Asian Restaurants in Manchester

Presenting the flavours of Asia in Manchester

Home to Europe’s third largest Chinatown and a significant number of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, Manchester boasts a multitude of Asian restaurants which tempt you with a wide variety of cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and many more. Need a second opinion in sussing out which ones are worth spending your hard-earned pounds on? At Quandoo, we’ve got our pulse on the Asian restaurant scene in Manchester and are more than delighted to point you the right way.

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Namaste Nepal - Manchester


Little Lanka



Looking for the best restaurants near you?

Portobello Macc

Town Centre

Relish Tandoori

Town Centre

Gurkha Dining


Maza Cocktail Bar & Grill


The Yak and Yeti Gurkha Restaurant

City Centre

Red Chilli 2

Town Centre

Mount Everest Gurkha

City Centre
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    Manchester’s evolving tastes and preferences

    Manchester’s Asian restaurants have evolved far beyond offering the typical sweet and sour pork and chicken tikka masala dishes that you would expect from most cities in Britain. Today, any food connoisseur visiting England’s unofficial “Capital of the North” will be thrilled to feast on flavours from the east in venues ranging from hole-in-the-wall budget takeaways to trendy, casual diners and even Michelin-approved five-star picks. While Chinese and Indian cuisines may dominate the Asian restaurant space in Manchester, the recent years have seen a broadening of local palates and an uptick in businesses dishing up international fare from Nepal, Korea, to countries as far as Malaysia. Why not stop by an Asian restaurant in Manchester and treat yourself to something new today? Simply find and book one with Quandoo – it’s that simple.
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    Unravelling the secrets of Chinatown

    Delve deep into the wonderful world of Chinese cuisines in Manchester’s Chinatown, the second largest in Britain after London. Around Faulkner Street and George Street, a stone’s throw away from the city centre, you will come across restaurants which serve distinctively regional fare from Canton to Sichuan to Hunan; as well as supermarkets with China-imported produce and karaoke bars where you can sing to your heart’s content. Why stop at a starter, a main course and a dessert? For no more than a few pounds, you can have a few courses of each at any one of Chinatown’s countless all-you-can-eat Asian restaurants – a real steal in Manchester!
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    The spice trade down the Curry Mile

    Manchester’s beloved “Curry Mile” is only half as long as what it claims to be, but nowhere else in the country will you find a higher concentration of curry spots in one area. Wilmslow Road is thick with Indian restaurants, shisha bars and sari and jewellery shops standing side by side – a microcosm of the south Asian immigrant mix in Manchester’s Rusholme district. The waiters at every restaurant will badger you to come in for a bite and with an abundance of places to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Take the hassle out of selecting the right Asian restaurant in Manchester for your budget by booking online with Quandoo.