Mexican Restaurants in Liverpool

 International vibes and good eats in Liverpool

Liverpool, like so many other cities in the UK, is very diverse and packed with immigrants from all over the world. From Chinese and Malaysian to Greek, Somali and Yemeni, the city’s diverse ethnic groups add fresh new ideas, rich cultures and of course, amazing food to the city’s culinary landscape. Home to the largest Latin American community in England aside from London, Liverpool is a haven for food from the Americas, and thankfully for food lovers, there are many Mexican restaurants around Liverpool serving authentic, colourful and flavour-packed specialities from Oaxaca and Chiapas to Coahuila, Sonora and everywhere in between.

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Mesquite - Liverpool


Mexican Village

West Derby
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Evil Eye Beer and Burrito Shack


Mexican House


Sombrero Mexican Bar and Grill


Fajitas Classic Mexican Bar and Grill - Moreton


Fajitas Mexican Bar & Grill - Liverpool


Cinco's Mexican Restaurant


Fajitas Mexican Bar and Grill - Huddersfield

Town Centre
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    Types of Mexican restaurants in Liverpool

    One of the most common styles of Mexican restaurants in Liverpool is Tex-Mex, which isn’t really Mexican cuisine at all, but rather a fusion of cuisines (especially popular among Tejanos). Tex-Mex cuisine blends the best of the American and Mexican kitchens, taking the flavours of Mexican food and combining them with the decadence American cooking is known for. While the city has seen a rise in the number of Tex-Mex eateries lately, it has also seen a number of more authentic locations popping up, from restaurants that feature a particular regional cooking style to more upscale dining establishments that offer a modern approach to traditional Mexican cooking. Some of Liverpool’s Mexican restaurants offer street-food, tasty morsels that usually go along perfectly with a margarita or some Mexican cerveza. There are plenty of Mexican restaurants in Liverpool to suit any taste, and there’s nothing stopping you from exploring them all!
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    Vegetarian offerings in the Mexican restaurants of Liverpool

    Luckily for those who abstain from eating meat, the Mexican restaurants in Liverpool typically offer a wide range of veg-friendly options. One vegetarian ingredient you’ll find often in Liverpool’s Mexican restaurants is nopal, or the pad of the prickly pear, a type of cactus native to Mexico. This versatile green ingredient is packed with nutrition and can often be found stuffed into burritos with plenty of beans, rice, grilled veggies, guacamole and all the other typical fixings. Nopales can be found cooked alongside meat, eggs, and cheese too, so it’s not necessarily a vegetarian-only deal. Try huevos con nopales for a pleasing dish that’s ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are usually plenty of great options for vegans at Liverpool’s Mexican restaurants too, with an array of tacos, burritos and nachos all made without the use of dairy products, and sometimes even with meat analogs like seitan or some tasty tofu. The best Mexican restaurants in Liverpool have something for everyone.
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    Find the Mexican restaurant in Liverpool that’s perfect for you

    Liverpool has 8 distinctive areas that offer their own particular vibe, with plenty of unique bistros, cafes, bars and restaurants throughout. Known for its international population, the city is bursting with life, and the Mexican restaurants in Liverpool are no different. You’ll find world-class Mexican cuisine in restaurants across the city, no matter whether it’s tacos in the Baltic Triangle, burritos in the town centre or enchiladas out in Aintree, finding great Mexican restaurants in Liverpool is easy as pie. With Quandoo it’s even easier to discover the Liverpool’s best Mexican restaurants – narrow down your search and filter by price range, location and cuisine, check reviews from other diners and discover a new favourite dining spot. Reserve a table on Quandoo for free, then let your opinion be known by rating your experience. Each time you book, you’ll receive Loyalty Points that you can save up towards cash back!