Chinese Restaurants in Liverpool

 Chinese Restaurants in Liverpool: A piece of local heritage

Believe it or not, Europe’s very first Chinatown is found not in London, not even in Paris, but in Liverpool. Located south of the city centre in the Ropewalks district with Berry Street as its main artery, Chinatown is home to numerous shops and restaurants predominantly set up by, and for, the local Chinese community. Although Chinatown originally existed around Liverpool’s docklands, heavy bombing during World War Two led to its relocation to its current spot, a short walk from the Liverpool Cathedral. You’ll know you’re in Chinatown when you pass through the impressive Paifang archway on Nelson Street – the largest of its kind outside of China – decked with lanterns and bilingual street signs that mark every turn. Hungry for an authentic Chinese meal? You’ve come to the right place. Simply find and reserve a table at one of Liverpool’s many Chinese restaurants with Quandoo!

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Golden Castle


Panda Panda

Town Centre

The China Room

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Essence of the Orient


The Imperial Chinese Restaurant


Lameizi Restaurant

City Centre

Jasmine House - Stockport

Shaw Heath

Gonbay - Sale

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    How Liverpool’s Chinese community came to be

    The first Chinese settlers were believed to have arrived in Liverpool back in the early 1800s, mostly as silk, tea and cotton wool traders. Sometime around the late 1860s, the Alfred Holt and Company established the commercial Blue Funnel Shipping Line and employed numerous Chinese sailors, which led to the birth of small restaurants and shops that catered to the swell in Liverpool’s Chinese population. Today, Chinese immigrants to Liverpool largely comprise students here to further their studies and they make up a sizeable proportion of the five percent of ethnic Chinese Liverpudlians. With a major urban regeneration project underway in Chinatown, we can look forward to more Chinese restaurants springing up in Liverpool over the next few years – excellent news for us foodies!
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    Liverpool’s Chinese restaurants: All one and the same?

    Chinese cuisine is often thought of as one monolithic block, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Flavours vary from region to region in a country as vast as China, depending on the local climate, geography, history and culture. The spiciest dishes, for instance, tend to be found in central China, while those from the eastern provinces are known for their sweetness. Over in the north, the cuisine leans towards a salty nature, whereas those in the south is often sour. With such a wide spectrum of tastes to be explored at Liverpool’s Chinese restaurants, there’s always something new to try. Find a Chinese restaurant in Liverpool near you with Quandoo and reserve ahead for the best seats.
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    What can you expect at the Chinese restaurants in Liverpool?

    Don’t just stick to tried-and-tested favourites like egg fried rice and sweet and sour pork the next time you visit a Chinese restaurant in Liverpool – there is a lot more to the cuisine waiting to be discovered. How about the delicious blend of sweet and savoury notes in Peking duck, or a round of fiery Sichuan hotpot to stave off the cold weather? You don’t even have to break the bank to afford a meal at Liverpool’s all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants, which charge no more than a few quid for unlimited rounds of crispy spring rolls, steaming pork buns and chow mein. Looking for a different afternoon tea or weekend brunch experience? You might want to check out eateries that serve yum cha, the popular Cantonese pastime of drinking tea with a wide variety of dim sum, or Chinese-style tapas, served from a cart. Quandoo makes it easy to find a Chinese restaurant in Liverpool that suits your craving and budget, so don’t hesitate any longer – get started on your culinary adventure with us today!