African Restaurants in Liverpool

 Where did the story of African restaurants in Liverpool begin?

The African community in Liverpool is one of Britain's oldest and dates all the way back to the 1700's. Since then it has been steadily growing with settlers from all parts of the African continent making their home in the famous and colourful city of Liverpool. Thankfully, they made sure to bring the ingredients and knowledge that goes into their varied and delicious cuisine cultures with them! You can now find a wide range of African restaurants in Liverpool that will have you enjoying dishes such as chin chin and sadza in a ambiance that offers the open and lively personality of the continent.

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Kasbah Cafe and Bazaar


Roots - Liverpool

City Centre

Al Moroccan

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Manjaros - Manchester


Manjaros - Bradford

Little Horton



Roots - Manchester


The African Steak Hut

Town centre
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    A rich history combining cultural influences into one amazing cuisine

    With African restaurants in Liverpool you get to enjoy one of the widest and most varied selections of cuisines available. Foods from North Africa boast influences from Phoenician, Carthaginian and Arabic backgrounds, creating a menu that features sausages, spices and couscous. East African cuisine incorporated produce from China and India and includes tasty dishes such as spiced vegetable curries, lentil soups, chapattis and pickles. Food from the Horn of Africa is extremely different, centering around many different kinds of stews combined with a flatbread called injera. Whichever part of Africa your chosen meal will hail from, you can be assured it will be worth the trip to the great African Liverpool restaurants that can be found on Quandoo.
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    Great food from every country

    African restaurants in Liverpool boast dishes that hail from every country on the continent. Whether you are enjoying the peeled black-eyed peas of Nigerian arkara, the mashed eggplant and olive oil of Levant's Baba Ghanoush or the spicy tang of Boerewors from South Africa, you will find yourself well on your way to a full stomach and sated palate. Along with the great food, the atmosphere of each of these African Liverpool restaurants will give you a sense of just how varied and full of life the many cultures of Africa truly are.
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    Find more African restaurants in Liverpool with Quandoo

    Quandoo lets you search for restaurants, helps you on your way to choosing the right one thanks to reviews from other users and, of course, lets you share your experiences as well to help guide other people to great restaurants. There really is no better way to take advantage of African restaurants in Liverpool.