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Ceviche Old St

Old Street Latin American, Peruvian £££ +100
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About Ceviche Old St

Peruvian cuisine has taken London by storm in recent times, and much of the credit for this rather appetising revolution lies firmly on the shoulders of Martin Morales, the chef and music producer and his world-class team. Ceviche Old Street is a winner of no less than two Best Restaurant in the UK Awards and is also Michelin Guide listed. With a kicking bar and a phenomenal selection of light and main dishes for everyone, from vegan to locally-sourced grilled meat options and vegetarian to gluten-free, Ceviche Old Street promises to push the new wave of Peruvian cuisine even farther into London’s dining scene. It’s also a top art gallery and has regular live music – reserve a table now.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 22:45
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 22:45
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 22:45
  • Thursday 12:00 - 22:45
  • Friday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Saturday 11:00 - 23:30
  • Sunday 11:00 - 21:30
Ceviche Old St, 2 Baldwin Street (2 mins from Old St roundabout), EC1V 9NU London

Further Information

Ceviche, along Old Street in Soho, takes its name from the dish most associated with Peruvian cuisine, in which raw fish and seafood is marinated in citrus and seasoning, and served with an array of sides. It’s as simple as sushi, twice as delicious, and pretty as the Pacific. Second time’s a charm, we say, and it’s a delicious blessing that London is now graced by not one but two places where you can enjoy Martin Morales’ now legendary take on Peruvian cuisine. Morales’ first restaurant, Andina in Shoreditch, is among the top restaurants in London. Not one to lose momentum – this is a guy who DJ’d and chef’d at the same time, was a producer for EMI and ran iTunes Europe and Disney Music – Morales has built on Andina’s success (he sold his house for that first gamble), and given us Ceviche.

A combination of Peruvian kitchen and pisco bar, Ceviche does everything with a slice of chicha, the distinctly Peruvian quality of good-natured cheek. Health-conscious and ever-hungry London will be pleased to hear that Amazonian and Andean superfoods feature heavily on the menus, as do interesting fusion cuisines, represented by dishes of Peruvian-Chinese, Peruvian-Japanese, Afro-Peruvian and Criollo (creole) extraction. Ceviche Old Street remains true to big sister Andina’s winning combination of lively pisco disco atmosphere and fresh, delicious food, but will be introducing some other innovations, too. For the curious, your ceviche can be prepared, and customised, right before your eyes. London’s Peruvian food revolution is only just beginning to turn up the heat.

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1253 Reviews

5.1 /6 Excellent 1253 Reviews
Atmosphere: entertaining
Food: delicious
Service: friendly
Quality/Price: cheap
Noise: average
Waiting Time: short
538 6
434 5
161 4
72 3
30 2
18 1
1 review so far 6
19.08.2017 08:11

First time at Ceviche and would highly recommend. The Don Ceviche is the business and the portions were generous for sharing. We will be back!

1 review so far 6
18.08.2017 06:58

A very exciting selection of well cooked food. The white fish Ceviche was magnificent. Accompanied by a very good selection of wines by the glass.

1 review so far 6
15.08.2017 07:40

Great food, great service, great decor. Love this restaurant. I do wish they kept more of the classics on the menu for longer (there were a few things I loved from my last visit that were sadly no longer on there!), but all the new stuff was great. I recommend the beef filler and arroz con pato

1 review so far 6
11.08.2017 08:07

Went for a work team meal. The food was fantastic and the service was quick. Plates are quite small so you will need more than you think.

