Greek Restaurants in Manchester

 Greek: the ultimate Mediterranean cuisine

Of all the Mediterranean cuisines – and contrary to popular belief, they do vary a lot – Greek cuisine is without doubt one of the most consumed and, indeed, most diverse there is. Greek cuisine spans way, way back to the time of the Ancient Greeks when even then the use of wheat, olive oil and wine was dominant. These days, contemporary Greek cooking – as showcased by the Greek restaurants of Manchester – makes spectacular use of vegetables, grains, fish, meat, cheese and yoghurt. Light and fresh is almost always the name of the game, which makes for a refreshing change from the usual Italian or Indian fare. The Greek restaurants in Manchester have plenty for you that’s different, and it’s time to get involved…

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Sokrates Taverna - Horwich


Sokrates Taverna – Sale


Bouzouki By Night

City Centre
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Rozafa Taverna

City Centre



Rozafa (Stockport)



Town Centre

The Greek Kitchen


Damas - The Art of Meze


Amalthea Greek Cafe, Deli & Bistro

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    Worth looking for: Manchester’s Greek restaurants

    Truth be told, it’s very difficult to ignore the dominance of Indian and Chinese eateries in this great northern city, but that’s all the more reason why Manchester’s Greek restaurants are worth looking for. They have much to offer, folks, and that of course includes the usual suspects that quickly come to mind when you think of food in Greece. So, with that in mind, allow us to give you a little run-down of how we imagine a proper meal at a good Greek restaurant in Manchester may go…
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    Breads, starters, salads, heaven

    The Greeks love to take their time when they eat and so it’s only fair that we oblige. Once you’ve selected one of Manchester’s Greek restaurants, once you’re seated, once your napkin is tucked into your collar and once you’re happy, start the ball rolling with a nibble of fresh bread – pita, lagana and daktyla are all rather moreish – dipped in olive oil and fresh dips. After that it’s time to get meze with a table full of starters to be shared. We know one or two Greek restaurants in Manchester that serve mean Greek salads, perfectly-fried vegetables – often zucchini, aubergines or peppers – fava beans (and a nice chianti, if you want), as well as curious croquettes, plenty of squid and anything with feta.
  3. 3.

    Super soups and mighty meats

    If any Greek restaurant in Manchester knows their stuff then it’s likely they’ll be serving soups – the next course following your meze and the prelude to your main. Sometimes referred to as the national dish of Greece, Fasolada is a white bean soup made with plenty of celery and often a side of something salty, like anchovies. Alternatively, if you can find a Greek restaurant in Manchester that’s serving patsas, a better-than-you’d-expect tripe soup, then get involved and don’t leave until you’ve had several bowls. Mains, and the beauty of Greek food and indeed any Greek restaurant in Manchester is that vegetarians as well as those carnivorously inclined are always happy together. It’s likely you’ll find a strong showing of lentil dishes, bean varieties and fresh veg, while the quality of the meat and seafood should always be very firmly on point.
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    The final word: olive oil

    At this point we guess you’d have expected us to talk about dessert, but frankly it would be too much of a crime against the Greek restaurants in Manchester to finish things without a nod to the holy grail of Greek cuisine: olive oil. Whichever of Manchester’s Greek restaurants that you care to dine at, we’ll bet whatever you like on every dish making prolific use of olive oil. As we alluded to earlier, the olive plant has, since even the Ancient Greeks were around, been one of three core food plants along with wheat and grapes. Today olive oil is used as a base for sauces, a dressing for salads or a lubrication for the pan. You’ll find no Greek restaurant in Manchester lacking a very healthy stock of it.