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About Vardar Restaurant

Minutes from Acton Central station is a rare find for London diners looking for less-travelled Balkan cuisine. Vardar Restaurant, along Acton Lane, offers authentic Macedonian cuisine from cosy cafe quarters where diners are treated to genuine southeastern European hospitality while seated at long, banquet-style tables – this is food for sharing and celebrating. While Vardar is unsurprisingly something of a magnet for Macedonian expats in west London, adventurous novices to this cuisine should come by – a warm welcome awaits.

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Open now - Closes at 11:00 pm
7:00 am - 11:00 pm
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7:00 am - 11:00 pm


Vardar Restaurant
47 Acton High Street, Acton
London W3 6ND

More about Vardar Restaurant, London

Tavce gravce. Polneti Piperki. Turli tava. Kamenitza. Zlaten Dab. Alien terms to all but the most seasoned (that’d probably be with paprika, in this context) traveller. To the Macedonians, these are culinary standbys – the national dish, stuffed peppers, a hearty vegetable and meat stew, and a couple of popular beer brands, respectively. To the Macedonian diaspora in London, these dishes and drinks, and much more, are the reasons they flock to Vardar Restaurant and cafe along Acton Lane, just a short walk from Acton Central.

Vardar Restaurant is all about traditional Macedonian and Balkan dishes, served in a comfortable cafe-restaurant setting, and actually served in the traditional way; the house tavce gravce (no Macedonian eatery worth its dry red pepper would be without the national dish), for instance, is served properly in an earthenware dish. Open for breakfast, lunch, and sumptuous, raucous dinners, Vardar’s Acton Lane premises are destinations for London diners looking for some Balkan cheer.

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