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About Red Sea Restaurant

Cross Uxbridge Road, taking care when you part traffic and the dense clots of pedestrians, and enter the Red Sea Restaurant. Make way for an intriguing blend of Eritrean, Somali, Ethiopian, and Yemeni cuisines, the delicacies of the Horn of Africa, and watch as the space closes behind you as this Shepherd’s Bush secret fills up with equally adventurous diners that have made the trek to west London in your wake.

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Red Sea Restaurant
382 Uxbridge Road, Camberwell
London W12 7LL

More about Red Sea Restaurant, London

The menu at London’s Red Sea Restaurant gets really interesting four pages in, where you can find a list of Abyssinian dishes. This offering gives a big nod in the direction of modern Ethiopia, but also to the almost thousand year-long reign of the Ethiopian Empire, which until the late 20th-century had shrugged off would be invaders with aplomb. This all means that this unassuming page in this Shepherd’s Bush African restaurant contains some very unusual dishes that can claim a heritage stretching back for centuries, untainted by foreign tastes and influence. Dishes like the Derek Tibbs and the Quanta Firfir (dried lamb meat cooked with berbere chilli served with traditional injera bread) should alone get you on up Uxbridge Road.

You may have jumped the gun and headed straight for Abyssinia the first time you visit London’s Red Sea Restaurant, one of Shepherd’s Bush’s best kept secrets, and we applaud you heartily. However, there’s always reason to return to this uniquely African Uxbridge Road restaurant thanks to its packed main menu, which offers up a host of Horn of African cuisines for you indulgence. Chicken mandi, lamb chank, masaka with rice, zigine and spaghetti bolognese all require careful tasting to decode, and the plucky will be rewarded with some of the most unique flavours in London.

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