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The Marksman

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The Marksman, 254 Hackney Road, E2 7SJ London

Further Information

The Marksman, under new ownership, is an example of those rare refurbished East London pubs that have managed to keep things up-to-date, hip and vibrant, yet retain a whole lot of the traditional boozer charm. Located on the borderlands of Bethnal Green and Haggerston, close to Hoxton station and the Columbia Road flower market on the corner of Hackney Road and Horatio Street (the pub is named after the marksman who reputedly protected Lord Nelson at Trafalgar), The Marksman now focuses on the best of British food and drink. As a proper London boozer and free house, you can expect good hand-pulled pints and bottled beers alongside a carefully curated and reasonably priced list of old world wines, plus a special cocktail menu reviving the traditions of Victorian and Edwardian refreshment.

Experienced chefs Tom Harris and Jon Rotheram (of the Michelin-starred St. John Hotel, One Leicester Street, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, and a number of leading London pubs) have made good food a focus at Bethnal Green’s new and improved Marksman. The menu at this Hackney Road institution is designed to celebrate London’s history and the often overlooked culinary richness embodied by the capital. Cooked hams, salt beef, and pickled fish are some of the traditional delicacies integrated into the offering. Our favourite is the curried kid and house chutney, but other highlights include fried potato and burnt onion mayonnaise, beef and barley buns with horseradish cream, belly ham with beer mustard and pickles, and an asparagus. egg, flax and sunflower seed salad. Don’t forget The Marksman’s peerless Saturday brunch and Sunday roasts with suckling pig and beer mustard in soft English milk buns. This is a very special and very London gastropub in full bloom!


479 Reviews

5.0 /6 Excellent 479 Reviews
Food: heavenly
Atmosphere: entertaining
Service: friendly
Noise: quiet
Quality/Price: cheap
Waiting Time: short
230 6
130 5
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1 review so far 6
12.07.2017 18:20

First visit to The Marksmen from San Fransisco. Very impressed with the menu. We were a group of five and so we ordered a variety of dishes to share. The food was excellent. The staff, friendly and efficient. We loved the cool vibe, whilst maintaining the feel of an old east end pub. Great experience. Thank you.

1 review so far 6
21.06.2017 08:45

Amazing food and lovely place. Staffs are very nice too. I really liked their cucumber oyster and fennel sorbe. Looking forward to going back soon.

1 review so far 6
30.05.2017 15:38

It was my first time at The Marksman. The food was just perfect. Simple, but with so much complexity underneath. It's also great to eat in a restaurant where you can actually have a proper conversation, the acoustics are fantastic. I'll be back!

9 reviews so far 6
29.05.2017 20:51

The food was amazing. I had roasted wooden pigeon and my colleague lamb, it was mind blowing. Definitely try the dessert. They have a great selection of wines and other digestifs and the service is beyond compare. A great restaurant experience, highly recommended!

2 reviews so far 6
07.06.2015 08:51

The Marksman is our local pub. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the staff remained the same after the pub changed management. They are always polite and great with customers. It is also very wise that the new owners only made some minor changes to the pub maintaining its lovely character. The new menu is absolutely gorgeous! The fried potatoes are the best potatoes I have ever tried in my life! It is worth going there just to try them wherever you live! Everything we had there so far has been amazing! All the dishes ooze ingenuity and freshness! Can't wait to go again and try some new wonders of the chefs!

1 review so far 6
30.04.2016 09:14

Absolutely loved our experience at The Marksman : gorgeous food, remarkably great service, great atmosphere. We sat in the main pub area as the dining room is normally a shut weekdays, but this cosy warm atmosphere suited us better. Our waiter knew the menu and their products inside out, recommended great wine, the cocktails were super. I cannot recommend highly enough the beef wing rib sharing meal. It blew my mind and I still have flashbacks to how delicious it was. The burnt onion mayonnaise is beautiful. The music in the pub was also very good indeed. Basically we can't wait to get back.

