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The Best Thai Restaurants in London

Spice up your usual routine at London's best Thai restaurants

Spicy, from chillies with names like phrik chi fa ("sky pointing chili") and phrik khi nu ("mouse-dropping chili"); salty, yoked into service thanks to a liberal dash of fish or oyster sauce; sour, puckering up to brothy soups from tamarind and lime; and sweet, laced through in places with a generous pinch of raw palm sugar. These are the four fundamentals that together form the typical flavour profile of Thai cuisine, the world’s most popular Southeast Asian style of cookery. Yet, within this four-cornered gastronomic form come a myriad of local and regional versions and interpretations, alongside dishes unique to a village, a family, a particular street food stall or favourite auntie. Communal, colourful culinary traditions are tightly woven into the culture and atmosphere of the Land of Smiles, and here with some of the best Thai restaurants in London you can, given some rather indulgent patience and a head for heat, explore what it means to eat Siamese, from Chiang Mai street food to the banquets of the royals in Bangkok.
  • Freddy's

    1.0 /6 Horrible 1 Review
  • 5.1 /6 Excellent 279 Reviews
  • Tumnan Thai

    5.5 /6 Wonderful 170 Reviews
  • Nakhon Thai

    5.3 /6 Excellent 64 Reviews
  • Pandan Leaf

    Crouch End
    5.3 /6 Excellent 30 Reviews
  • Thai Crystal

    Crystal Palace
    5.2 /6 Excellent 53 Reviews
  • TOR Thai Bistro

    5.0 /6 Excellent 22 Reviews
  • Mango Tree

    4.7 /6 Excellent 13 Reviews
  • Krua Thai

    5.2 /6 Excellent 23 Reviews
  • Ban Yai

    Colliers Wood
    6.0 /6 Wonderful 1 Review
  • The Market Thai

    Notting Hill
    4.5 /6 Excellent 6 Reviews
  • Asiatique

    East Sheen
    6.0 /6 Wonderful 1 Review
  • Ginger Kiss

    3.4 /6 Good 10 Reviews
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