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Persian Restaurants in London

Persian restaurants taking London by storm

Persian cuisine is fast becoming one of the most trendy cuisines in London at the moment, and when you look past a standard kebab, it’s not hard to see why. While it’s taken some time to fully arrive in London, mostly due to border control and diplomatic relations not making Iran as accessible a travel and immigration destination, Persian cuisine and culture has well and truly arrived. And it’s the Persian restaurants in London that are leading the way for this cultural expansion in all the right ways and Londoners are just loving it! So embrace this culture and pay a visit to one of many Persian restaurants in London as soon as you can.

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Covent Garden
Middle Eastern££££

Apadana Restaurant

Middle Eastern££££

Abshar restaurant

Croydon Centre
Middle Eastern££££
Looking for the best restaurants near you?

Behesht Restaurant

Kensal Green
Middle Eastern££££

Al Basha

Middle Eastern££££


Middle Eastern££££

Kish Restaurant

Middle Eastern££££

Masgouf Restaurant - Knightsbridge

Middle Eastern££££

Galleria Restaurant

Middle Eastern££££

Alkababgi Mezze & Grill

Middle Eastern££££

Cafe Route - Dalston Junction

Middle Eastern££££

Masgouf Restaurant - Paddington

Middle Eastern££££

Kabul Palace

Town Centre
Middle Eastern££££

Molana Restaurant - Ealing

Middle Eastern££££


Middle Eastern££££

Room 43 Bar & Kitchen

Middle Eastern££££

Molana Restaurant - East Sheen

East Sheen
Middle Eastern££££

Pardis Restaurant

Middle Eastern££££

Delsa Lounge

Temple Fortune
Middle Eastern££££

Banu at The Cranley Hotel

Middle Eastern££££
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    Where cultures collide – Persian restaurants in London

    Not many are aware, but London boats the largest amount of Persian restaurants in the West outside of Los Angeles in the United States. Surprising, perhaps, but when you take a look at the delicious dishes on offer at the stellar selection of Persian restaurants in London, you’ll see why this exotic and flavoursome cuisine has taken Londoners by storm. A far cry from classic British fare like fish and chips and Sunday roasts, Persian cuisine focuses on a wide range of spice, nuts, fruit and chargrilled meats to set your taste buds into a frenzy. Different yes, but who doesn’t love different?
  2. 2.

    Persian restaurants in London everyone will love

    With around 40,000 Iranians living in the city, of course there’s an extensive range of Persian restaurants in London, and these fabulous spots are showcasing the best of Persian cuisine that London locals are lapping up. For example, at Galleria in Marylebone you’ll find famous ghalieh mahi fish stew with mixed herbs, tamarind and chilli that has got the foodies of London lining the streets. You’ll also find charcoal meats, seafood delicacies and vegetarian dishes that even the fussiest diners among you will be thrilled with. So why not explore something different and visit Galleria or one of the many delicious Persian restaurants in London?
  3. 3.

    Signature Persian dishes

    Persian cuisine, along with its culture, is rich, vibrant and full of flavour. At most Persian restaurants in London you’ll find dishes like Persian kebabs, kubideh (minced meat), tahdig (crispy fried rice) and bademjan (aubergine and tomato stew) among many other tasty dishes. Alongside these, when we visit any of London’s Persian restaurants we just love sampling dishes like ghormeh sabzi which is a Persian stew with an alluring smell and certainly unique taste, derived from a mixture of herbs, kidney beans and lamb or beef. Also highly recommended is the national dish, koofteh tabrizi, which is a giant meatball stuffed with herbs and spices including peas, leeks, mint, parsley and onion, or a kabab torsh of chargrilled, marinated lamb in pomegranate juice, crushed walnuts, young grapes and fresh mint served with saffron rice. You’ll find all these and more at our collection of Persian restaurants in London.
  4. 4.

    The best time to Sample Persian food in London

    There really is no time like the present, especially when it comes down to feasting on some delicious Persian cuisine at one of the many Persian restaurants in London. But if you’re after a truly special occasion, then without a doubt the best time is, of course, during Nowrooz – Persian New Year. During this time even the most reticent ex-patriot revels in the traditions of their home, including growing wheat grass and jumping over fire. Taking place during the spring equinox, Iranians definitely eat out more and socialise during this time, and therefore Persian restaurants in London will play host to special dishes, events and more. So what better time to embrace and feast on this wonderfully exotic cuisine and culture?