1 review so far 6
28.02.2016 09:17

The Marksman has long been my favourite pub and I'm thrilled that the new dining room only enhances it. The best food I have eaten in London for many months. We were there on a Saturday night and the dining room was full & buzzy. The menu clearly follows the principle of 'fewer, bigger, better': you want every single thing on there. Every dish was surprising - thoughtful & brilliantly crafted - not one mouthful wasn't exciting. I'm fortunate that the Marksman is my local - but this is food worth travelling for.

1 review so far 3
18.03.2016 10:33

Huh. I was fully expecting this to be a transcendent meal, maybe I should've lowered the hype in my mind slightly but there seemed to be so much enthusiastic feedback. Sourdough and butter were a great start. But the beef and barley bun ("inspired by dim sum" said the head waiter) although tasty had a dough too stodgy to give a proper nod to the fluffy and light dim sum buns, and overshadowed the filling. The devilled mussels on toast were delicious but not in the least bit devilled. We queried with the waiter whether they were meant to be devilled and weren't, or has the menu description perhaps not been changed to reflect the dish, but he never came back to us on that. Also, I somehow expected this to be served warm, but that's my bad, making assumptions. Still, a tasty, abundant and refreshing dish. The mutton curry with roti was excellent, the bread beautifully cooked and the sauce moreish and aromatic. However my friend's rump steak was served rare - no, we don't get a choice in how it's cooked - and cold. When she requested it to be brought up a degree of cooking (and heat - was this piece of meat not room temp before it was prepared?) it came back having had the appropriate hit of external heat, but somehow remained cold, nor in the least bit tender, and frankly lacking in flavour. The charred lettuce was good. The fried potatoes, the praises of which have been sung to a dangerous degree of exaltation by several reviewers, tasted of oldish oil and were frankly nothing special. Even the "burnt onion mayo" they came with didn't have a particularly distinguishing flavour. We were too disenchanted to order desserts, especially since the brown butter and honey tart were lauded as fantastic, but having grown untrusting of the reviews I've read, we weren't prepared to be disappointed yet again. Wine selection was great, prices decent, carafes were available, and the service was excellent. Considering this is an operation run by two ex- St John chefs, I was very much looking forward to this meal. Sad for this one to have not been all that.

2 reviews so far 5
28.03.2016 11:54

Absolutely excellent meal. We were seated upstairs which was much preferable to being downstairs in the actual pub, which was a bit busy and rowdy to eat in I think. Upstairs was a minimally decorated white, calm space. Was very hot in there but asked the waiter if he could open a window and they couldn't, without the aid of a screwdriver which they found and opened the window! Great customer service there for you! Beef and barley bun was beautiful. Light, fresh and tasty. Roast rump of beef was thick cut and tender and trimmings lovely. As a Yorkshireman I feel the Yorkshire pudding could have been better however. It felt a bit 'Aunt Bessies' to me. I know it wasn't but could have been better. The dessert of brown butter and honey tart was exceptional! I'm not a huge pudding lover, and rarely rave about a sweet, but this is almost certainly the best pud I've ever had, and is the course which will definitely make me come back in the future! It was phenomenal! The staff were super nice as well. Only one other small negative was I think the portions on the Sun lunch could be slightly larger. Superb quality, reasonably priced meal that I would hugely recommend and will definitely be back for!

1 review so far 6
09.03.2017 08:09

THE best Sunday lunch experience we've had in a looooong time. Mistakenly arrived 45mins too early for the table but that gave us a great opportunity to grab a couple of seats at the bar and get started. Had a great yarn with the barman and a couple of late Saturdays night stragglers (friends of the staff) over a fantastic Hackney IPA. Waitress kindly rearranged our table to downstairs in the bar (it was originally in the upstairs restaurant) since we were enjoying it so much. Sat down to eat 15 mins early and gradually ate our way through a King's feast of a pie and all the accoutrements whilst the bar quickly filled up. Wonderfully buzzy afternoon with a nice bottle (or 2) of wine. Pleasantly surprised by the bill (under expectation). Waitress was lovely, so tipped on top of the service charge. Brisk walk home to allow lunch to settle and a lazy afternoon kip. Blinder of a day

