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Chinese Restaurants in City Centre, Manchester

 Enjoy great food at Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre

China is home to a wide variety of peoples and cultural backgrounds and this is reflected in the diverse cuisine. The varied countryside gives rise to all kinds of different vegetables, fruits and meat resources and this is part of what makes the cuisine from this part of the world so unique. Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre feature many different cooking styles and foodstuffs that reflect the varied regional influences of Chinese cuisine. However, whether you are looking for the delicacies of the Chuan or the dinnertime staples of Huaiyang, you are sure to find what you’re looking for thanks to the great list of options for Chinese restaurants in Manchester City Centre on Quandoo.

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Lameizi Restaurant

City Centre

Peking Court

City Centre
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    Enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes or be adventurous and try something new

    Nothing says traditional Chinese fare like dumplings, and you are looking to try some dumplings in Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre, you will be spoiled for choice... One of the most versatile dishes imaginable, you can fill them with just about anything and then steam them or fry them. Next, you dip them in vinegar and finally pop them in your mouth! If you are looking for something with a little more meat on it, pao mo is a dish served with mutton. In a break from the norm, it uses unleavened bread in place of noodles to add substance and a unique taste. Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre offer a wide variety of evening and lunchtime menus complete with plenty of dumpling options.
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    Indulge your sweet tooth at Manchester city centre’s Chinese restaurants

    The sweet options are never too much at Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre... China is famed for its imaginative approach to dessert time. Looking for something light and fluffy? Try a pina colada tofu shake to wash down a great meal with amazing flavours. Alternatively, hot bananas in coconut milk are also an excellent way to top off your dining experience at Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre.
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    Quandoo can help make your dining experience in Chinese restaurants in Manchester city centre even better

    Whatever kind of menu you are searching for, you can get your entire night out or lunchtime organized easily thanks to Quandoo. Offering special offers as well as the benefit of customer reviews and the ability to reserve your table, Quandoo is an easy way to plan ahead for a stress-free dining experience!