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325 Restaurants in Liverpool

Liverpool Restaurant scene – Not just Beatlemania

Liverpool is known around the world for many reasons – music, maritime ventures, Beatlemania, football and of course a buzzing culinary scene. Liverpool restaurants are some of the best in the world and are really coming into their own of late, especially with the revamp of the district of Ropewalks. Originally a rope-making district for the sailing ships, the area now boasts a number of trendy Liverpool restaurants, chic and stylish bars and cafes brimming with high quality food and drinks. Liverpool restaurants and cuisine are wonderfully varied, from upmarket fine dining restaurants to independent bohemian bistros and all the classic high street spots, with cuisines ranging from traditional British to food from all over the globe. Liverpool restaurants also have a strong rep when it comes to sourcing local produce from the surrounding regions, as it’s of extremely high quality. The local beer and gin are also must-trys when dining or drinking in one of the many brilliant Liverpool restaurants dotted around the city.

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Aintree Tandoori

Aintree Tandoori

The Brooke Crosby

The Brooke Crosby

Purple Olive Lounge

Purple Olive Lounge
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The Blundell Arms

Town Centre
The Blundell Arms

Frango - Wigan

Town Centre
Frango - Wigan
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    Not just a dialect – the origins of Liverpool’s Scouse dish

    Liverpudlians have long been known as scousers due largely to their dialect that’s known around the world. What many aren’t aware of, however, is that the name of the dialect is believed by some to have stemmed from the name of a dreamy, utterly warming local dish. Scouse, the dish, is a hearty meat stew, usually made with mutton or beef as well as thick cut vegetables and it’s often accompanied by pickled beetroot and a slice of bread. There are a few tales as to how this dish came to Liverpool but the most common story is that Norwegian sailors and seamen introduced the dish, which became a staple meal for the poorer people usually working on the docks. Hence, the nickname of the dialect was given to those who ate the dish. Today, the tradition of scouse is well and truly alive in Liverpool restaurants, with many local eateries revamping it with their own flare and touch. There are quite a few spots around, including two Liverpool restaurants – Ma Egerton’s and Ma Boyle’s – that are both steeped in history and serve cracking bowls of the good stuff. So, why not book a table with Quandoo and discover what Liverpool restaurants are doing with this historic dish?
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    Liverpool: Best districts to dine

    As we said, the vast majority of Liverpool’s restaurant scene is based around Ropewalks – including Wood Street, Bold Street and Fleet Street – and it’s here you’ll find the largest cluster of Liverpool restaurants that boast cuisines from all over the world. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to tickle their fancy in this trendy district whether that be classic British and Liverpudlian fare, African, Asian, Italian or French. Also in Ropewalks, you’ll come across Hardman Street and Hope Street, ideal for diners looking for a slightly more sophisticated and upmarket Liverpool restaurant with several of the finest Liverpool restaurants finding their home in this area. Albert Dock also boasts several exceptional restaurants and is the home of the United Kingdom’s oldest Chinese community, making it a hub for some truly special Chinese restaurants. A little way out of the centre of the city lies the district of Aigburth where Lark Lane also has a bustling community of Liverpool restaurants and bars that are well worth checking out. Wherever you end up, rest assured you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable dining experience at any one of these Liverpool restaurants, so why not book and why and start your journey with Quandoo?
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    International Dining in Liverpool

    Liverpool restaurant culture has been on the map for quite some time and as a result there is a healthy and impressive smattering of international spots about the place. Ranging from world class fine dining to casual high street to independent and bohemian eateries, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a Liverpool restaurant to whet your appetite. Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese specialities from Chinatown, Liverpool fare like scouse, classic Indian dishes or French and European favourites, there is a Liverpool restaurant for you! This vibrant community draws in people with all backgrounds, cultures and histories because of it’s fun and carefree attitude, world class music and exceptional dining. When you think of venturing out for a night on the town, thanks to some stellar Liverpool restaurants, it’s now not only common to think about what gig you’ll hit, but which cuisine and spectacular Liverpool restaurant you’ll visit before or after. So check out Quandoo’s selection of Liverpool restaurants to help make your decision quick and easy.