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 Steak: The big question

How to cook the perfect steak? A question that puzzles many and frightens more. High heat? Oil? How many minutes on each side? We’re sweating just thinking about it. The stakes are high when cooking a steak. One error and it’s game over. Goodbye. Happy chewing. In fact, the stakes are so high that it’s best, we feel, to put your faith in a Manchester steakhouse. A Manchester steakhouse will know the answer to this mysterious, meaty question. A Manchester steakhouse will remove the pressure from you and your griddle pan. Quite simply, a Manchester steakhouse will serve you the perfect steak.

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The Fat Bull


Flames Grill & Bar


Alston Bar & Beef - Manchester

City Centre
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Coleman's Pizzeria & Steakhouse

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    What’s all this fuss for?

    There’s fuss because eating steak is something of a special occasion. It’s not like pasta or chicken or foods that are eaten often. It’s a treat. A reward-yourself kind of meal that’s usually the most expensive thing on a menu. So, if you’re going to eat steak, you may as well do it properly at a steakhouse in Manchester, right? Why Manchester? Well, as a city it’s one of the UK’s biggest consumers of British beef which, as some may be aware, is renowned for being of an exceptionally high standard. British beef is produced to some of the highest welfare standards in the world and the concentration of Manchester steakhouses that are serving it, particularly in the city centre, is nothing short of mouthwatering.
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    Keeping an eye out: British steak in Manchester

    The good news is that steakhouses in Manchester and, to be fair, the whole beef industry make it quite easy for the carnivorously-inclined to tell where their steak is from. It helps that the UK is only a small island – God knows it’s damn difficult tracing your T-Bone in the United Steaks of America (pun intended) – but any menu in a good Manchester steakhouse should be loudly and proudly displaying the Red Tractor logo – very much the holy grail when it comes to farms producing under Assured Food Standards and a sure sign that your beef is from an animal born, raised and slaughtered in the UK. All of this is important first and foremost for the happiness of the animal during its life, but these standards also go a long way in ensuring meat that tastes divine.
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    In the interests of being a restaurant reservation platform that doesn’t discriminate, it’s worth pointing out that quality steaks are also produced elsewhere, and you’d best beli-eef (sorry) that a good handful of Manchester’s steakhouses go out of their way to import the very best of them. Wagyu is a Japanese breed of beef cattle that is beautiful and, more importantly, naturally predisposed to meat that is magnificently marbled. Marbling just refers to the fat found between the muscle fibers of a steak, and it’s this that gives the steak its flavour and texture. Without a nice a marble, eating a steak would be similar to eating a folded piece of cardboard. Wagyu steaks are desired all over the world and as such they are expensive, but we know of a few steakhouses in Manchester that serve them real good.
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    It ain’t about where you’re from, it’s about where you’re at

    All of that said, any steakhouse in Manchester will argue that yes, the source of the beef is vital, but after that so is the cut of the steak and the way that it’s cooked. That’s why when you choose to dine at a steakhouse, rather than just a restaurant that serves steak, you’re signing up for the whole shebang. You’re making it clear that you care and in return the waiters and the chefs at the steakhouses of Manchester will treat you to the finest cuts done exactly how you like them. Go and get stuck in.