1 review so far 6
07.06.2016 08:00

I went here for my birthday, my first time at the restaurant since the new owners took over. The food was all thoughtfully prepared and full of flavour. Cured meat and celeriac starter looked deceptively simple but packed in savoury flavours, the main course of mutton curry with roti and a green bean chutney tasted delicious, rich curry flavours, an unctuous gloss to the the sauce; a slightly sweet chutney was a perfect companion with plenty of roti to mop up the sauce. A shared desert with cream, rhubarb and crumble topping was a light and not too sweet finish. We had wines by the glass, which were all good quality and value. Wait staff ere knowledgable and charming. This is a great local restaurant, highly recommened!

1 review so far 6
05.09.2015 09:22

Fine dining in a pub? Tom Harris has successfully crossed the hustle and bustle of a busy Hackney pub with exquisite food - and it's the food that makes the combination work. I spotted some old favourites from One Leicester Street, but the addition of inventive flavours such as the Beef & Barley Bun, with Horseradish Cream gives the menu a real twist. Go with friends and pick a number of dishes to share, but do include the Salt Hake and Shoulder of Ham. The wine list is very Italian, but there is something there for every palate. Terrific experience and we will be back very soon to introduce another group of friends.

1 review so far 5
28.03.2016 10:06

We had a bit of difficulty finding our table; three different members of staff asked if they could help as we entered the very busy and noisy pub downstairs, each time we explained we had a reservation they walked away and it was unclear whether we were being dealt with. Eventually we were led up stairs and sat at a lovely table for two. The food was delicious, I was expecting a more adventurous menu; the starters weren't all available, but looked interesting, mains were traditional roasts for Sunday lunch although we were fortunate to order the last of the alternative for meat eaters, a duck pie. While very tasty indeed, it was rather large, even for two. Service upstairs was good and we will go back, perhaps during the week for a different menu.

1 review so far 6
20.06.2015 12:11

Amazing place. Shared a few plates with friends. The beef and lamb were incredibly succulent and the bun, the bun was epic. The brown butter tart is an absolute must for desert. In terms of drinks they have a nice selection of beers and the wine list is short but excellent. I'd recommend the Loimer Gruner Veltliner which was surprisingly cheap for a wine of its standard. And I'm writing all this about a casual pub setting. It will be very exciting to see what these guys come up with when they have a full dining room later on inthe year. Great stuff altogether.

1 review so far 2
09.02.2016 23:57

All I can really say is that it was a just a huge shame - the Food and the Service was Really Good - but the meal for me and my three mates was ruined by being placed next to a table with a couple and a baby, in a sort of small annex room (big enough for two tables) just off the main dining room upstairs. It was busy - we couldn't be moved to a different table; the waitress was sympathetic, the manager was sympathetic - but it was what it was; for me, an acoustically harsh and pleasure sapping experience. I don't know what the answer is, we all need to eat and go out - I like kids, I like families, I like diversity; and I also don't want this to reflect badly on The Marksman...but I did just want to raise it as a thing...

1 review so far 6
24.08.2015 11:10

The service was friendly, there was a good choice of craft beer (I can't comment on the wine I'm afraid) and a short and interesting menu. The food was beautifully cooked and presented and arrived piping hot. It was delivered at a fairly leisurely pace but that was fine - we were not in a hurry and as the staff were eager to please I feel sure they'd do their best if we were pushed for time. This a definitely a pub and so has a busy buzzy feel to it. I'd have no hesitation in recommending it.

1 review so far 5
25.08.2015 21:12

Loved The Marksman. Brilliant, interesting wine list. The food was fantastic, pretty much from start to finish. Those barley buns!! The only thing we didn't like was the roast pork shoulder, too piggy was the consensus. The beef, chicken and vegetarian roasts were delicious, and don't even think about leaving without trying the brown butter & honey tart!

