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American Restaurants in Nottingham

 American restaurants in Nottingham offer big taste and big personality!

Few nations have embraced the cultural influences of other countries in quite the same way that America has. This is why the cuisine found in American restaurants in Nottingham features dishes from Italy to Belgium and beyond. Of course, you'll also find some homegrown classics like generously- stacked cheeseburgers as well as a perfectly chargrilled steaks. Then, whichever of the fine American restaurants in Nottingham you choose, you'll also get to experience a genuine slice of Americana: big smiles, big personalities and a whole load of fun!

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City Centre

Last Chance Saloon

The Lace Market

Red Dog Saloon - Nottingham

City Centre
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    Enjoy a continent-covering menu at American restaurants in Nottingham

    The menus in American restaurants in Nottingham offer a heady blend of culinary backgrounds. While you’ll undoubtedly find some American takes on foreign classics, such as Chicago deep-dish pizza, you'll also find some quintessentially American options as well. Why not start things off with a Cobb salad? A blend of fresh veg and chicken breast that was first put together by Bob Cobb in Hollywood back in 1937. Follow that up with a plate of good ol' picnic fried chicken, served the traditional way with a side of deviled eggs and potatoes, then for something less meaty, who could say no to a plate of mac and cheese?
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    The land where the sweet tooth is king

    Dessert may seem like an optional afterthought in some culinary lands, but when you visit American restaurants in Nottingham you'll come to see that for people of the United States, it's serious business – these guys don't do things by halves! If you want to keep things simple, try some delicious double chocolate chip cookies. Looking for something a little more wholesome? Well, how about some old fashioned apple pie? Then there’s the taste party put on by fresh banana cream cheesecake, so strap your sweet tooth in for one hell of ride!
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    Find the best American restaurants in Nottingham with the help of Quandoo

    American restaurants in Nottingham cater for a wide variety of tastes and age groups. Quandoo can help you sort through the different options to help you find the restaurant that is right for you, thanks to an impartial ranking system and thousands of customer reviews. We're here to help you make the most out of your meal, so get involved!