Scandinavian Restaurants in London

Scandinavian Restaurants in London: Nordic Specialties in the Big Smoke

Scandinavians have thrived in the United Kingdom for centuries, with most choosing to settle in London. Bringing along their Nordic cuisine, from seafood to sweet desserts, the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish community really knows how to cook a great meal. Scandinavian Restaurants in London aren’t confined to just one spot, and you can find eateries and shops all over town, especially in the city’s West End. Near Oxford Circus, you can even find a Scandinavian restaurant that features specialties from all of the Nordic countries, with ingredients that you can actually buy in the accompanying shop!

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The Harcourt

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    Scandinavian Restaurants in London: More than Meatballs

    Owing to Scandinavia’s especially harsh winters and unbelievably bright summers, the food choices on offer are slightly different than in most countries, incorporating unique berries, herbs and vegetables that aren’t often utilise. Seafood is, of course, a popular choice for lunch and dinner, and is prevalent in Scandinavian cuisine. Never tried out Norwegian food before? Let Quandoo help you locate the best Scandinavian restaurants in London. Use the search platform to find an eatery, then book your table online. It’s never been easier to try out new cuisines!