3 reviews so far 4
06.12.2015 20:26

OK, the food is really great but it's expensive. We've been to the Marksman a lot and it's the first time we were sat in the restaurant upstairs and whilst it was nice, it isn't why we go there. We love the hustle and bustle of the East End boozer and you only get that if you sit downstairs. We felt out of it. I'm not sure what they're trying to do. Turn it into a "foodie pub" for West Londoners and tourists or capture the spirit of the East End. I'd prefer the latter but then I'm a local so of course I would. I'd recommend keeping the soul of the Marksman - the banter, the vibe and the music make it. The bland upstairs don't cut it. The staff are really cool and do a good job. Bravo!

1 review so far 2
25.10.2016 18:18

We didn't stay to eat in the end. We arrived very early and asked if our table was ready. It wasn't (fair enough - we were very early) so we waited by the bar and bought a drink. Our booking time passed and we still weren't seated although a waitress did keep us informed. Again, we didn't really mind this too much. The bar was quite a cramped place to wait and it's a place where a lot of people do have to wait. Most others had to wait in the open spaces between tables. Later however, we noticed that people that arrived later than us and after our booking time were being seated before us, which we did feel a bit miffed about. The roasts are £26 for two courses (plus 12.5% service charge). I've had plenty of decent roasts in zone 2 London for about £13-£15 for a main, and the puddings did not look worth £11. Looking at the tables around, the whole thing looked poor value for money. In addition, sides such as potatoes and greens were an additional £4. Some roasts came with them but the menu didn't tell you whether they did or not. We'd been toying with the idea of leaving earlier and when the waitress returned to say that they had run out of our choice of roast, we were actually quite relieved that our minds had been made for us as and decided to leave. We didn't wish to pay what we considered over the odds for something we didn't really want. I don't wish to sound tight; I don't mind paying for a good experience but this wasn't that.

1 review so far 6
27.03.2016 07:53

The best gastropub in London!!!! Sphere of the local hackney, yet food that can travel you. We had the bun, a signature appetizer dish, which is a pillow dough with creamy minced beef and barley short of bolognesse and even more creamy and pungent horseradish quenelle. On the seasonal menu was the perfect marriage of 4, pickled pear, chicory, hazelnut and cheese! The mind blowing kale pure, spenwoood and Stilton. A still swimming silver mullet with seabeard and capers. Finally the reinvention of the fried potatoes. I guess there Heston can be inspired!

1 review so far 6
15.05.2017 10:31

Went to The Marksman with friends for lunch on a Friday having read of its Michelin Guide Pub of the Year 2017 award. We weren't disappointed as the food was excellent and the portions generous. The staff were also very welcoming, so overall a great experience.

1 review so far 6
23.07.2015 20:03

Our experience at the Marksman was excellent. We live locally and I would say this is the best pub food in the area we have had: The beef bun starter and honey tart desert in particular were outstanding. The tart just melts in the mouth as soon as you eat it. The service was really good too, and the atmosphere was relaxed enough that we didn't have to worry too much about having our toddler with us. We will definitely be back, and I would highly recommend it to others.

1 review so far 6
30.09.2015 11:12

I had one of the best meals of my year at the Marksman last weekend. Food was exceptional- monkfish special was covered with the fattest, most beautiful lardons, even just the bread & butter was weirdly phenomenal. My pals & I were sad to hear that they'd run out of their infamous honey & brown butter tart, but we ordered a Baked Alaska instead which was HEAVENLY. Completely forgot about the tart as we inhaled it. Our waiter was helpful, charming, and pleasant all around. Totally superb experience.

1 review so far 6
04.12.2016 17:16

Was worried when i saw lots of negative reviews and nearly cancelled on the basis of them but very glad i didnt. Deservedly best pub food of the year. Best pub food i have ever eaten. The roast potatoes and brussel tops are outstanding but all three courses were very good to excellent. Downstairs in the pub is probably too noisy to go for a meal so would avoid a table there but the upstairs section is perfect with good size tables and plenty of space. Enjoy

2 reviews so far 6
29.01.2016 10:11

A wonderful evening, thoroughly enjoyed everything at The Marksman, pressed pigs head, beef bun, haddock rissoles, chicory salad and short rib- all delicious... and to finish with the butter tart. Loved the decor upstairs, with the soft textile dyed ceiling and abstract floor.

