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    129 Asian Restaurants in London

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    April 2024
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  • Best Restaurants in London

    Want to take a bite out of the best dishes in London? Discover delicious Asian restaurants based on price, location, and more. Find the top spots for your next lunch or dinner faster than you can say "yes please!" to dessert.

    Find the best listing restaurant to eat out in popular areas of London

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    Restaurant Fumiko in Hornchurch, London


    Located at Hornchurch area
    Japanese Restaurant


    Meals: Dinner
    Located at Hornchurch areaJapanese Restaurant


    Meals: Dinner
    Restaurant Nakhon Thai - Eltham SE9 in Greenwich, London

    Nakhon Thai - Eltham SE9

    Located at Greenwich area
    Thai Restaurant


    Meals: Dinner
    Located at Greenwich areaThai Restaurant


    Meals: Dinner
    46 reviews
    46 reviews
    Nakhon Thai - Eltham SE9

    Nameste Watford

    Located at Watford area
    Indian Restaurant


    Meals: Lunch, Dinner
    Located at Watford areaIndian Restaurant


    Meals: Lunch, Dinner
    1 reviews
    1 reviews
    Nameste Watford


    Located at Slough area
    Indian Restaurant


    Meals: Lunch, Dessert, Dinner
    Located at Slough areaIndian Restaurant


    Meals: Lunch, Dessert, Dinner
    4 reviews
    4 reviews
    1. 1.

       London Asian restaurants among the best in the world

      A far cry from the standard fish and chips or Sunday roasts most Brits are used to, Asian cuisine is unique, extremely varied depending on which country, and more specifically, which region it originates from and incorporates ingredients and produce that were never before seen across the pond until recently. The influx of expats from the east has resulted in London being one of the best spots for authentic Asian cuisine in the world, and the Asian restaurants in London are only going from strength to strength.
    2. 2.

      What is the concept behind Pan-Asian restaurants in London?

      When we talk about Pan-Asian restaurants in London, we're not talking about simple curry houses, sushi buffets or Chinese restaurants. Instead, at the finest pan Asian restaurants in town, you'll encounter menus that blend different food cultures. It's not uncommon to find Thai chicken satay dishes on the same list as Chinese roast duck or Japanese Bento boxes. And good pan Asian chefs also like to create their own fusion dishes, incorporating elements from various countries into spectacular new tastes. That's why dining out at the best pan Asian restaurants in London is so exciting: every menu is different, with new aromas, blends and creative uses for familiar ingredients.
    3. 3.

      From Kuala Lumpur, to Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo and London

      Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, ranging from Indonesia, right through to China, Japan and Korea, in addition to India and Pakistan and all that’s in between. This vast continent brings with it a multitude of cultural differences, traditions, language and of course, food. Londoners have certainly got a taste for all things east and their love affair with Asian restaurants in London continues to grow. And it’s not just the standard Cantonese or Thai cuisines available these days; you’ll be able to find Asian restaurants in London specialising in anything from sizzling Sichuan, to fresh Vietnamese, Malaysian and Taiwanese, just to name a few. Any of these cuisines, paired alongside a fresh Asian craft beer, various whiskies, curated cocktails or perhaps later on a sake or two, will top of the affair perfectly.
    4. 4.

      Broaden your horizons with London’s Asian restaurants

      With many Brits journeying to all corners of the eastern continent, exploring untouched parts of Thailand, the marvels of Cambodia and the wild worlds of Shanghai, Tokyo and Delhi, it’s no surprise that the cravings for the delicate, bold and flavoursome dishes sampled on travels abroad has added to the influx of Asian restaurants in London that are a far cry from the more westernised Asian cuisines that London was used to. Nowadays, Londoners are opting for more regional and authentic specialities and trendy Asian street food restaurants in London, among bars, dumpling houses, pho hotspots and high-end banquet style eateries round up London’s best Asian restaurants. So get those chopsticks ready and get ready for a taste of Asia in London’s restaurants that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the UK until now.
    5. 5.

      There are Pan-Asian restaurants in London for everyone to enjoy

      What kind of dishes will you encounter on the menu at Pan-Asian eateries near you? It could feature a range of Cantonese or Szechuan noodles and chicken dishes, as well as a full array of sushi options, allowing you to mix and match. Go for a starter of prawn toasts or Szechuan chicken bites, before filling up on maki or nori for a healthy main course. There will also usually be a choice between spicy (sometimes seriously spicy) curries, seafood and vegetarian noodles. It all means that Pan-Asian restaurants in London cater for all tastes and diets.
    6. 6.

      Not just for meat lovers: vegetarian dishes in Asian restaurants in London

      While those who are more carnivorously inclined are covered when it comes to Asian cuisine, and can indulge in some unique and at times, interesting dishes like drunken shrimp, white ant eggs, lemon chicken and of course, British favourite, sweet and sour pork, it’s not just them that can reap the benefits of these varied cuisines. Vegetarians and vegans will be more than satisfied when dining at any Asian restaurant in London. The creative use of mock meats ranging from tofu right through to mock seafood and duck options as well as classic vegetable-based choices brimming with flavour, spice and fresh ingredients will leave all plant-based diners thrilled at the range on offer at London’s Asian restaurants.
    7. 7.

      Experience a culinary tour of Asia by booking pan Asian restaurants online

      When you book pan Asian restaurants in London online with Quandoo, you can discover completely new tastes and enjoy food from the capital's most accomplished chefs. Relax in luxurious surroundings with fine wines and take your pick from noodles, teriyaki salmon, sushi, Thai green curries, Mongolian barbecued meat, kimchi rolls and much, much more. London is a dining destination like no other, and you'll find the best Pan-Asian food in town at Quandoo.
    8. 8.

      Soup is back, and better than ever in London’s Asian restaurants

      Just a few short years ago, suggesting that soup would be up there with one of the most popular trends would be scoffed at. But now, eateries throughout London and the UK specialising in ramen, pho and tom yum, among many others have Londoners weak at the knees. Visit an Asian restaurant in London focusing on ramen and indulge in the several types of this Japanese noodle dish topped with meat of fish broth with seaweed, meat, menma and onions and sometimes an egg. Or go for a pho, the national Vietnamese dish brimming with fresh sprouts, vegetables and your meat of choice. In fact, any soup you’ll find in an Asian restaurant around London will leave you with a spring in your step, that’s for sure.