1 review so far 5
16.03.2016 14:19

Ceviche Old Street is the converted Lipton’s Alexandra Trust Dining Rooms from the 19th century when it offered very cheap meals to the poor working classes and now offers mid-priced Mexican food to the business classes and well-heeled of the area. It has retained some really interesting décor features and added some nice extras, and it has a pleasant light airy feel to it. The olives and crunchy Peruvian corn probably weren’t necessary, as the 2 ceviches we ordered as starters arrived fairly quickly. The Don Ceviche was nicely spicy and accentuated the Sea Bass well, while the lemon sole ceviche was more delicate in flavour, added to by the sauce. The main course Lomo Saltado’s beef was done quite rare but without blood, and was quite the tenderest beef my colleague had tasted for a long time; my Pollo á la Brasa’s chicken was to melt in the mouth and was pleasant tasting with the hot Amarillo sauce dip, which was excellent; the chips could have been a touch crisper. Interestingly we shared a Kish coriander seed brewed Island Beer with the Ceviche on the recommendation of the waiter, and it was a good choice, a really pleasant aroma that went down very well with the fish.

1 review so far 6
11.07.2016 08:45

Had a wonderful time on Saturday night at Ceviche Old Street - it was a get-together with 5 University friends. Food was great - can't remember all the names but we had a couple of causa's which were really tasty and beautifully presented - also a sweetcorn cake which was so light and fluffy - I am not a meat eater so enjoyed the ceviche but my friends are and said the pork and beef were delicious. Desserts were lovely - I liked the rum and pineapple one - rum wasn't strong. Atmosphere was very buzzy - lots of activity. Thanks for a lovely evening. I rated Noise - noisy - but in a good way!

4 reviews so far 2
10.04.2015 12:06

Second time at Ceviche Old St was a disappointment. Food was uneven, some excellent, some cold/old (chips), but the place was really loud and impossible to hold a conversation, and service was poor. Plates arrived in ridiculous order (I know there are no 'firsts' and 'seconds', but all decent tapas/ceviche etc places take it for granted that the the cold dishes will come first, before or at the very least at the same time as the hot ones, not the other way round (and with a considerable gap, to boot). We also had to ask for things twice, and, worst of all, the waitress made an error with the bill in the end, which turned into quite an embarrassing situation. She originally gave us the wrong one, which was two pounds less - that's, of course, including the hefty 12.5 "discretionary" tip that everyone charges these days. She discovered her mistake after we had already paid by card, and came back to request further payment. As far as I'm concerned that was bad enough, because the two pounds only affected the tip, and, as it was her mistake, she shouldn't have pursued it further. Nevertheless, my friend and I were then scrabbling for change, because you don't really want to put two pounds on a card, and came up with a pound or so... And then the waitress actually pointed out that this is not the full sum! I regret that my friend and I were so bamboozled by this that we actually found a note to cover it, and that this objectionable custom of automatically-added tip (which, admittedly, almost every restaurant does these days) has terrorised us all into forgetting that it is entirely "discretionary", and that when the service is so wanting we should not accept it. Unpleasant conclusion of a mediocre dinner - won't be rushing back.

2 reviews so far 5
11.01.2016 13:01

We had a great time at Ceviche Old Street. Food was delicious & creative, as were the cocktails, the decor was great and the service friendly & attentive. The restaurant also catered very well to a mixed crowd of dietary preferences, including a vegetarian, a pescetarian & a devout carnivore on the table. All enjoyed their food & had plenty of choice (untypical for a restaurant specialising in seafood!). The only reason I wouldn't give it full marks was because we were there on Sunday evening and many of the ceviche dishes were sold out. I understand it's a problem with fresh fish on the weekends but it was a shame. Overall though, I'd highly recommend and will definitely be going back.

1 review so far 2
07.12.2015 13:19

Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with my experience at Ceviche Old Street, despite the food and cocktails being absolutely delicious! This was sadly down to the service. I booked a table for 2 people on a Friday at 9pm, only to be told that our table was not ready when we arrived. We were asked by the hostess to wait at the bar and order a drink, and she would let us know when the table was available. When I asked her HOW she would let us know (other restaurants use buzzers, some can ring you...) she said 'not to worry' because she would 'easily find us'. 40 minutes passed and when we returned to the hostess to ask about the table again, she said that she hadn't come over because she 'couldn't find us'. If this wasn't annoying enough, when we finally got seated and ordered our food, they forgot almost half of our order when they brought it over! Neither of us wanted to begin eating without the other, so between waiting to get a waiters' attention and actually getting the remaining food, we waited another 20 mins before we could eat... Having ordered two Pisco sours, two glasses of wine, and five dishes - the bill came to around 90 quid. Which, I wouldn't mind paying just off the back of the food. But to pay that much and have such bad service (on a level I haven't experienced in a long, long time...) is pretty unacceptable. It's such a shame. My advice to other diners would be to maybe try their sister restaurant Andina (which is smaller) or avoid at least avoid the Old Street branch on Fridays/weekends!