1 review so far 5
15.10.2016 15:34

the food was absolutely delicious, perfectly cooked, arrived on time and had subtle combinations of flavours and textures that were amongst the best I have tasted. The only downside was that did not know when we booked on line that we had booked for the bar and not the dining room which was booked for a private party, which was disappointing as we would have preferred the quieter setting of the dining room and made it a less relaxing evening. The food was so good that we will definitely be going again and we know to make sure we book the dining room.

1 review so far 6
05.05.2016 08:05

Firstly I loved the quirkiness of this pub and I felt like I was sitting in someone's cosy but very comfortable living room. We were on the raised platform towards the rear, which was perfect as it gave me a view to the street outside & the passing hipsters. Food & service was spot on. The menu was interesting but not pretentious and I can't think of anything negative to say about our food - it was beautifully cooked and delicious. We will be back!

1 review so far 6
14.05.2017 15:25

What a special place, the staff were really friendly and, when we asked to sit down in the pub, instead of at our reserved table upstairs, they sorted it out immediately. We were so glad we did that- the atmosphere downstairs is brilliant- relaxed and buzzy with a great mix of people (and dogs); plus exceptional food. The waitress was knowledgeable about the menu, professional, and attentive, but it really doesn't feel like a serious restaurant vibe. The music's great too We'll be back soon

1 review so far 4
20.11.2016 16:56

We arrived erly and had pre-dinner drinks downstairs in the old pub area enjoying conversation with the hostess/barkeep. Nice atmosphere. There was a delay in getting the dining area readyd, but eventually we were shown upstairs to a rather plain, charmless dining room. We ordered starters, very good bread, and rather unexciting Tamworth pork (though the mustard - hot - in the cabbage was a nice touch.) Desserts wrere fine, but nothing terribly exciting. We eat out a lot in London at all sorts of places from Wagamama to Anchor and Hope to The River Cafe. We felt we had eaten a rather expensive, unexceptional meal in an unexciting ambience (the upstairs dining room.) We had certainly anticipated more from the Michelin UK Pub of the Year.

1 review so far 3
28.03.2017 13:41

Service good. Some of the food terrific, some of it seriously disappointing. Great menu ideas with unusual ingredients but for all the starters (artichoke starter, mackerel starter) and the vegetarian main (some grain based modge), such small portions! Seriously, it's like getting a saucer delivered. The food that worked was the hake and mussels, tasty and rich. The fat rectangle chips out of this world but so they should be for what amounted to £1.25 per chip. Our wine choice was poor (second least priciest red, all the wines very expensive for a gastropub). House white very palatable. A shame as clearly on a good night the food could shine if you chose well (tho portion size really needs looking at) but the price we paid for 4 starters, 4 mains, one bottle red, one glass white and no pud or coffee or pre or after drinks ((£155) it was too much. And not special enough to come back to really spend when it's an occasion.

1 review so far 6
20.10.2016 08:17

The atmosphere at Marksmen is intimate, friendly and cool. We had a few drinks at the bar in the pub before moving upstairs to the restaurant for our meal. It was a special occasion and the food, ambience and service did not disappoint one bit. Each course was well considered, delicious and just enough to keep you satisfied before the next appeared under our noses. Our waiter was very helpful and attentive and we left working out when we would return!

1 review so far 6
25.11.2016 08:05

Simply divine! We were debating where it ranked in best restaurants of London. I can certainly say that for me it's on the top 3!! Really Super stuff, good job! One thing I would like to point out. The wine glasses could be a bit bigger. The food has beautiful aromas and I would have liked to marry that with bigger glasses producing more available aromas. Minor point.... Thanks again, going for the second nigjt on again Row!

1 review so far 6
26.06.2015 07:53

So pleased that this pub hasn't been ruined by the recent renovations, still feels like an authentic east end pub with authentic clientele alongside a few shoreditch hipsters. Really great food, we had smoked trout followed by pork & asparagus followed by steak, then a wonderful camomile ice cream with apricots and a lovely chocolate & cherry dessert. Service was pretty efficient considering the place was completely full and buzzing by 7.00pm on a Thursday.

