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 Secret Liverpool cocktail bars

Got a secret, can you keep it? You’ll find the answer in one of the several speakeasies hidden throughout Liverpool. We’ll give you a clue – all of them have two things in common: great drinks lists, and a twist, pretending to be something different, or almost impossible to find. This is the tone of the resurgence of secret cocktail bars in Liverpool – some with secret codes, hidden passageways, velvet curtains, hidden in plain sight and some with no indication they even exist that are only known via word of mouth. So what’s the big secret? Well, you’ll just have take a trip to our favourite secret cocktail bars in Liverpool to find out….if you can find them.

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Seven Zero One Bar & Base

Seven Zero One Bar & Base

The Baltic Triangle
Nova 48

Nova 48

City Centre


Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

City Centre
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    The best Liverpool cocktail bars

    Liverpool is known around the world for many things, notably landmarks, architecture, their famous music scene and their vibrant and passionate community. But it’s the creative and innovative Liverpool cocktail bars that have garnered the attention of mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts from all over. Liverpool is home to some extraordinary cocktail bars, including rooftop bars, secret hideaways, concept bars and true works of art that will keep you very busy when on the hunt for that perfect martini, tom collins or old fashioned. One thing is for sure, it’s far too difficult name one as the best Liverpool cocktail bar, you’ll just have to try them out for yourself.
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    Liverpool cocktail bars: top cocktails you have to try

    Selecting your favourite cocktail can be a long process with so many on the market and new creations being developed all the time. However, we have a few we’ve tried from our favourite Liverpool cocktail bars that we think it’s high time you sample. Of course, when visiting a cocktail bar in Liverpool, one must sample a gin & tonic, or variation like the District House lavender rose with Portobello Road gin, aloe vera, lemon, gomme violet liqueur and egg white. We also love the whiskey classic old fashioned, moscow mule, margarita or the life-changing dry martini that is recommended you only try when in a trustworthy Liverpool cocktail bar where it’s guaranteed you’ll be delighted, and not disgusted – it’s all down to the mixing after all.
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    Liverpool’s love affair with gin

    When you’re visiting one of the exceptional cocktail bars in Liverpool, you’re guaranteed to stumble upon several perfectly balanced drink options made with Liverpudlian favourite, gin. Known for their love affair with the humble, botanical-infused spirit, there are a growing number of gin bars popping up showing that the days of mixing supermarket tonic with your Gordon’s are long gone. Instead, Liverpool cocktail bars are raising the bar for creative tipples with garnishes like strawberry, star anise, watermelon and lemon making the perfect accompaniment to bring out the flavour of the juniper based spirit. Liverpudlians have always turned to the humble gin to solve any of life’s problems and we know you’ve got to respect something that’s been around since the 17th century that despite beginning its life being brewed in bathtubs, has now become the trendiest choice in Liverpool cocktails bars.
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    Beyond a vodka lemonade

    There is nothing wrong with opting for a vodka soda or lemonade, and most Liverpool cocktail bars and their bartenders will agree, but we think there’s more meaning behind opting for a classic mixed drink as opposed to a balanced and creative cocktail, that’s a little more daring for example. Drinking a vodka soda implies neutrality and safety, whereas someone who orders a cocktail with a base of whiskey, bourbon or gin alludes to wanting a more visceral experience. Mixologists in the top Liverpool cocktail bars believe there is a sense of mystery, romance and sense of debauchery associated with sampling a tipple that is a work of art you most likely cannot make at home or get in the local pub. So why not go beyond and see what it’s like on the edge? We think you’ll like it.