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Chinese Restaurants in Newport

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Are you tired of ordering takeaway meals that are laced with MSG instead of featuring fresh ingredients and skillfully made sauces? Well, at Newport's Chinese restaurants, you won't find any additives and flavour enhancers. Instead, these expert kitchens whip up delicacies from across East Asia with consummate skill, tapping into traditions and adding their own spin when needed. The result is some truly exotic, innovative cuisine. If that sounds good to you, it's time to get down to Newport's finest Chinese restaurants and find out what's cooking.

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New World Chinese Restaurant

City Centre

Wongs Chinese Restaurant

Bristol City Centre

Fortune Inn

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The Docks

Singapore Restaurant


Connies Chinese Restaurant

Old Town

Rendezvous - Swindon

Old Town

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    A Cantonese feast awaits at Newport's Chinese restaurants

    When you do, you'll find some impressive all-rounders which are as capable at creating Szechuan chicken wings, as Singapore noodles. But there's no doubting that Cantonese cuisine takes centre stage when you visit leading Chinese restaurants in Newport like New World. If you don't already know, this southern style of cooking is heavy on dumpling soups, chicken and rice with sweet dipping sauces, and meaty treats like beef fried noodles. The tastes aren't usually severe on the spice front, as rich stocks and sauces come to the fore, resulting in dishes that almost all diners can love.
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    Try some Szechuan specialities at Newport's Chinese restaurants

    But the great thing about looking for Chinese food at Newport's restaurants is their diversity. While a chef might specialise in Cantonese cuisine, they are just as likely to have a range of Szechuan dishes up their sleeve as well. This means that you can ratchet up the heat whenever you like. If the subtlety of Cantonese food isn't doing it for you, meals like kung pao noodles, bang bang chicken, and spicy eggplant will liven things up.
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    Explore other traditions at Chinese restaurants in Newport

    And the choices don't end there. Newport's Chinese restaurants also offer a variety of Malaysian and Singaporean dishes that complement options from China itself. So, you could take a look at Singapore's seafood noodle recipes, grab some Hainanese chicken rice, or go further south to Malaysia, where rich, coconut-infused curries and laksa noodle soups are the order of the day. It turns out that southern Wales is a great place to explore Asian cuisine, so make a booking with Quandoo today.