French Restaurants in Manchester

Where to find great French restaurants in Manchester?

Cuisine from France has given us some of the finest pastries known to man and is a central part of Western food culture. French restaurants in Manchester showcase the lengthy menu of foods from the country and offer a great atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of France while also getting the most out of their great food. Whether you are stopping in to a French restaurant in Manchester simply for a quick croissant and a coffee or wish to lay out a 5 course meal before you and gorge yourself on Parisian delicacies, you can find more and pay less thanks to the reviews and special offers accessible only on Quandoo. Quandoo also enables you to make reservations quickly and easily to ensure you book your seat at the table.

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Côte Manchester

City Centre

The Vine Brasserie


Adam Reid at The French

City Centre
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La Maison Restaurant


Côte West Bridgford

West Bridgford

Côte York

City Centre

Côte Liverpool

City Centre

Côte Shrewsbury

Town Centre

Côte Harrogate


Côte Chester

Chester City
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    Manchester’s finest French restaurants

    You'll find a great deal on offer in French restaurants in Manchester, with dishes designed to excite your palate and satisfy your hunger. Moules frites is a classic choice in France that will see you enjoying fresh mussels with an accompaniment of fries. Cassoulet hails from Southern France and is a combination of white beans with a choice of different meats, including pork sausage, duck confit or mutton. If that doesn't get you eager for your next visit to great French restaurants in Manchester, how about the thought of boeuf bourguigon? Hailing from the Burgundy region, this is a beef stew braised in red wine and cooked with garlic, onions and mushrooms. Mon dieu!
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    Satisfy your sweet tooth in style at Manchester French restaurants

    Few outdo 'le Francais' when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth. French restaurants in Manchester will offer you some of the tastiest desserts available. Try the light and sweet madeleines for the quintessential French desert experience. Or for those looking for something a little more decadent, you can't go wrong with mille-feuille, a cream filled extravaganza that is best shared with friends, if you can!
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    Whichever French restaurants you choose in Manchester, Quandoo can make your night easier

    Whether you are looking for the best of the French restaurants in Manchester, or simply for a good option close to home, Quandoo can help you locate, choose and reserve the choice that is best for your needs. Customers also share their personal experience with each location to help you get a feel for each individual location.