1 review so far 6
20.04.2015 10:56

Excellent, friendly and very attentive service from both the waitresses and the manager who explained the various dishes to us and also advised on the mix and numbers to have. The manager was also very willing and informative in describing the background to Ceviche Old Street and the buying of the new premises. We particularly liked the open plan arrangement and being able to see the cooks in action. We will definately come again - a great experience. Thank you. PGS Salisbury UK

1 review so far 6
20.04.2015 18:30

I loved Ceviche Old St. The building itself is beautiful and the art all over the walls is really cool. Very colourful and fun. I ate brunch here with 4 friends , between us we had gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan requirements but the menu was amazing and catered for all of us. We loved the food, especially the grilled octopus and rotisserie chicken. It was my birthday and the lovely staff all sang to me. All in all a brilliant day,

1 review so far 3
20.09.2015 21:22

This is the second time I've been to Ceviche in Old Street, first time was during their soft launch and I had great expectations as it was a pleasant visit last time and surely things can only improve?! Since then the amount of ceviche is less in the bowl and the service has become worse (it's not my problem you are short of staff tonight) The tables are really close to each other along the sides and it doesn't make for an intimate evening when you can hear the conversation next to you even though they aren't loud or inconsiderate. And when a waiter/waitress squeezes between the tables to talk about the menu to the table next to you - having their arse practically on your table is off putting. The table spacing really needs to be improved. The glass of wine ordered after our cocktails but before the the main food came to the table, arrived after we finished our food and even after we had already enquired where it was - kindly the glass of wine was taken off the bill. The menu is not clear on what things are or are not - the mixta plate under their classics was crumbed and fried prawns, fish and squid - but it said GF - so we assumed not friend because it couldn't be breaded, and it didn't state fried, really disappointing as we wouldn't have ordered fried food. The cocktail section is confusing - poncy ingredients without indicating what kind of drink it would end up tasting like. When you have oysters on the menu, one expects oysters to be available to order - but they weren't and we were only told this when we tried to order them rather than when the specials were explained - which is standard. They no longer have the cheeks on the menu - that (other than the ceviche) was the best dish!

1 review so far 5
28.03.2016 12:25

The whole experience was really great, made better by the level of customer service. We had arrived in London by car, walked over a mile to the closest tube stop just to find there was a tube strike on that line (probably the only people in London not to know about it!) as we'd have to get a bus in rush hour to another station then head into central London I thought we'd miss out booking, but on phoning the restaurant it was no trouble...she said they were ensuring everyone can keep their bookings by rearranging. We arrived and had to wait for our friends for a while..."no problem, you have all night"..great!! Foodwise, the Don ceviche was lovely, and the classico also good though I preferred the sea bass. I woukd also recommend the Pastel de Choclo (savory cake) which went well with the meat dishes we ordered. The reasonably priced Syrah was a perfect accompaniment too. We were sat in the area with square tables which appeared to have more space than the round tables on the other side. Great experience all round!

3 reviews so far 5
30.03.2015 11:30

The venue of the new Ceviche Old St is very impressive, seems to have been finished to high standards, also aesthetically pleasing with the conservation of some original interior of the period building. The food served is delicious and brilliant, although vegetarian options are not as obvious (make sure to spot the little 'v' at the end of names of dishes in the menu!) or abundant as one would hope. All in all, would still revisit and recommend to friends and family who enjoy sharing Peruvian food and a great atmosphere!

