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Restaurants in City Centre, Nottingham

 Discover Sheffield's city centre restaurants

Sheffield is a thriving student city in South Yorkshire, with a busy commercial centre and plenty of cultural attractions. The Millennium Gallery is the first stop for visitors arriving at the art-inspired train station, and the Gallery links directly to the Winter Garden, which is set entirely under glass and packed with exotic plants from around the world. Visit Kelham Island Museum to learn more about Sheffield's famous industrial heritage and wander along Ecclesall Road to enjoy quirky retail and entertainment. There is everything in the city, from culture and entertainment through to excellent shopping and a wide range of enticing restaurants in Sheffield city centre.

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City Centre

Curious Manor

City Centre

Le Mistral - Nottingham

City Centre
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City Centre

The Lobster Pot - Nottingham

City Centre

4550 Miles from Delhi - Nottingham

City Centre

Tuk Tuk Restaurant

City Centre

Singh's - Market Street

City Centre


City Centre

Noor Jahan - Nottingham

City Centre

Caribe Restaurant & Bar

City Centre


City Centre

The Bierkeller - Nottingham

City Centre

Shooters Sports Bar - Nottingham

City Centre

Around the World Bar and Lounge - Nottingham

City Centre

The Castle

City Centre

Bobbins Restaurant at The Strathdon Hotel

City Centre

Red Dog Saloon - Nottingham

City Centre

Clean Cut Kitchen

City Centre

The Soulville Steakhouse - Nottingham

City Centre
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     Nottingham, finally coming out of its shell

    There’s been a changing of the guard of sorts in Nottingham restaurants lately, with the closure of several High Street restaurants in Nottingham’s city centre, and the flourishing of independent, artisan and locally owned eateries springing up throughout the centre. We could debate and discuss for hours on why this has come about, but essentially we think it’s down to Nottingham becoming a Unesco City of Literature, and the nationwide shift throughout the UK towards a more conscious style of dining. Whatever the real reason, it’s allowed for some exceptional restaurants opening in Nottingham’s city centre. And while it’s true that the outskirts of this vibrant city have some gems of their own, it’s the city centre where the gastronomic magic happens.
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    Sheffield's City Centre restaurants represent international cuisines

    Visitors love the array of restaurants in Sheffield city centre. The main commercial area is pedestrianised which makes it very easy to get around, and there are various side-streets with interesting venues to discover. You'll find all the big-name chains jostling for space with excellent independent venues. The city has a richly diverse population, with a history of welcoming immigrants from across the world. When combined with a multicultural student population, the demand for international cuisine is high!
  3. 3.

    East meets west in Nottingham’s city centre restaurants

    With Nottingham being one of the most popular university destinations in the UK, the number of international students migrating to the area has brought with it a plethora of cuisines from all corners of the globe, and in the Nottingham city centre, restaurants are as varied as you can imagine. You’ll find burger joints specialising in hipster American-style fare, alongside Vietnamese street food eateries, or just turn down any street in the city centre to find a Nottingham Indian restaurant serving up mouthwatering curries in a hurry. You can find innovative pop up restaurants, food trucks, Japanese izakaya, German beer halls where you can feast on schnitzel and pork knuckles, and of course, the classic British gastropub. Essentially, whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll be able to find at one of the many Nottingham city centre restaurants.
  4. 4.

    Recipe for an ideal Nottingham night out

    So, after a long week of study or work it’s essential to treat yourself to an evening exploring the best of the vibrant and exciting restaurant and bar scene Nottingham has on offer. One of our favourite Nottingham city centre restaurant and bars, is the Curious Manor on Trinity Square where you can take in the wonderland-esque interior and fall down the rabbit hole by indulging in their seriously good cocktails. This is also an excellent choice for the morning-after hangover and they even do a specialty hangover hash – necessary after all those cocktails! Following on, try popping into The Bierkeller for German wheat beers and wurst that will really get the party started, or take a trip to Around the World Bar & Lounge for a fill of steak, pizza, or their famous black angus burger which is essential when out exploring the Nottingham city centre restaurant scene.
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    Which cuisine will you enjoy at Sheffield's City Centre restaurants?

    The restaurants in Sheffield city centre offer something to suit all tastes. Perhaps you'll fancy a typical burger and fries in an American diner, with a milkshake and chocolate brownie to follow. Or maybe a Chinese buffet appeals for those with a bigger appetite! Brazilian rodizio is ideal if you like to sample lots of different foods with an emphasis on meat, and the Indian restaurants offer everything from classic chicken tikka masala, through to more exotic regional dishes, such as Keralan fish curry and dosas with sambal from Tamil Nadu. For those seeking sophisticated fare, French bistros offer delicious dishes such as coq au vin, gratin dauphinois and baked camembert.
  6. 6.

    The latest and greatest

    As we said earlier, there’s an array of new and innovative restaurants opening in Nottingham’s city centre that are distancing themselves from the standard High Street chains. And not only that, but these new eateries are bringing new and exciting cuisines to the forefront. For example, Korean restaurants are the latest restaurants to grace Nottingham’s city centre, with locals going crazy for kimchi and bibimbap. Alongside this is a trend in American smokehouse restaurants specialising in traditional southern-style fare, that’s certainly a comfort food favourite among Nottinghamians of late. But with so many new and exciting cuisines popping up in restaurants throughout Nottingham’s city centre, it can be hard to choose...
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    You'll find great value for money at Sheffield eateries

    Thanks to the city's universities, there are plenty of restaurants in Sheffield city centre which offer purse-friendly options. Look out for lunchtime deals, midweek specials and special offers such as happy hours or free desserts. Pizzerias often do great value meals and there are various Sheffield city centre restaurants that serve buffets at lunch; perfect for when you’re extra hungry. On the other hand, your heart may be set on experiencing some award-winning fine dining but without breaking the bank. In this instance, a lunchtime set menu offers the same fine quality of cooking, but without the prices!
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    Which restaurants in Sheffield do Quandoo users rate?

    Head to the intersection of Ecclesall Road and London Road to find one of the most highly rated Thai restaurants in Sheffield city centre - Baan Thai. It is set in a beautiful old Victorian building and offers extremely high-quality cooking, with curries, seafood dishes, spicy south Asian salads and plenty of vegetarian options. Locals in the know rave about its deep-fried fish and sauce, plus the spicy cashew nuts fried with exotic mushrooms and a secret blend of spices. Luna Rossa, on London Road in Heeley is another gem in Sheffield city centre – one of the best Italian eateries in this neck of the woods, offering authentic Italian dishes alongside steakhouse favourites.
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    Lucky for Quandoo then

    … luckily Quandoo has done the hard yards, so you can just browse the best selection of Nottingham restaurants in the city centre, read reviews of other diners, check out the menu and description of your chosen venue and book your table online. It certainly makes life a whole lot easier, so all you have to do is get excited about venturing out to one of Nottingham’s best city centre restaurants. Enjoy!
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    Local foods to look out for in the Sheffield city centre restaurants

    Yorkshire is famous for its foodie culture and traditional dishes, and Sheffield has its own specialities for visitors to try, including Henderson's Relish, Sheffield fish cakes, Dixon's mint rock, Sunderland's potted beef and Derbyshire oatcakes, which have been adopted by the chefs in the kitchens of city centre restaurants in Sheffield. So whichever city centre restaurants in Sheffield you book with Quandoo, you’ll be able to taste all plenty of Yorkshire delicacies.