Brazilian Restaurants in Liverpool

 Liverpool Brazilian restaurants offer a taste of this vibrant culture

Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool offer a splendid mix of tasty and healthy options. Brazilian cuisine features influences from both Europe and Africa. Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool offer you the chance to sample some of the delicious dishes that come from the many different regions of this amazing country, while also getting a little taste of the friendly, life-loving and open atmosphere that exists wherever Brazilians come together to eat.

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City Centre
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Bem Brasil - Liverpool

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Rio Brasil

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Bem Brasil - Deansgate

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Bem Brasil - Altrincham

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Bem Brasil - Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter
Latin American££££

De Nada - Manchester

Latin American££££
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    Enjoy dishes from every region, with Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool

    Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool offer dishes from all regions of Brazil. Try the much revered feijoada, a black bean and meat stew that is usually eaten once a week by the people of Rio and Sao Paolo. Or try something from the Northern culture of Brazil, such as pato no tucupi, a duck-based dish often enjoyed in the state of Para. Whichever dish you choose, you'll be able to find Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool that cook it, using the helpful features of Quandoo. Thanks to our shared customer reviews, we are able to help you choose the right location with the right atmosphere and the finest cuisine.
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    Enjoy something lively when you dine in Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool

    If you are looking for something tasty and healthy when dining in Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool, be sure to try Moqueca. A fish stew that is enjoyed throughout the country, it is normally served steaming hot on a large clay dish, so watch out for burned fingers! For those looking for something to get them through the day or at least from lunchtime to close of business, acaraje is a calorie-laden snack made from a deep-fried patty of black-eyed peas, palm oil and pureed onions, stuffed with shrimp and vatapa. If that doesn’t fill the hole until six o'clock, nothing will!
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    Don't forget to get your sugar fix when dining in Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool

    Brazilians are famous for their sweet tooth and Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool certainly won't leave you in want in this department. Try the national favourite, Arroz Doce, a simple rice pudding spiced with cinnamon. Or try the truffle-like treat brigadeiro, made from condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. However you choose to complete you meal, you'll find the best locations as well as special offers, all on Quandoo.