1 review so far 2
09.02.2017 09:13

6 of us came on a Sunday at 6:30pm for their widely advertised "Goat Roast". When we arrived we were told there was no goat left, which was disappointing, but they told us immediately so I guess that was fair. We subsequently found out they'd also run out of roast vegetables and yorkshire puddings, so all the other roasts weren't available either. However, they only deigned to inform us of this 20 MINUTES after we'd ordered the meals, making it so much more annoying... Additionally the two nicest appetisers had run out, as had most of the other main courses (one of our group had to go to his 4th choice before they actually landed on something the kitchen had left), the bar inexplicably had no gin (!?) and all but one beer had run dry as well. I've been to Ceviche Old St before, and it's usually very good. However, my advice is not to bother booking early evening on a Sunday, cause you'll be lucky if they had one beer and a bowl of olives left to serve you. And they really shouldn't be advertising a "Sunday Goat Roast", if goat is actually only available for a few hours after midday. Won't be coming back.

1 review so far 4
13.04.2015 08:38

We really enjoyed the food, especially the Pork Cheeks, which did not seem like an obvious option, but as it came highly recommended we decided to go for it. The dish seemed quite unexciting and out of place when it arrived, however, the flavours, the textures and that kick at the end that just slowly builds up....Absolutely loved it! The ambiance was great, the staff was wonderful. Our only disappointment was that the food arrived too fast. We ordered seven dishes, three cold and four hot ones, and all were delivered within 40 minutes, meaning that at one point we had four hot dishes on our table, all getting cold. This made us feel rushed, like we were in a fast food restaurant. Maybe they're still working on the timing, but it would be great to stretch it out a little to actually have time to enjoy the food. Also, it would have been great to receive new plates after we were done with the cold dishes, just to avoid "contaminating" everything with vinegar and onions etc, just as it's done in Soho. Having said that, I will definitely go back, but will order cold dishes first and then hot ones after I'm done..

4 reviews so far 6
16.12.2015 08:35

This is my third time at Ceviche Old Street, the food is always excellent, it's really really tasty. The service is really fast. The only thing is, the food is quite expensive, considering they are small plates to share, so the total price quickly gets high. We have taken two different couples there who were visiting London and they both loved it. Will definitely go back.

1 review so far 6
23.06.2017 09:44

This was our first time eating at Ceviche Old Street and we couldn't fault it. All the dishes we chose - four between two of us was plenty - were fresh, zing bright and healthy. The service was wonderful and we really enjoyed the authentic Peruvian vibe. All in all a great place to eat, though I expect it is banging on a weekend evening!

3 reviews so far 5
12.05.2015 23:46

Excellent food, good friendly service, nice (a bit too noisy) location. It was my second dinner at Ceviche Old Street in a matter of few weeks and the food was consistent throughout, both ceviches and mains. Fresh, tasty, interesting flavors. Most of the staff is cool and truly friendly to guests. The only downside is that in both instances I have dined there (a Saturday night and a Tuesday night) the place was noisy and especially hot

1 review so far 5
26.03.2016 23:09

Friendly welcome, followed by friendly and efficient staff, outstanding food, excellent pisco sours and wine. Slightly anxious visiting a South American restaurant as a vegetarian, but no need - I chose (and there was a choice!) beet salad - with brilliant avocado mousse - and delicious feta and corn cake. Partner had sea bass croquettes starter, octopus main. Raved about both. Why 5 rating not 6? No-one mentioned that my partner's octopus would take so long I finished my main before his arrived; chocolate flan dessert was unexceptional - looked pretty, but flavours not intense or exciting enough - lighting so dim that we (and others) had to use our 'phone lights to read the menu. But, overall, we had a great time, ate very well and will be returning. Also, despite being noticeably older than the majority (possibly the rest) of the other diners and the staff, we felt very comfortable.

