Austrian Restaurants in London

Austrian Restaurants in London: Viennese Flavours

London really has it all when it comes to cuisine. Always loved watching the Sound of Music but you’ve never once tried Austrian food? You’ll be pleased to know that there are some great options throughout the city for those curious about what the cuisine is like. Although comparisons are often made between Austrian and German food, and there certainly are similarities, they cannot both be lumped into one simple category. Austrian restaurants in London represent food from all over the country, including the mountainous region of Tirol, as well as from Austria’s capital, Vienna.

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The Tiroler Hut

The Tiroler Hut

Notting Hill
Rose and Crown

Rose and Crown

St Michaels


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    Because the Austro-Hungarian empire once covered a good deal of land with many cultures underneath its rule, the cuisine of what is now Austria is varied and complex. Featuring plenty of meat-heavy options, sometimes even deer and pheasant, Austrian cuisine isn’t for the faint of heart. On the other hand, Viennese cuisine is known for including decadent desserts, which you’ll find easily in one of the great Austrian restaurants in London. If it’s tough for you to decide which Austrian restaurants in London sound best, just have a browse on Quandoo’s online search platform and locate the eatery that’s best for you!