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Vegan Restaurants in London

London vegan restaurant: a bounty of dining options

Veganism is the more restricted cousin of the vegetarian diet, with vegans excluding meat and eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived products from their diets – and even from other areas of their lives, such as clothing. Veganism has a rich and surprisingly flavourful history, and it’s a history with strong links to London. The first vegan cookbook appeared in London in the early 20th-century, and with an estimated 2% of the UK’s population practising veganism it should come as no surprise that London’s concentrated population has more than a few vegans. It follows, then, that finding a vegan restaurant in London is easy.

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Vegan Express


Love Gift Vegan Cuisine

Forest Hill

The Calabash of Culture

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Too Sweet

Lower Clapton


Shepherd's Bush
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    Best vegan restaurants in London: go to Soho

    London’s Soho is a blip on any vegan’s culinary radar when looking for a London vegan restaurant. Soho is closely followed by Fulham and London Bridge – and there are London vegan restaurants scattered about the city – but Soho offers an incredible range of international cuisines cooked up by restaurants that cater to the vegan diner. You can find a vegan restaurant in London’s Soho that serves anything from Italian to Arabic, Thai, German, Spanish (including tapas!), Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. This diversity is a rightful challenge to the prejudice against vegan food and the vegan diet – that it’s boring, flavourless, and even nutritionally deficient.
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    London vegan restaurant: a typical menu

    With a list of London vegan restaurants taking in the cuisines of (ready?) India, Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, various African nations, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, Britain, France, Arabic countries, the Lebanon, Greece, Poland, and Germany, there is no such thing as a typical vegan meal! You can expect a vegan restaurant in London that declares itself or its vegan dishes as such to be strict with the preparation of its dishes. Dishes from vegan restaurants do not include meat, poultry and seafood, eggs, dairy products, honey and beeswax, as well as additives such as carmine, casein, cochineal, gelatine, isinglass, lanolin, lard, rennet, shellac, tallow, whey, and yellow grease.
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    The best vegan restaurants in London with Quandoo

    Type ‘vegan’ into Quandoo’s London search engine and be amazed at the range of London vegan restaurants available for booking. Yearning for a particular kind of cuisine served at one of the best vegan restaurants in London? Use the cuisine filter and narrow down results. Search by district, with the number of vegan restaurants in that area appearing to the right of the borough’s name. You can explore London vegan restaurants’ menus by clicking through to restaurants’ pages and you can often find vegan dishes in restaurants that don’t declare themselves to be a vegan restaurant in London. So keep your eyes (and your potatoes!) peeled.