1 review so far 6
06.01.2017 10:43

Having been to Peru and loved it, my visit here was highly anticipated. It did not disappoint, great food, atmosphere and superb Pisco Sours. The Ceviche itself was so fresh and zingy the combination with the Pisco Sour took me straight back to Lima. I love the set up of sharing dishes and the menu here really compliments that style. Each dish was very well thought out the Adobo Secreto is a must try, I am still trying to work out how to recreate the corn and coriander purée. Equally the Causa de Jaiba (soft shell crab) with cold purple potato mash - I know I sound crazy - was out of this world! Great wine, attentive but cool service. Cant wait to go back x

2 reviews so far 5
01.02.2016 17:10

great food at Ceviche Old St, we couldn't get enough of those tequeños! atmosphere is great and the venue is beautiful with an interesting touch of history. I would give this place full marks if not for the service being a little slow, and they confused our orders/ sent out the wrong dishes a couple of times. everyone was very friendly there, however it seemed a little understaffed even for late lunch on a saturday.

1 review so far 5
19.08.2015 07:43

Couldn't book Soho venue so travelled to Old Street. Busy, buzzy, bustling ambience- though we could still chat-just what we (4) wanted. Friendly, helpful waiter helped us (newbies) through the menu. Tried a couple of Ceviche dishes (Nippon and Tiradito) to share which were excellent (but should have ordered more! ) and added Tequenos de Aji (chicken wontons). Mains were all delicious Jalea Mixta x 2 (a spicy fritto misto), Locro de Zapallo (butternut squash/quinoa veggie dish) and bavette (which was forgotten (-1) so I did not eat main with my family, hey ho, these things happen). Had 2 rounds of picos sours which were very powerful (the next day, be warned) and bumped the bill up! My American cousin loved it. Job done! Will go back to try the Nuevo Criollo (looks like a Scotch egg) and lamb's brain fritters soon.

1 review so far 5
27.06.2016 19:29

Peruvian food presented in a contemporary London way - lots of little sharing plates. As it was our first visit, each of the 5 of us ordered a drink and one plate for the first round, then did the same again with a couple of side dishes. All the food was good as well as interesting and well-presented. The pisco sours and Peruvian beer were particularly good. We shared 3 desserts: be warned that the pumpkin donuts are the biggest dish on the menu but served hot and crisp and just delicious. The service was well-organised and efficient. Ceviche was chosen as a birthday treat by my daughter and came up to scratch: highly recommended if you're into S American food and/or up for something different. Nice, light, airy venue for a summer evening: what I call an 'eating house'.

1 review so far 5
15.11.2015 10:13

Efficient and friendly service from the moment we walked in. Cocktails, especially the pisco sour, really hit the spot - sour and sweet, smooth but with a raw bite underneath. We looked over the extensive menu whilst nibbling on on cancha - roasted Peruvian corn - and olives. The mains are really small plates - tapas - for sharing. The pulled pork or chanchito, was succulent, set on apple and onion purée, pickled spiced cabbage, chancaca rocoto. Whilst the pollo a la brasa was moist it was overshadowed by the rich flavour of the pork dish. Our sides of ensalada sierra and yucas delighted too. They recommend 3-4 small plates each, which can add up. We found two each, followed by desert sufficient. But we'll be going back to try more!

1 review so far 6
21.02.2017 13:00

This is a great restaurant. Service, food and atmosphere all 10/10. I really loved it. My only issue was that the waiting staff top up your drinks for you - when I arrived my companion (as all the restaurant critics say!) had a bottle of water at the table and I naively assumed this was complementary and was really pleased with how attentive the waiters were - until I saw the bill :P And then I knew why! I really hate that kind of thing - so just be mindful of that and when you go just ask them not to keep refilling for you. Other than that, great.

4 reviews so far 5
31.03.2015 09:48

Very nice atmosphere, buzzing but not overbearing, good low lighting, excellent service and drinks... and decent food. Unfortunately not excellent food, because there is much competition around these days, and when thinking 'ceviche' one cannot ignore Pachamama which serves the most unbelievably wonderful such dishes and raises the bar very high indeed. But Ceviche Old Street will easily become a neighbourhood favourite in any case.

