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One reason for the excellence of Liverpool's many fish restaurants is perhaps the city's proud history as a major port. Liverpudlians have an affinity for the sea and this includes a love of seafood. From the humble treat of cod and chips to the luxury of a sweet, succulent lobster, the city and its people have taken to this tasty and healthy cuisine in a big way. Another reason why the menus of so many restaurants in Liverpool feature fish is the sheer versatility of seafood, allowing the creation of a wide variety of dishes.

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Diva Bistro and Fish Bar

Diva Bistro and Fish Bar

Forge Brasserie

Forge Brasserie


The Workshop

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    Versatile fish dishes in Liverpool restaurants

    Seafood lends itself well to a wide variety of flavours and dishes. For example, many restaurants in Liverpool have fish pie on the menu. This comforting, filling and tasty dish has long been a favourite. Other seafood restaurants in Liverpool offer fish curry, which successfully combines the spices of the east with the delicate flesh of the seafood. A fine Dover sole or turbot fillet provides a sense of occasion, while crustaceans like crab, crayfish and lobster add a touch of theatre to the dinner table. Meanwhile, a simple dish of hand-dived scallops offers a surprising sweetness to the plate.
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    Fish restaurants in Liverpool are a healthy option

    Seafood is also a healthy cuisine. Modern Liverpool restaurants know that fish is an extremely lean flesh, with very little fat. It is also a great source of protein and is rich in many essential amino acids needed by our bodies for a healthy metabolism. This makes seafood a valuable part of many diets and it is a good way to enjoy eating out while keeping an eye on your health. These delicate dishes also go so well with chilled white wine, adding a little luxury to complete a memorable dining experience.
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    Restaurants in Liverpool offer sustainable fish

    Many fish restaurants in Liverpool are aware that certain types of seafood are declining in numbers. They have responded by featuring only sustainable seafood on their menus. This include options like farmed salmon, trout and mussels, along with alternative species of seafood where stocks are not under threat. Methods of catching the seafood are also closely monitored. These sustainable options are more environmentally responsible and offer diners the chance to experience new and tasty dishes, while at the same time being conscious of the delicate marine environment.