1 Restaurant in London: Meatball

Where can you find a great meatball in London?

Try meatball dishes in London; you'll find dozens of variations in restaurants all over the city. Maybe you'd like to find spicy Arabic meatballs in London that have been enhanced with herbs like za' atar or perhaps Italian-style with pasta and rich tomato sauce appeals to you. The capital boasts some of the finest restaurants in the world as well as thousands of affordable eateries so it can be confusing when you're looking for one that serves a particular dish. However, Quandoo has made it simple for diners by listing London's top meatball restaurants in one place.

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Lal Art Cafe

Lal Art Cafe
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    Discover the mighty meatball in London

    Countries all over the world have their own take on these delicious bite-sized pieces made from ground beef, lamb, pork or chicken. They can be fiery and spicy or rich and indulgent depending on the ingredients used. Middle Eastern cookery is popular and accounts for some of the tastiest meatball dishes in London. You'll find some great Lebanese and Persian restaurants on and around Edgware Road at the West End of Oxford Street. Try looking for a restaurant that does a 'jewelled' version with chopped apricot and pomegranate and enhanced with za' atar, a Middle Eastern spice mix made from rose petals, sumac and dried thyme.
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    Continue your search for the best

    Greek dishes based on lamb or pork are highly popular and immensely satisfying. Many of the restaurants and diners in Tottenham and Green Lanes in the north of the city serve a street food version in a toasted pita pocket while others serve them on rice with a tasty sauce. Head to Camden Town where you'll find some of the most varied meatball recipes in London. The borough is a cultural melting pot, so expect to find restaurants serving mouth-watering Swedish dishes or Greek, Turkish and Italian.
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    The simple but delicious meatball in London - loved by the whole family

    Try the Italian meatball in London restaurants - served with spaghetti, it's on menus all over the city and even the youngest family members will adore it. Or, explore Spanish and Portuguese restaurants where a tapas style version is served with patatas bravas. You'll find most of London's best meatball restaurants quickly and easily at Quandoo. Or why not visit restaurants that offer delicious Scandinavian, Thai or Chinese fishball dishes for a change?