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Italian Restaurants in Preston

 Enjoy a meal out at Italian restaurants in Preston

Preston might only have been officially declared a city in 2002, but this bustling commercial and cultural epicentre for Lancashire has centuries of heritage under its belt. It's also known for a wide range of delicious restaurants, all of which boast top-quality chefs, delectable ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Nowhere is this culinary prowess more obvious than at Preston's Italian restaurants: diners flock from all over Lancashire to enjoy pizzas, pastas and much more, so you'd be silly to miss out. Known across the region for serving up delicious meals ranging from meat-heavy feasts to vegetarian classics, Preston's Italian restaurants have something for everyone. And no matter whether you're looking for a big meal out with all your mates or something a little smaller with family and loved ones, Preston's Italian restaurants will have a meal guaranteed to tempt your tastebuds and leave you wishing you could try every dish on the menu.

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The Villa Italian


Dantes at the Halfway House

Clayton le Woods


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Marco & Carl


The Pack Restaurant & Bar


Amalfi - Yeadon


The Pasta Factory


Uno Cucina Italiano


San Giovanni

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    Sample delights of Italy at Italian restaurants in Preston

    Preston's Italian restaurants truly are authentic, so there's no need to worry about getting a low-quality meal when you go out for dinner. Cooked with methods passed down through generations of cooks in Italy, you'll feel like a slice of southern Europe has landed on your plate when you pick up your knife and fork at Preston's Italian restaurants. Be sure to pay a visit to The Villa Italian on Lancaster Road in the city centre, where the tastes and kitchen skills of Italy meet the local produce of Lancashire to create a flavour explosion and a melt-in-the-mouth ingredient experience. Carnivores should be sure to try the restaurant's famous porchetta - slow-cooked pork belly filled with herbs, garlic and fennel and served up with spring onions, baby beets and more. Seafood lovers can indulge themselves in a garlic and chilli risotto with tiger prawns and scallops, while vegetarians will love the pizza ortolana topped with tomatoes, peppers, red onion, spinach and mozzarella.
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    Treat your significant other to a meal at Italian restaurants in Preston

    When it comes to meals out with your partner, nothing beats the foodie culture of Italy for a romantic atmosphere. No matter what delicacies from Italy you and your partner enjoy, there are many Italian restaurants in Preston for you to check out. Head to family-run Tinos on Hill Street where you'll find a range of tempting dishes guaranteed to impress that special person in your life, such as prime fillet steak cooked in a red wine sauce with wild mushrooms, bacon and onions; or for a more spicy alternative, the beautifully-named gnocchi diamante (small potato rounds cooked with crevettes chilli and white wine). Don't forget to share a bottle of wine to go with your meal: evoke visions of Lake Garda with a bottle of the Bardolino light-styled red, or choose the peach and pineapple-flavoured chardonnay zonin to accompany your appetisers.
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    Indulge in a sweet treat at Italian restaurants in Preston

    The cuisine of Italy is full of savoury dishes ranging from the humble garlic bread to the flavour explosions of pizza and pasta, but don't be fooled – the delights of Italian sweet treats are also on the menu at Preston's Italian restaurants. Whether you want something light or are going all out for a big treat, there's always something for you, so be sure to ask for the dessert menu! If you've barely got room left after your delicious main courses, round off your meal in style at Preston's Italian restaurants with a scoop or two of gelato. But if you need something larger to fill you up, treat yourself to a classic dessert like a creamy tiramisu, a rich panettone, or a fruity panna cotta. Buon appetito!