3 Japanese Restaurants in Liverpool

Liverpool's Japanese restaurants build on over a century of connections

Merseyside has always been a cultural melting pot, taking in American musical styles and producing the Beatles, and absorbing architectural and sporting trends from all over the world. The area's connections with Japan aren't as well known as some influences, but they run deep. In the 19th century, merchants from the Mersey pioneered British trade with Japan, and by the mid 20th century Japanese restaurants in Liverpool were bringing sushi, noodles and other oriental recipes to the shores of the UK.

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Miyagi - Allerton Road

Miyagi - Allerton Road

Miyagi - Ormskirk

Town Centre
Miyagi - Ormskirk

Sunset by Australasia

Sunset by Australasia
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    Order delicious, healthy seafood dishes at Japanese restaurants in Liverpool

    If you want to explore these historical connections, Liverpool's Japanese restaurants offer plenty of opportunities. When you visit them, you'll find a vast array of healthy eating options too. Classic dishes like sushi rolls and sashimi are famous for their protein levels and lack of saturated fats. That's why athletes make sushi platters a key part of their training regime. Try some for yourself at Japanese restaurants in Liverpool, or delve deeper into the menus on offer, checking out barbecued beef, seafood salads and a wide range of different styles of noodle bowls.
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    Enjoy a satisfying bento lunch at Liverpool's Japanese restaurants

    Bento is another dining phenomenon from Japan that is being embraced by Liverpudlians. The beautiful thing about bento is its simplicity. You'll receive a box or plate with rice, pickles, sauces and meat or seafood, depending on which variety you choose, which is a great way to ensure a balanced meal and to try a range of exotic tastes at one time - and it's also a fantastic lunchtime option. So, if you are working by the Docks or in the Georgian Quarter, find time for a bento meal at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Liverpool's city centre.
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    Discover a new gastronomic culture without leaving Liverpool

    From Sefton to Speke, Merseyside is a fantastic place to explore cuisines from around the world. Whether you're in the centre of town or stuck in the suburbs, check out the Quandoo database of Liverpool's Japanese restaurants and you'll find somewhere to transport you to downtown Tokyo. Even better, with vegetarians options like udon noodles, gourmet wagyu beef for carnivores and some of the world's best seafood dishes, Japanese restaurants in Liverpool have something for every taste and dietary preference.