Thai Restaurants in Liverpool

 Bold and beautiful

Thai food and Liverpool are as bold and beautiful as each other. Thai food is sour, sweet, salty and spicy, while Liverpool is full of character and attitude – it’s fair to say that neither of them take any prisoners. It therefore stands to reason that Liverpool’s Thai restaurants are quite the dining experience. The buzz of a city that was once the European capital of culture combined with one of the most vibrant culinary cultures in the world is something quite unique, and the Thai restaurants in Liverpool do a splendid job of capturing it for any hungry scouser to enjoy.

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Chiangmai Bistro - Newton-Le-Willows




Chiangmai Thai Tapas - Stockton Heath

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Thai Jaa

Town Centre

Spice Thai


Thai Asia


Arroy Thai

Town Centre

All Siam Thai Restaurant


Mews Thai Restaurant


O'cha Thai Restaurant

Town Centre
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    What’s so great about Thai?

    Thai food and the food in the Thai restaurants of Liverpool is so great because it has, over many, many years, managed to continuously stand out and be one of the most loved cuisines in an Asian foodscape that is likely the most diverse in the world. It’s different, it has its own trademark tastes and ingredients and it’s managed to assert itself as the go-to for a meal out in many countries around the world. This, we think, is due largely to the way it has historically blended the east and the west in terms of cooking methods and produce. This blend, we assure you, is prominent in many of Liverpool’s Thai restaurants.
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    Where are the best Thai restaurants in Liverpool?

    If you’re at all familiar with Liverpool we’re sure you’ll be unsurprised to hear that Liverpool’s best Thai restaurants are more often than not found around Ropewalks and the gorgeous Georgian Quarter. Why? Well, take a walk along Duke Street, Fleet Street or Wood Street and you’ll soon understand. These areas of Liverpool have Thai restaurants brimming from their boots and the smells that permeate the air as a result may just knock you for six in the very best of ways. Any keen set of scouse nostrils must surely know the waft of a Thai dish when they smell it, in fact, you’re likely familiar with a few of them, too…
  3. 3.

    The Thai dishes we know and love

    Whether or not you’ve been to Thailand is of simple irrelevance when it comes to being familiar with classic Thai dishes, even more so because the Thai restaurants of Liverpool serve them good, proper and just right for becoming accustomed. It makes sense to start your palate off with a soup. Soups are a staple of the Thai kitchen and of any Thai restaurant in Liverpool and a tom yum is one of your best bets. It’s hot, sour and big on lemongrass and shrimp. Following that, show your palate a pleasant time with what is best described as coconut heaven in a bowl: massaman curry. This bad boy is rich, smooth, coconut-nutty and so creamy it hurts. Last, but worlds away from being least and a dish we know you’ll find in any Thai restaurant around Liverpool, is Pad Thai. Peanuts and fish sauce are vital to this popular noodle dish that’s eaten all over Thailand as street or restaurant fare.
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    Liverpool’s Thai restaurants rise to the occasion

    That note of street or restaurant fare highlights nicely the way Thai food and indeed the Thai restaurants of Liverpool can rise to any occasion. By that we mean there are Thai restaurants in Liverpool fit for casual, quick eating, some a little more mid-market or some completely gourmet. The most important thing, irrespective of which of Liverpool’s Thai restaurants you decide to visit, is that the food is enjoyed properly with those you hold dear to your heart – just as things are done in Thailand. Happy dining!