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Greek Restaurants in City Centre, Manchester

 Book a table at one of the finest Greek restaurants in Manchester city centre

Manchester has had a thriving Greek community since the early 19th century, when a wave of refugees arrived, following war in their homeland. Districts like Moss Side became home to thousands of visitors from Greece, who were joined by a wave of Cypriots in the 1950s and 60s. The end result is a happy one: plenty of excellent Greek restaurants in Manchester city centre where age-old dishes are cooked to perfection. You can easily explore what they have to offer by booking on Quandoo's website.

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Bouzouki By Night

City Centre

Rozafa Taverna

City Centre
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    Enjoy healthy Greek salads and grilled seafood dishes

    Manchester city centre's Greek restaurants are a great place to head for healthy eaters and whether you are training for a marathon or trying to tone up for the summer, the city's tavernas will have plenty of menu options to help you stick to goals. The food of Greece is famously healthy, relying on olive oil, sheep's cheese, tomatoes and greens, and mains like papoutsakia (stuffed aubergine) and pikilia (grilled meat) are delicious and light, making them the ideal choice for health-conscious diners.
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    Enjoy sublime meat dishes at city centre Greek restaurants in Manchester

    However, meat is often the main attraction at Greek restaurants in Manchester city centre. Hellenic cooking involves plenty of lamb, goat and chicken and when you settle in at one of the Greek restaurants in the city centre, some of Manchester's most skilled chefs will turn these meats into delicious keftedakia (meatballs), souvlaki (kebabs) and kleftiko (slow-roasted lamb cooked in wine). If you love meat and want to explore a slightly different way of preparing classic dishes, you'll adore what you find at the best Mancunian tavernas.
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    Manchester's city centre restaurants are superb social venues

    When you are out in Manchester city centre, why not book a Greek restaurant with Quandoo? If you are out with a group, there's nothing quite like ordering a filling mezze platter, adding favourites like stuffed vine leaves, spinach and feta parcels, and chips and letting everyone tuck into whatever they want. When you couple tables brimming with mezze with fine wine and live bouzouki music, you've got some of the most entertaining places to dine in the centre of town. Just get some friends together, set a date and book a Greek restaurant in Manchester city centre. Nobody will be disappointed.