1 review so far 5
28.03.2017 08:56

Generally an excellent meal which was let down slightly by a poor main. The starters, the decoration of the place, the atmosphere, the service and the cocktails were all fantastic. However, the main (a beef shin pie for two people for £38) was incredibly shallow and lacking in meat. It wasn't enough for one person. In addition, the wine menu was rather expensive, compared to the food menu, and the location is a bit out of the way. Despite these points, overall it was still a good place to visit.

2 reviews so far 3
12.12.2016 10:05

I have really enjoyed the Marksman on all my previous experience which I why I went back for a nice Sunday lunch with two friends. The food was all excellent, the atmosphere was excellent, the service to start with was excellent. Unfortunately, when our desert plates were removed we were told we needed to leave our table. Totally fine, but we had only been at our table for 1h30. After the bill was brought over and we were just finishing our drinks the manager came over and told us the other party had been waiting for a really long time and we needed to leave. I would completely understand if we had been there for over 2 hours, but we had only been there 1h45. The restaurant was also pretty empty, so they could of at least let us sit at another table to finish our drinks.

1 review so far 3
26.04.2017 07:33

The meal was nice but incredibly expensive. We had a pie for 2, which looked great (over £30) but under the big beautiful crust lurked mostly gravy and a few chunks of meat. We looked forward to our deviled pork skin starter, sadly it arrived with crispbread, no porkskin (oh weren't you told it had runout, do you want us to take it away? said the person who brought it, not our waitress)if we had refused it we'd had just had pickled veg left so kept it, no price reduction. The French waitress was incredibly sweet and helpful, not her fault. It was a nice cost pub the food was nice but I wouldn't go there again, we could've gone to Paris for the money Oh yes my husband said to mention that although there was a free jukebox, his selection was never played despite 3 tries!

2 reviews so far 5
07.04.2016 11:18

We went to the Marksman for the Sunday roast. The food was excellent, we tried a range of starters, each was delicious. The roasts were perfect, would definitely recommend the beef and the brown butter honey tart is one of the best desserts I've had in a long time. My only slight gripe was the slow service, we were often waiting quite a long time between courses. Whilst this wasn't too bad, it would have been nicer if it was more prompt. Regardless, we'll definitely be back again!

1 review so far 2
31.07.2015 10:47

We were given the wrong menus on arrival. This was changed and we made our selection only to be told sorry we have again given you the wrong menus. We had been given Sunday lunch menus. Another set of menus appeared but we were told one of the main course choices was not available. It was only 1.15 and no substitute was offered. This left us with a paltry fish choice, pork chop or veggie option. The price of the food is quite high for a local pub and the portions are on the small size. The devilled crab on toast was half a slice of sourdough bread with crab on top. At £8.50 this should have been bigger or the whole slice of bread at least. The pork chop was the smallest we have ever seen this was accompanied by a couple of cooked lettuce leaves and nothing else. The glass of prosecco I ordered as an aperitif tasted odd and the bar man concurred that there was something wrong with it. This they took off the bill. The best part of the lunch was the honey dessert. Service is erratic and slow. We have been coming to the Marksman for many years and had high hopes for this makeover, but sadly we would not return for the food.

1 review so far 3
16.08.2015 11:29

Still love the Marksman and team is absolutely lovely but a few issues that night. Waited 30 minutes for starters after ordering and mains (sirloin and pork) were disappointing. For £21 and £18 sort of expected more. Meat was tough generally and if serving dishes like that please invest in sharper table knives. Will come back but will definitely stick to starters:!clams, cram and hake were wonderful. The honey tart everyone has been raving about was nice, but we each ordered one and 10 minutes later she came back with one and said that was all that was left. Just need to work the kinks out a bit. But since Jay Rayner and Grance Dent and those folks have practically sang praises from rooftops, they'll get the foot traffic. But for that price point it's needs to be a bit more on point. They'll get there.

