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Pizza Restaurants in Liverpool

 Experience the real thing at Liverpool's best pizza restaurants

Whether you are hitting the bars around Concert Square or looking for somewhere to recharge your batteries before hitting the library at the University, Liverpool's pizza restaurants are a great place to dine. As you would expect from such an open, cosmopolitan city, Liverpool has attracted some talented Italian chefs, and they whip up a mixture of traditional and experimental recipes at Liverpool restaurants that pizza fans will adore. You can book all of them with Quandoo..

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Tribeca Smithdown

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Love & Rockets

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    Enjoy an American-style pizza at Liverpool restaurants

    Some of Liverpool's most popular pizza restaurants have taken an American theme, mixing New York and Chicago style bases with sides influenced by the menus of heartland diners. You can order up New York deli style pizzas that are smothered in pastrami, pickled gherkins and mozzarella or go for more standard options with Italian ingredients if that's what you prefer, before adding sides like onion rings, charcuterie boards or fried zucchini. It's a great informal dining experience, and the ideal option for birthdays or reunions where conversation and good times are the priority.
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    Explore adventurous choices at pizza restaurants in Liverpool

    These days, the UK's culinary landscape is more innovative than ever, and every single dish seems to be experiencing makeovers by expert chefs. Italian food is no exception, and Liverpool's pizza restaurants are fantastic places to find out what the new generation of Italian chefs have up their sleeves. For example, you'll find salmon and cream cheese recipes, Peking duck, chicken Kiev-style calzones and toppings like spicy 'nduja sausage to choose from. If you're tired of boring old margheritas, Liverpool's pizza restaurants will show you a whole new range of crusty and deep pan delights.
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    Dine in style at classic Italian pizza restaurants in Liverpool

    Of course, Liverpool's pizza restaurant scene isn't just about pushing the boundaries and redefining how dough, cheese and toppings can be combined. In fact, there are also some excellent places to find a traditional wood-fired pizza. Restaurants in areas of Liverpool like Ropewalks serve up perfectly crisp margheritas, or allow diners to customise their meals with Italian ingredients like artichokes, rocket and anchovies. If you want a genuine taste of Italy, they are definitely the place to be, and all of them can be booked with Quandoo.