2 reviews so far 6
06.06.2017 21:26

Peruvian cuisine is all the rage - and understandable too. In essence South American cooking with good use of chili, but with a lot more depth. Interesting use of cocoa and herbs. Ceviche Old St. is a super representative. And if you are up for it, go with their great cocktails throughout the meal.

1 review so far 5
06.06.2015 09:54

Great restaurant with a cool vibe. We had dinner and sat at the bar as we were only 2 people. I highly recommend this if you're only a table of 2 or 3 as you can chat with the bar staff and they recommend some killer dishes and drinks. Good venue for a date or casual catch up with mates. Get the beef main. We wanted to order another but stomachs were already at max capacity. Oh, and get that wonton starters.. Such an afterthought but that isn't a reflection of the yumminess of that entrée:) had a great Peruvian waiter so if you get one too be sure to ask about the drinks and food.. They're the experts if you're trying this delicious cuisine as a novice.

1 review so far 6
23.10.2015 17:58

Best ceviche in London! Service was awesome and I loved the food as always! Tiraditos were great, corn cakes and butternut squash dish was simply delicious and of course loved the cauchas!! Everyone praised the pisco sours and my Argentinian and Ecuadorian friends both proclaimed this to be the best piscos they've had in London!! Perfect for a Peruvian meal the ambience was so laid back and relaxing, service was too notch (even spoke in Spanish to my friends for an extra homely feel) and price was totally reasonable! Would recommend 100% even over Michelin starred coya!!! Thanks for a great meal ceviche old street!

1 review so far 6
15.10.2016 09:01

This was my second time at Ceviche Old Street and again it didn't disappoint. I had Saturday lunch there with 4 friends and it was amazing - service, food and ambience were all great! I am looking forward to revisiting and having more of that tasty food...especially the sweet potato chips 😊!

1 review so far 5
01.05.2016 20:37

The bar staff were friendly and helpful. The food was quite a nice experience. Itis an intention to return to try other dishes. An unexpected guest arriving at the neighbouring table made my friend uncomfortable and annoyed so we chose to finish up quickly and pay before our allotted time was up rather than create a scene. We decided to finish our drinks at the bar before leaving. Whilst at the bar a member of staff apologised to us about what happened with the neighbouring guests by our table. I am not sure if anything was said to them but certainly wasn't whilst finishing our meal which was a little disappointing. Aside from that, the food was good and the general atmosphere was lively.

1 review so far 5
31.05.2017 18:24

A lovely find, the food was very different, everything comes in tapas size dishes (which I like). I had to have one of the Cerviche dishes, and it was very well prepared. I order the chips which were covered in what tasted like peanut butter sauce, I left them, - not to my taste. My friend had a dessert, which was absolutely gorgeous ice cream, Apple infused with nutmeg, I'd definitely recommend. What I really loved about Cerviche is that we were attended to quickly, but they were very patient that we wanted to chat and think about ordering, and we stayed for a long lunch (and weren't hassled to leave). This was a very relaxing, pleasant environment, I would definitely go again.

1 review so far 6
12.04.2017 21:21

It was my first time making a booking through Quandoo and actually dinning at the Ceviche Old Street. The atmosphere at the restaurant was great, staff really friendly and attentive. As for the food, it was pure culinary joy. Something I have never tried before. Definitely coming back again.

3 reviews so far 5
25.02.2017 09:20

Excellent quality food and cuisine! Modern and innovative style respecting the traditional Peruvian flavors. The size of the portions could be a bit more generous.. not like in Peru but a bit more ;) When it came to the service, the staff was nice, however a bit too pushy to speed up the meal and ordering.. it's understandable as there is a big demand (at 19:00 the restaurant was full) and they do their best to get the tables freed up.. They were not rude but you could still feel a bit stressed to move on.. if it wasn't for this I'd hace rated a 6! ..as the culinary experience was over the top!! Recommend it warmly!

