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Yipin China Restaurant

Islington · Chinese · ££££
50 Reviews

About Yipin China Restaurant

Yipin China Restaurant in Islington is one of London’s latest and best exponents of authentic Hunanese cuisine, a particular culinary heritage from southern China that has a dedicated band of devotees among Chinese food connoisseurs. Sharing scintillating spicy bases with its neighbour, Sichuan, Hunanese cuisine is distinguished by its widespread use of regional smoking and curing techniques that make it a unique – and delicious – segment of Chinese cuisine. Yipin China Restaurant (found on Liverpool Road among the Angel’s hub of global restaurants) puts this special cuisine on show – for an authentic taste tuck into the soup of stewed spare ribs and bitter melon, get your spice fix with the fragrant chicken on a bed of chillies, and above all try their trademark ‘dry wok’ dishes, especially the one of pig intestines if you want a true regional Chinese specialty.

Opening Times

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Yipin China Restaurant
70-72 Liverpool Rd, Islington
London N1 0QD

Chef's Choice



Five-Spice Smoked Fish


Roasted Crispy Pork Belly


Mouth-watering Sichuan Chicken



Chicken with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce


Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion


Sweet and Sour King Prawn



Pumpkin Cake


Sweet Potato Cake


Glutinous Rice in Sweet Wine

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50 Yipin China Restaurant Reviews

imgPeter A.5 days ago · 1 review

Excellent service, wonderful food. A hidden gem. Perfect spicy chicken in chillies and some delicious crispy duck which my kids love. We've been lots and will be back soon

Nicholas N.17 days ago · 2 reviews

Yipin China specialises in food from the Hunan and Sichuan provinces of China and the menu is quite different from most Chinese restaurants in this country. The dishes are well prepared and characterised by bold ,striking flavours which have the stamp of authenticity. They are also served up in generous portions. Strongly recommended to all those prepared to try something different.

Beata S.a month ago · 1 review

It was a great place with the fantastic service. Big verity of food, I would definitely recommend. Very good location and reasonable prices. I really enjoyed

Sheila L.2 months ago · 1 review

Great food with friendly, relaxed atmosphere and excellent service! Had the spicy aubergine and smacked cucumbers. Delicious! Reasonably priced with loads to try on their extensive menu. Highly recommended.

Elaine T.a year ago · 1 review

The restaurant is a homely style with a large group of Chinese people, and some more locals joining in for either a dine-in or takeaway meal. The service is pretty good, as we told them we needed to catch a train at Kings Cross and they took it into our account when serving our meal. We were satisfied with the service and actually felt sympathetic towards the restaurant as they seemed pretty understaffed, with one person dashing to take our orders, serve us, then dash out for a takeaway delivery. Be careful with checking your receipt however, as we were wrongly charged 3 soya milk rather than 2, although they deducted it straight away once we raised this. The food is decent, my friends felt the fish soup tasted a bit off but couldn't tell whether it was the rice wine used or the fish. The vegetable dishes were the best with crunchy vegetables. The meat dish was decent but not top notch. Overall I would say it's good for a quick meal before you head for the train, or meeting up with friends, but definitely won't satisfy foodies.

Jennifer W.a year ago · 3 reviews

We love coming here and the food is excellent, especially if you like spicy Sichuan-flavored food. The ma pa dofu (Sichuan tofu dish) and green beans are excellent. We had the cumin beef also (she said it was "popular", which really meant ordinary British style--little flavor though the beef was very tender. We'll opt for something else next time as this is the first time something has not been really outstanding.

Nathan f.2 years ago · 1 review

All in, by far the best Chinese restaurant in which I have eaten in London (which includes Hakkasan, HKK, China Tang etc.). I appreciate both the differences of the Hunan cuisine (no gloopy sauces or reliance on MSG), but also the quality of the cooking and ingredients themselves. All delivered at a reasonable price.

Susan M.4 months ago · 1 review

A really interesting menu with many things you would not find on most Chinese restaurants' menus. Everything was really tasty. Generous portions. More fish choices would have been an improvement and also more vegetables. The downside is that they use an awful lot of salt. But I would probably go again. Mercifully no piped music when we were there although the acoustics are not great, it's quite a shouty place! Overall though a good experience.

Francesca C.6 months ago · 3 reviews

I went with a group of friends for the first time and I have to say online reviews totally reflect the experience. The staff was nice and really helpful - it took a while to order food to share for 6 people. Food was really good and served really quickly. Definetely a place to try.

Hermina W.5 months ago · 1 review

The food is fantastic - probably the best Chinese food I've had in London. if you're looking for a place with good food quality, this is the place to be. If you're looking for a nice dining experience, don't go. The service is abysmal. It was fine the first time we went. This time round, they gave us the wrong dish which we didn't know about. They then had the audacity to charge us for a dish that we didn't order in the first place.

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