Dining out in London's hippest hood

👉 East London Restaurants

The East's Best Eateries

Easily among the UK’s coolest quarters, East London is known for its street art, its vintage stores and of course the masses of curry houses that line its famous Brick Lane. There is so much more to East London’s culinary scene than Indian cuisine though, from upscale wine bars to trendy tapas joints and authentic Asian eateries. We’ve gathered together a group of our favourite choices for dining out in the east of the capital, so all you have to worry about is booking a table – oh no wait a minute, you don't have to worry about that at all, do it right now!
  • The English Restaurant

    Liverpool Street
    5.2 /6 Uitstekend 55 Beoordelingen
  • Curryleaf East

    Finsbury Park
    4.6 /6 Uitstekend 55 Beoordelingen
  • The Sichuan

    Old Street
    5.2 /6 Uitstekend 191 Beoordelingen
  • Stringray Globe Cafe

    Bethnal Green
    5.2 /6 Uitstekend 25 Beoordelingen
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