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2 Steakhouses in Soho, London

A steak to remember

Soho in London is known around the world as being the epicentre of culture, entertainment and dining and when venturing out in this world-class area in the heart of London, it’s best to go all out and sample the best of the best. And the best, means steak. Whether you are an aficionado of rib-eye, sirloin or have a love affair with some grade nine wagyu, steakhouse restaurants in Soho have got you covered. From British brasseries doing things the classic way you love, to specialist Argentinian steakhouses, Soho steak restaurants are some of the best in the world and simply must be experienced. Paired with a lovely wine, perfectly matched to your cut of choice, we think it’s high time you pay a visit to one of the steakhouses in Soho – you deserve it.

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Zelman Meats - Soho

Zelman Meats - Soho

Black Cod & Wagyu

Black Cod & Wagyu
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    Season, medium or charcoal – your choice in Soho steakhouses

    It’s an argument continue long into the night – what is considered to be the correct way to cook your steak? Many steak-lovers and steakhouses will argue that it’s medium rare all the way, some will say it depends on the cut and some will simply say it depends on the diner. Then comes the method of cooking – charcoal grill, cast iron pan, and do you season or do you leave it? In Soho, steakhouses restaurants aren’t immune to this long-standing argument, but rather they embrace the differences. Some will char, some will season and some will leave it up to their diners. So whether you’re a London local or a traveller passing through, in Soho, London, all that matters is that if you love steak and a good steakhouse restaurant, you’re certainly in the right place. So venture into this heartland of steakhouse restaurants in inner London and discover your style for yourself.