1 review so far 5
01.07.2015 09:33

Delightful wood-panelled pub. The menu is short but punchy - wells-sourced ingredients cooked honestly, with a St John provenance. Unfortunately some of their popular dishes - oysters, barley beef bun and the brown butter and honey tart- had run out by dinner-time on our visit. The curried goat was unctuous but may have been spiced up even more. Great selection of decently-priced wines, many by the glass a caraffe, and a very friendly and attentive staff make this a local classic. Lucky people of Bethnal Green.

1 review so far 5
10.11.2016 08:22

A very popular pub with exquisite food and the service was level and accommodating given the crush of people. The table area is in two parts, one slightly above the pub and the other in the top floor. We ate in the mid-section so cannot comment on the upper level. The menu was broad enough to permit a variety of tastes although the wine list might be a tad wider. All in all, recommended highly but make a reservation if you want to dine.

1 review so far 5
23.01.2017 09:00

staff were lovely, food was superb. wine also very good. Food has changed quite a bit since I first came here 10 years ago :) Good mix of people and the bustle of a pub without being too crowded or impacting the food service at all. prices possibly a bit steep for this kind of place, though the chef is obviously skilful and cares about what he's doing... it's still basically an upmarket gastropub. so small £10 starters are maybe a bit steep.

2 reviews so far 5
02.10.2016 14:43

The food was excellent and so was the manager (I presume she was because she was wearing a different uniform from the other waiters and waitresses). One waiter - I assume he was new - had to ask us if we were table 12. We had no idea! He then had a sauce bowl slip from his on the table next to us and said "oh shit". Both our table and that table laughed… but I guess not the most professional. Great overall!

6 reviews so far 3
05.12.2016 11:19

The food is very good but unfortunately it is let down by poor service. We ordered a side dish and bottle of wine which never arrived. The Marksman needs to decide if it is a pub where you go to the bar to get drinks or a restaurant with service at your table. At the moment it is neither and this is detracting from the very good food.

2 reviews so far 6
17.01.2017 17:57

We had a meal on a Sunday evening and it was very busy downstairs with a great atmosphere but decided to eat upstairs where it was quieter. We had haslet terine to start which was superb and then roast beef served very rare but delicious and an amazing Yorkshire pudding. The whole meal set taste buds alive. Service very efficient an friendly. Will definitely eat there again soon.

1 review so far 5
10.06.2015 08:00

Outstanding food- great to see they kept the same interior. The old tables seemed too cramped for the new dining experience. Plate of the fish dish was a smallish bowl which made it difficult to bone the fish but I guess this made it fit into the cramped table. Only silver forks and spoons which some people feel taint the flavour of food. Staff were very very pleasant and relaxed. Overall very high quality- just small gripes of particulars to detail.

1 review so far 6
31.01.2016 18:52

Really excellent food and the organisation and services has improved massively since the reopening last year. We were lucky enough to get a table upstairs in the new dining room which is really beautifully designed. The Sunday menu is really intelligent - a slightly special take on Sunday roasts but not overworked and very satisfying. Elegant starters and desserts took it up another level. A complete treat.

1 review so far 5
03.04.2017 13:21

The food was excellent and I particularly liked that the portions were not too big. The waitresses were very polite and double-checked our questions about some of the dishes with the kitchen. For drinks, we chose two Portuguese wines, both of which were good value. Only 5 stars though as the food did not arrive at the table all together, a small point but no one likes to wait longer for their food than other people on the same table!

2 reviews so far 4
02.04.2016 09:41

As usal good food ,sadly service was hit and miss , bread arrived after we finished our starters and chips and cabbage came after our pie was finished ,the gravey the pie was cooked in had amazing roasted chicken flavour but sadly was very very watery ,its 7 Th. time we have been and in reality sunday is the most amazing day mid week is hit and miss , staff are great amd food is a constant delight and we will be back following the joirney of the guys who are heading in the right and very tasty direction.

1 review so far 6
24.05.2017 10:16

Great food, first of all - full of flavour, fresh ingriends, and a wonderful menu. The service was also brilliant - smiling and helpful. All in all, I'd recommend The Marksman to anyone.