Shaken, stirred, served

Connoisseurship & Cocktails In London

Happy hours and hedonism at London’s best cocktail palaces

Boil down the cocktail’s long and legend-heavy history and you have, by simple definition, an alcoholic beverage containing three or more ingredients. You’ve also got London’s famously cosmopolitan cocktail scene, offering a potted history of the cocktail from the Prohibition-era speakeasy to the spectacular excesses of contemporary molecular mixology. Our Collection dedicated to cocktails in the capital sips and samples the best – check out our highly-drinkable list and reserve yourself a little salt-rimmed something in time for cocktail hour.
  • Ginger Kiss

    4.1 /6 Heel goed 25 Beoordelingen
  • Viva Dalston

    5.1 /6 Uitstekend 39 Beoordelingen
  • Shaka Zulu London

    Camden Town
    4.3 /6 Heel goed 32 Beoordelingen
  • Salt Point Bar

    Liverpool Street
    5.2 /6 Uitstekend 5 Beoordelingen
  • Bar Soho

    3.0 /6 Goed 2 Beoordelingen
  • The Beachcomber

    5.7 /6 Geweldig 16 Beoordelingen
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