Italian Restaurants in Leeds

Italian cuisine: the king of comfort food

Just about everyone loves Italian food, and the evidence is clear by the sheer number of fantastic Italian restaurants spread throughout Leeds. With a wide variety of international eateries and restaurants from all over the world, this Yorkshire city has made a name for itself in the UK’s competitive culinary world. Home to a significant number of immigrants from both Europe and overseas, Leeds has an international, cosmopolitan vibe that puts it on the map as a fantastic place to live. There is an abundance of authentic restaurants showcasing the best dishes that the city’s over 75 ethnic groups have to offer, and even the Italian restaurants in Leeds can be subdivided into distinct regional cuisines with their own particular dishes and flavours. From Sicilian to Tuscan, Neapolitan to Milanese, the cuisines of Italy have many unique dishes, and in Leeds’ Italian restaurants, you can sample the very best.

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Sambuca Lounge Morley

Town Centre

Rico's Restaurant


Ipsum Vinoteca

City Centre
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Veeno - Leeds Wellington Place

City Centre

Veeno - Leeds Duncan Street

City Centre

Amalfi Valentinos


Divino Restaurant Otley Road


Grappolo Pizzeria


The Libertine Cafe


La Besi




Ciao Bella Bar & Restaurant

City Centre

Franco's Pizzeria

Hyde Park
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    Sicilian dishes are on the rise in Leeds’ Italian restaurants

    One of the favourite regional cuisines represented in Leeds’ Italian restaurants is that of Sicily. As an island separate from the mainland of Italy, Sicily has a distinct cuisine all its own, and features influences from the Greek, Spanish, French and Arabic kitchens. Because it is surrounded by water, Sicilian cuisine relies on using seafood in many of their dishes, with favourites including fish like tuna, sea bream and swordfish. Many different cultures have passed through Sicily, trading their various spices and ingredients with the local people, planting citrus and olive trees among many others. In Leeds’ Italian restaurants, you’re certain to find fabulous Sicilian dishes including delicacies like spaghetti ai ricci (spaghetti with sea urchin) and pasta alla norma, a speciality from the region of Catania. When dining at one of the Italian restaurants in Leeds, be sure to take a Sicilian dessert like cassata, a deliciously sweet sponge cake packed with fruits and chocolate.
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    Northern Italian vs Southern Italian cooking

    When comparing the cuisine of northern Italy to that of the south, it’s easy to see how varied the food of Italy can be. Whereas Sicilian cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of many different regions, including from Arab countries, northern Africa and Greece, the cuisine in Lombardy in the north has much more in common with that of Austria and Central Europe. Although you may not realise it, some of the most popular dishes found in the Italian restaurants in Leeds are from Lombardy, including risotto and ossobucco, as well as cheeses like Grana Padano and Gorgonzola. More meat-focused and buttery than in the south, the food of northern Italy is considered heavier and features less tomato sauce. When dining at one of Leeds’ Italian restaurants, we recommend trying a plate of ossobuco alla milanese, cross-cut veal shanks with vegetables, white wine and broth, or some classic polenta from Brescia. Next time you’re at one of the many Italian restaurants around Leeds, make sure to ask your server to recommend some of the best dishes from Lombardy.
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    Find the best Italian restaurants in Leeds with Quandoo

    If you’ve been looking for the best Italian restaurants in Leeds, you’ve come to the right place. Search for the specific type of Italian restaurant in Leeds you’re looking for and find regional cuisines from all over Italy. From Neapolitan pizzerias to traditional Venetian dishes, one of the many Italian restaurants around Leeds is sure to have exactly what you are looking for, and many of them are bookable with Quandoo. Just sign up, browse, book and earn Loyalty Points every time you visit!