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Lebanese Restaurants in Melbourne

The lucky influx of Lebanese culture

If you live in Melbourne, it’s extremely likely that you’ve spent some time in the many bars and clubs this vibrant city has to offer. It’s also extremely likely that after you’ve had a long evening of boozy behaviour, you’ve paid a visit to a late night Lebanese spot for a tasty kebab, perfect for soaking up all of the night's’ festivities. But Lebanese cuisine is not all about late night revelry, and the Lebanese restaurants Melbourne is lucky to play host to, are some of the world’s very best. But how did Melbourne get so lucky? And what are the best areas to find such exceptional Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne? And what dishes should you order? Well, for that, read on, we’ve got some hot tips for you about the best Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne.

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Zikrayat Lebanese Restaurant

Middle Eastern$$$$

Laffe by Kanzaman

Middle Eastern$$$$


North Melbourne
Middle Eastern$$$$
Looking for the best restaurants near you?

Middle South East

South Yarra
Middle Eastern$$$$


Middle Eastern$$$$

Zein's Authentic

Middle Eastern

Massaad Food on Wood

Roxburgh Park
Middle Eastern

Jasmin 1 Melbourne

Middle Eastern$$$$

Crazy Kebab - Altona

Middle Eastern

Malouf Zum Zum

Carlton North
Middle Eastern$$$$

Mt Lebanon

Moonee Ponds
Middle Eastern


Middle Eastern$$$$


Middle Eastern$$$$

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Middle Eastern$$$$

Almina Docklands

Middle Eastern

Riviera Cafe

Middle Eastern$$$$

Manara Lebanese Restaurant

Middle Eastern

Almina @ Brunswick

Middle Eastern

Pita Bar

Middle Eastern$$$$
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    A little bit of history for you…

    Lebanese migration in Australia dates back to around 1880, when people began escaping the hardship and political discrimination occurring under the Ottoman empire, with a large number settling in Melbourne. The second wave of immigration came after World War II, and the third after the civil war in Lebanon in 1975. With this immigration, the Lebanese community brought their cultural traditions, religious practices and of course, food. Nowadays, with Melbourne being Australia’s food capital, there are a plethora of unique, innovative and above all, delicious Lebanese restaurants adorning the Melbourne cityscape, and just begging to be sampled.
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    But where do we go to find a Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne?

    To be honest, if you take a wander down any street in any suburb, you’re probably going to be in luck. However, there are some spots in Melbourne where Lebanese restaurants are a dime a dozen and you’ll be able to get your fix without a worry. Arguably the best areas to visit would have to be Coburg and Brunswick on the north side of the city. Coburg is the area where a large number of Lebanese migrants have settled, so you’ll be in for a treat when you visit the Lebanese restaurants this Melbourne suburb has on offer. It’s essentially the Lebanese equivalent of Lygon Street. On the other hand, Brunswick is home to the cool crowd, and along with Fitzroy, is the home of the hipster. Here is where you’ll find the trendier and up and coming Lebanese restaurants, and the Melbourne younger crowds can’t get enough. But if you’re unsure which is the best area for you, or to find a Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne close to where you are, jump on Quandoo and use our guides to help you find the perfect one!
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    Holy hummus, that’s some good falafel!

    And now for the food, glorious food! Lebanese cuisine is bursting with delicious flavour combinations using some seriously incredible ingredients. Often grouped together with the generic, Middle Eastern cuisine category, Lebanese dishes are unique and flavoursome and deserve some special recognition. Ideal for sharing, and trying several dishes, ordering a mezze plate is a great place to start. Often incorporating salads like taboulet and fattoush, with dips like hummus, baba ghanoush and kebbeh, alongside dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), fried haloumi, and of course, the ever delicious, falafel. If you’re after something more substantial, go for a stew brimming with meats like chicken, lamb and goat, hearty vegetables, and aromatic herbs and spices to maximise the delicious flavours of the ingredients. You’ll find marinated aubergine, fried cauliflowers, succulent meats and some seriously delicious sauces made from yoghurt, tahini and often chickpeas. So no matter what you’re feeling like, a visit to any of the incredible Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne is a sure thing.
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    <>h2>What are you waiting for?

    So we think by now we should have got your stomach rumbling? And maybe even some of you are already halfway to your favourite Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne. For those that aren’t, we strongly advise you book a table sooner rather than later and treat yourselves to the sensational cuisine that Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne have on offer! At any rate, at least now you know there’s more to this Middle Eastern delight than a late night kebab...