2 reviews so far 5
30.03.2016 19:23

It's a repeat visit (probably 6th time) for the great food and as per usual it did not disappoint. There were new things on the menu which we hadn't tried yet and we loved all but one (Anticucho de Conchas, grilled scallops with salsa). The Ensalada Sierra was excellent, as was the Lomo salted and our favourite dessert Picarones (pumpkin doughnuts), although an extra scoop of ice cream would be just right... The music was a bit loud, unnecessarily though, as it's a restaurant and not a bar. The service is always great, lovely staff, helpful but not too eager. Overall a great evening yet again, happy bellies and customers. We will be back for sure.

2 reviews so far 6
27.07.2016 13:24

Had a really good time at Ceviche in Old Street. I had the yuca crisps with the broad bean dip to snack on and had to order more crisps as it was just too good! The staff were really nice and helpful as it was our first time at the restaurant. The food was delicious, especially the sea bass don ceviche dish! Pisco sours were nice too, only complaint is that we had to keep asking for a top up of water. Atmosphere was lovely and we weren't rushed at all. Would highly recommend this restaurant!

1 review so far 6
29.05.2015 09:52

Outstanding food, great service and a cool vibe.A notch above the Soho branch I would venture. The only advice I would offer is to stagger your ordering to avoid lots of food turning up at once. A good idea in any place that does "small plates" for sharing which, typically. come in the order which suits the kitchen and not necessarily you. This is not a criticism of Cerviche particularly, but of all that type of restaurant which struggles with the concept that the punters might want their food in a particular order, spaced out.

2 reviews so far 6
17.05.2016 23:07

We booked to eat at Ceviche Old Street and were delighted with the quality of the food. The choice of dishes was great and the presentation was fantastic. We have recommended it to everyone we know. Can't wait to go again next time we are in London.

1 review so far 5
10.02.2016 12:27

The staff is super friendly and really helpful. We had a great mix of food and a couple of piscos. The only 2 downsides is that our table wasn't ready when we arrived (it was 21.30 and we were already quite hungry) so we had to wait another 10 minutes in the bar and we had to ask for the second pisco twice before it was served. The food is espectacular: the lomo saltado and pastel de choclo are amongs my favourites, and of course, the clasic ceviche, to die for! My friends did not enjoy that much the desssert, which was like a donught, but I did (although a bit filling...)

1 review so far 5
26.05.2015 11:35

Food was lovely, a bit like tapas in the portion sizes so we shared 4 dishes between 2 and that was perfect. I love seafood but unexpectedly I found that the steak dish and the mash potato/chorizo dishes were my favourties even thought the two ceviche dishes we had were also great. A bit expensive, including a £20 bottle of (house) wine we ended up spending about £35 per head but definitely worth it and would like to go again. The two reasons this doesn't get a 6/6 is that the place is pretty big and busy so the atmosphere could be a bit more intimate, and that it was quite expensive.

1 review so far 6
09.05.2015 10:57

Excellent long Friday lunch at Cerviche !!! I have been a number of times to the Soho establishment so was interested to see how the new restaurant would compare in East Ldn Was not disappointed - Started with Lambs brain and then onto some exquisite fish and meat dishes - Special mention for the sea bass and the steak dishes - Really tasty ! Service was attentive and knowledgeable with cocktails and the refreshing, dry Argentinian white all disappearing a bit too nicely Lively, buzzy atmosphere all made for a good experience

3 reviews so far 6
09.08.2015 14:03

As always Ceviche does not disappoint. This time we went for lunch so the restaurant was quite empty and service quick and efficient. One of the party is a bit sensitive to chilli so the waiter knowledgeably explained what dishes she could have which was really helpful. We tried all the ceviches, the roast chicken, various seafood dishes and an amazing butternut squash, broad bean and quinoa dish, ending with gorgeous desserts (the pumpkin doughnuts and lemongrass panna cotta were divine); everything was just lovely! we'll be back, no doubt!

