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5.4 /6 Excellent 194 Reviews

Parkers Steakhouse - Drysdale

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About Parkers Steakhouse - Drysdale

One of the Melbourne area’s top steakhouse restaurants, Parkers Steakhouse is famous for premium Australian pasture-fed beef, fantastic wine selection and decadent desserts. The Drysdale branch, the restaurant’s second location, offers the same hospitality and warmth you’ve come to expect from the Parkers Steakhouse name, this time on Palmerston Street in the heart of Drysdale. Open for dinner from 6pm until late seven days a week, Parkers is a must-visit destination for the area’s steak aficionados.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 18:00 - 21:00
  • Tuesday 18:00 - 21:00
  • Wednesday 18:00 - 21:00
  • Thursday 18:00 - 21:00
  • Friday 18:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday 18:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday 18:00 - 21:00
Parkers Steakhouse - Drysdale, Palmerston Street 7, 3222 Drysdale

Further Information

Owing to Parkers Steakhouse’s huge success in Geelong, the folks behind this beloved steak restaurant decided to open up shop on the Bellarine in Drysdale. The reason for its popularity is clear – their aged steaks (28 days!) are sourced from Australia’s best pasture-raised cattle, with no exception. Found in a comfortable and relaxed location on Palmerston Street, Parkers Steakhouse is the perfect spot for a family dinner or a celebration meal with loved ones, providing an unforgettable experience for locals and diners from nearby Melbourne.

Parkers Steakhouse in Drysdale draws in visitors from Melbourne and even further afield, thanks mainly to its offering of simple, boldly flavoured steaks and barbecued delights. The restaurant also features an extensive wine menu, making local gourmands and would-be sommeliers feel right at home. Decide from an array of entrees including grilled beef sausage, grilled halloumi cheese or lamb loin chops before diving headfirst into mains like the 500g T-bone steak, the certified Australian Angus eye fillet or the delicious Atlantic salmon. The desserts are delicious here as well, and include options like Double Chocolate Hot Fudge Cake and Warm Sticky Date Pudding. Mouth watering yet? Book ahead to satisfy your hunger at this Drysdale favourite!

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194 Reviews

5.4 /6 Excellent 194 Reviews
Service: extraordinary
Atmosphere: excellent
Quality/Price: cheap
Waiting Time: short
Food: heavenly
Noise: quiet
126 6
42 5
13 4
5 3
5 2
3 1
Chris R.
1 review so far 4
26.11.2016 22:05

Nice place good food great Service nice atmosphere good place to take family and friends not noisy we were abe to have some great conversations would go again and would recommend to any one

Sarah W.
1 review so far 5
08.07.2017 13:25

Extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the kitchen. The food was fantastic and the ribs were the best we have had. Thank you for a great experience!

Megan L.
2 reviews so far 5
27.05.2016 04:18

The steak (I had 300g eye fillet, my partner had the 700g rump) was magnificent and perfectly cooked. The service was great and the staff very friendly.

Fiona S.
1 review so far 5
14.12.2015 10:09

Terrific steak, only negative comment I would make is the salad lacked imagination. The staff were attentive without ingratiating themselves. Overall will be a special occasion venue

Belinda J.
1 review so far 5
25.06.2016 13:00

Need to offer water when seated Loved the comp bread on arrival Great service waiter/waitresses very prompt will return in the near future Great asset for Drysdale

rhonda p.
2 reviews so far 5
30.10.2016 10:17

the service was great and the staff were very helpful and smiled all the time. They were happy to explain any questions you had with the menu.

Dean V.
1 review so far 5
28.02.2016 00:53

thought the food was of a high standard and the service was just what we were after look forward to coming back in the next few weeks

Elaine C.
1 review so far 4
25.06.2017 22:32

In general the food was very good. Sides were bigger than expected. Most of the waiting staff were great. We waited perhaps a little longer than we would have expected for our meals.

Andrew W.
1 review so far 5
29.04.2017 13:02

Lovely food, atmosphere and staff. Entrees were sufficient and brought out in an expected time.. In addition my Angus was cooked perfectly. Very pleased. Will return.

rhonda p.
2 reviews so far 5
08.05.2017 01:28

The steaks were cooked perfectly. We choose the Mushroom and feta side dish, this was a very tasty dish and perfect as a vegetarian option. yumm

Shannon D.
1 review so far 5
08.04.2017 22:59

This was our first time going to parkers steak house. The Food was absolutely amazing. Everyone there was friendly and the service was also great too.

Kristen S.
1 review so far 5
13.10.2016 01:28

We enjoyed our time at this restaurant. The food was delicious although the atmosphere was a little loud for a nice restaurant. Will be back though

Nathan P.
1 review so far 5
03.07.2016 04:49

Consistently good steaks, attentive service. Ordered 4 eye fillets and all came to the table as ordered. Wine and sauces were also great. Recommend Drysdale Parkers.

Lisa B.
2 reviews so far 5
07.10.2016 12:55

Lovely atmosphere, great food. We are lucky to have such a great steak restaurant in our suburb, wish we could go more regularly, will be back.

Lyndal S.
1 review so far 4
18.11.2016 11:14

Not the best steak I've ever had which was disappointing, still nice though, just was expecting it to be mind blowing for the price & given it's their speciality. Great friendly staff.

