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About Shahi Masala

Shahi Masala Birmingham is a completely halal, continental buffet restaurant that we can’t get enough of. What does continental buffet mean exactly? It means a feast of the very best Italian, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese dishes, all cooked fresh by chefs who really know their stuff. And don’t for a second think that quantity means compromise in terms of quality, because only the finest ingredients are used at Shahi Masala Birmingham. You’ll find the restaurant on Burney Lane in Ward End housed inside a gorgeous old pub that seats 300 people comfortably. Shahi Masala is popular so to avoid missing out on food this good you’re going to want to reserve your spot in advance.

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Shahi Masala
Burney Lane, Ward End
Birmingham B8 2AH

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More about Shahi Masala, Birmingham

Shahi Masala Birmingham is a pleasant place to sit owing to cool, contemporary decor and lots of fancy lighting. The buffet counters are big, clearly labelled and there’s even a few live cooking stations for you to see your food prepared right there in front of you. As we said, you’ll find Shahi Masala Birmingham on Burney Lane in Ward End, easily accessed from wherever you happen to be in this part of suburban Birmingham. In terms of the food, well, there’s plenty to try and plenty that’ll keep you returning.

One of our favourite things about buffet is you can pair all sorts of things together, so why not start your meal at Shahi Masala buffet restaurant with some honey potatoes with salt & pepper veg or some peri peri chicken? Afterwards there are mains that range from peanut butter chicken to Thai green curry or a customised stir-fry, followed by desserts like banoffee pie or bread and butter pudding. As you can see, the spectrum is wide at Shahi Masala Birmingham and it’s some of the best buffet we know of in this part of the city. Head to Ward End armed with a reservation – you’ll need one.

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