1 review so far 5
25.01.2016 22:18

Varied and interesting dishes. The staff found us the quietest corner which was appreciated because the hard floor and tiled walls could have made the noise a problem. Staff were also knowledgeable, helpful and responsive when it came to ordering. Nibbles were very good. Our portion of ceviche was delicious but rather small. My partner thought some other dishes were a little over salted. The lighting could have been a bit brighter, the better to show off the food we had ordered. Altogether it was an enjoyable experience and happily distinctive, and different from the brash and tacky Mexican restaurants that are all too common in our cities.

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29.06.2015 10:56

Firstly this restaurant is in an odd location so not in the main old street area with all the other bars and restaurants but hidden round the corner on a back street. The food was nice enough though not as nice as sister restaurants, cevice soho and andina. The space is big and in keeping with the original dining room though spoiler by a mosh mash of brash street art which spoils the space. We arrived at 20:30 and the place was empty which meant atmosphere that the other cevice group restaurants have was lacking. At half nine we were asked if we would like anything more / desserts but when we said yes please we were told the kitchen had closed already. At 21:30!!!!!!! The waitress should have really told us 10 mins earlier or when we arrived! Staff were friendly but hovered round us a bit too much at the wrong times. Basically found this restaurant dissapointing compared to Andina and cevice soho. Will give it another chance though, perhaps Sunday is just not a good day.

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08.08.2015 18:19

Pricey for what you get but the food is pretty good. Skip the nibbles section. Standard - try a Pisco Sour. Pricey but good and same as any other place in Shoreditch. Service is quick but fairly impersonal and cold with little to no personality to it. Rushed as well. They don't really want you hanging around by all accounts. Wouldn't really know you were in a Peruvian restaurant looking around. Went early on Saturday and even though the restaurant was empty, they were determined to squash everyone into the same area as they arrived which at busy periods makes sense but when you have an entire restaurant why squeeze everyone in. If nothing else, the tables are super close together, having a conversation without overhearing your neighbours and vice versa is impossible when they put everyone in the same space. Go to try the food but takeaway works just as well and probably not one you'd go back to on a regular or even repeat basis after trying it out.

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29.11.2015 20:05

As a peruvian I had high expectations about this restaurant, of course after a few months living in the UK I was missing some authentic peruvian flavors. Ceviche did not disappointed me, I had amazing dinner with a couple of friends whom also visited Peru recently, we all agree food was delicious and Pisco Sour with no doubt was great. I am only not giving the full rate for the restaurant because service was a bit slow, have in mind that if you book ceviche, because it gets crowded at all times. Hope this helps you to choose this nice restaurant!

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13.01.2016 08:34

Myself and my partner went on a Saturday evening and it was busy. We were seated on a table for 2. The tables are quite close to each other so not much intimacy there. The waiters/waitresses were pleasant and polite. However the service a bit dissapointing. The dish I ordered came promptly but my partners order came 15 minutes later. I thought they would serve us at the same time. Portions are not that generous. I had the rotisserie chicken which was a bit dry and served with a pot of sauce and a few chips. My partner had a vegetarian dish which was ok but small in quantity. We ate and left within 1 hour. The restaurant is probably ok for larger groups, not sure how busy it is during the rest of the week, but certainly packed on Saturday evening. Won't be going back again. If you like Peruvian food I suggest Tito's near London Bridge which has much better food and choice.

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10.07.2016 17:29

This is the second time we have eaten at Ceviche, Old Street. The atmosphere in this old dining hall is great, it has been sensitively restored to form Ceviche, a fantastic eating experience. The food is top quality and is served on small portions so that it is possible to taste a range of different dishes. The ones we ordered on this visit were beautifully crafted and presented. This is one of the best food experiences in London. Can't wait to return!

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12.12.2016 11:46

We loved the food however as it was our first visit we wish our waiter would have been more helpful, we've eaten in tapas places before and a simple run through of the menu would have gone a long way or a brief description of what the restaurant is about. Also there are lots of ingredients we've never heard of so it would have been nice to have been told what they were. The food was delicious and visually very appealing we would return for lunch but not dinner as the portions were a bit too small.