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African Restaurants in Leicester

 Explore the world through scrumptious desserts in Leicester

Multicultural Leicester has been welcoming newcomers from all over the world for decades. This makes it one of the best places in the UK to try new cuisines. And, in Leicester, desserts are an important part of the food scene. Whether it's traditional Italian gelato, syrup-soaked Greek or Turkish baklava, indulgent Indian sweets, or Caribbean coconut cake, you're sure to find something to tempt your tastebuds.

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Alino African Bar & Restaurant


Blue Nile Restaurant

Winson Green

Manjaros - Birmingham

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Marrakech Restaurant

Hall Green

Ashiana Persian & Afghani Restaurant

Balsall Common

La Reference


Devon House

Jewellery Quarter

La Fibule


Klassic Grill

Jewellery Quarter

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    Make great desserts in Leicester part of your celebrations

    There are few occasions that are not enhanced by lovely desserts. In Leicester, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that would be happy to help ensure your wedding, birthday, anniversary or other celebrations is enjoyed for all the right reasons. Almost all Leicester's restaurants offer desserts to their diners. There are also a number of specialist dessert restaurants, including ice cream parlours and Branch, a luxury dessert restaurant that takes inspiration for its decor from Leicester's multicultural environment.
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    Try new desserts in Leicester

    Leicester's strong links with the Indian subcontinent are reflected in the city's restaurants. Gulab jamun is one of the most popular Indian desserts in Leicester. Looking a little like donuts, they are soaked in a sweet syrup that is flavoured with rosewater or cardamom. Try somewhere like Sharmilee, on Belgrave Road, in the area often known as the Golden Mile, for a superb range of desserts. Alternatively, what about a taste of the Caribbean? There are several excellent Caribbean restaurants in Leicester, and desserts are a big part of their menus. Coconut, banana or carrot cake could be just the way to finish your meal on the right note.
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    Include lovely desserts in your Leicester night out

    If you're planning a meal out, don't forget to think about desserts. If you fancy kulfi, perhaps you want a curry. And, if tiramisu sounds tempting, you might be better with an Italian restaurant. Alternatively, what about one of Leicester's specialists in desserts? There's sometimes nothing nicer than rounding off an evening with a hot waffle soaked in melted chocolate, or a big bowl of ice cream. Fortunately, Leicester has several places across the city that focus solely on desserts, some of which can be quickly and reliably booked through Quandoo. Many are located in the city centre but there are others in more residential areas, such as House of Desserts, in Allandale Road, in Stoneygate.