Kim T.
1 review so far 6
20.08.2016 13:39

great food great staff just what Drysdale needed can be guaranteed a great night of food and friendly staff highly recommended

Carol R.
1 review so far 5
15.03.2017 07:42

Staff were more experienced and professional than our last visit. Food was delicious and steak cooked perfectly as requested. We will be returning to Parkers.

Tara R.
1 review so far 5
21.07.2016 23:19

Good food and great service. The pork ribs are super tasty. The steak here is good too. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and fast. Thanks guys!

Jamie-lee L.
2 reviews so far 5
01.05.2016 23:04

We love this restaurant! Always incredible food and a great casual atmosphere. Obviously you have to order a steak... Always cooked exactly how ordered :)

Roxanne C.
1 review so far 5
17.06.2017 12:26

Great service, friendly staff with great recommendations. The food was beautiful and fairly priced. Atmosphere was nice and cosy inside! A lovely date night out!

Jill M.
2 reviews so far 5
21.10.2016 00:45

Warm and friendly staff and the eye fillet steak is very tender and tasty. If you enjoy steak then you can't go wrong at Parkers

Stacey L.
1 review so far 5
13.02.2016 10:26

Parkers steak house drysdale has nice food and drinks. It has friendly service and a great atmosphere. Left feeling very full. Take your credit card

Tara W.
1 review so far 5
10.03.2017 00:47

A little lacking in atmosphere (some background music would be nice), but good food and service. Meals are really big and good selection of wine.

Brett Y.
1 review so far 5
01.04.2017 22:01

The food was absolutely fantastic with great service from the staff, The location and parking around this venue is also a credit to the venue.

Bruce K.
1 review so far 4
06.01.2017 01:23

Service slow and not highly trained for a "special event dining experience". We are not sheep: "youse". Three of four steaks were excellent but one not cooked to request and cold.

Molly G.
1 review so far 2
05.04.2017 00:32

My steak was incredibly tough and chewy, the $10 side of grilled vegetables was a slab of under-cooked pumpkin and a vegetable skewer (over-priced much) Couldn't finish the steak of pumpkin and told the waitress not even to get an apology. Very underwhelming $36.... Also the service was poor and we waited over 45 minutes for our food.

Jessica B.
1 review so far 4
29.04.2016 23:40

The steak was great but the amount of money you pay, it should come with a salad & sauce included not charge extra. Pork belly was yum!!

Megan F.
1 review so far 4
23.10.2016 10:20

Lovely meal as always was sat next to the Window and it was covered in bugs no big deal but would wipe them off before service 👍

Rod C.
1 review so far 3
13.05.2017 14:16

Worst t-bone steak I've ever had. On a scale of 1 to 10 this would only score a 2 or 3. Nice sauce and potato. ....service was good. .....atmosphere so so. Probably never go back

Leinie H.
1 review so far 4
29.02.2016 07:54

Very happy with our main meals but the entree's let our experience down. Next time we wont get entrée's we will just get a bigger main

Di S.
1 review so far 3
12.10.2016 21:13

The atmosphere was great, the food was great, the attitude was a little untoward! If you want to eat at the same time as your table, i recommend you all order something similiar!

Jade B.
3 reviews so far 6
06.08.2016 08:04

Parkers steak house provided the best quality once again! Steak cooked to perfection very yummy

Troy S.
5 reviews so far 6
14.10.2016 22:35

This place is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who loves steak

Dale W.
1 review so far 1
28.02.2017 22:00

Very disappointed. As a Parkers regular, I have come to expect quality steak, sides and service. On this occasion none of these items were up to standard. All our steaks were over cooked significantly, sides were well over done to the point of hardly being considered eatable. Disappointing when you are paying over $50 for a steak. Also took over 1.5hrs to get our mains from ordering, dreadfully slow service. Hopefully this is a one off as normally the quality is excellent

David M.
3 reviews so far 3
21.05.2017 11:58

Steak quality not great. Plenty of gristle. Not worth the price. Sauce always excellent. Service OK. Restaurant busy for a Sunday night. Good for gluten free.

Danny W.
1 review so far 2
02.02.2016 01:24

The food was very disapointing, almost raw food served 2 out of 4 meals, and 1 out of 2 desserts was also unpalletable. Great wine and service, but unfortunately i was there to enjoy the food.

Lauren W.
2 reviews so far 6
16.09.2016 10:58

Fantastic night out. Great steak and red wine perfect winter dinner

Paul E.
1 review so far 6
27.12.2016 07:38

Fantastic meal and fantastic wheat ale to go with it!

Belle C.
1 review so far 6
17.09.2016 06:00

A beautifully cooked steak with excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Luke G.
1 review so far 5
06.06.2016 10:41

The steak was excellent! Perfectly cooked. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks Parkers!

Leah S.
1 review so far 1
08.10.2016 11:48

Steaks were chewy and had a lot of gristle. Nothing special about the sides. Desserts seemed to be something that came frozen and was heated.

Shania T.
1 review so far 1
27.01.2017 21:36

The food was over priced and the service was awful! I've had better steaks at a pub for half the price! Do not go there