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2 Gluten-free Restaurants in London

Gluten free restaurants London: the guts of it

Gluten is found in wheat and other grains, such as barley and rye. It also makes its way into other foodstuffs, making it difficult for celiac disease sufferers – who cannot eat gluten – to enjoy food. Many others, such as Twitter celebrity, self-described food expert, and sometime dancer/singer Miley Cyrus, advocate a gluten-free diet for general health and wellbeing. Luckily, in terms of gluten free restaurants, London has a good selection.

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Kentish Town
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    Best gluten free restaurants London: separating the wheat from the chaff

    To find the best gluten free restaurants London has to offer, you can’t beat Soho. One restaurant alone boasts a menu that is over 50% vegetarian and gluten free, while you can also get a good dish of polenta or a gluten and lactose free sausage nearby. In fact, there are a number of German gluten free restaurants in London, all of them with a German theme! Who would have thought?
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    Gluten free restaurant London: what to expect

    For someone looking for a gluten free restaurant, London has plenty to offer. But stick to international cuisines such as German, Italian, or even Peruvian (the latter’s dishes are mostly vegetarian and use old world grains that are largely gluten free. For the best gluten free restaurants, London looks for those who are proud to announce as much. When you spot gluten free restaurants in London proclaiming gluten free, you can be sure of the integrity of their cooking.
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    Finding the best gluten free restaurants London: gluten free made easy with Quandoo

    Quandoo’s intuitive search function makes it easy for those on a gluten free diet to find gluten free restaurants - London has a fine selection and you can be sure that if they say they are gluten free, they are. It’s a legal requirement in the UK. Simply head to Quandoo and search for ‘gluten free restaurants London’ and you’ll find a good bunch of the best gluten free restaurants London has to offer, keeping you happy and healthy.