing beers on offer in the Greeks restaurants throughout Leeds, so no matter your drink preference you’re in for a treat!
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    What now then?

    Well, now you know what you’re in for, it’s high time to make a reservation at one of the delicious Greek restaurants in Leeds with Quandoo. You can search the area you want to dine, adjust your preferences according the price and cuisine, and read through reviews from other diners and take a look at the menu. Then, you can reserve table in a couple of easy steps and you’re away. So book a spot at a Greek restaurant in Leeds today, your tastebuds will certainly thank you!